Monday: Finish Project

Tues:  Map Quiz

Intro to Middle East & North Africa

People Search/Dinner with Mansa Musa CNN Millineum

Wed: Religions of Middle East Activity

Thurs: Natural Resources Oil vs Water Activity

Fri:  Political Challenges of Middle East’

Fundamentalism, Israel, Arab/Israeli Conflict

Upfront: Case Study Jerusalem


Government 4/24-4/28

Mon.  Finish Walk thru the Constittuion

Tues. Intro Bill of Rights/Civil Liberties

Wed. Constitution Quiz

1st Amendment Notes/PowerPoint

Freedom of Speech

Thurs- Case Study Tinker vs Des Moines

Sunnylands Civics Games: Computer Lab

Fri- Case Study   Fredrich vs Morris

Student Free Speech

Geography 4/17-4/21

Monday: Discuss Video Questions

Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo

Tuesday: Russia

Russia and Soviet Republics


Wednesday:  Europe map Quiz

CNN Millennium: Dinner with a Czarina

Thurs:  Fall of Soviet Union

Video and video questions

Friday: Middle East People Search Actvity

Middle East Map

Computer lab activity



Monday-Virginia/New Jersey Plans

We The People lesson 13

Tuesday: Federalists/Anti-Federalists

We the People lesson 14

Wednesday: Walk Thru the Consittuiton

Worksheet over Constitution and articles

Unit I Test

Thursday: Anatomy of the Constitution

Computer Lab: Citizenship Test

Friday:  Constitution Activity

Stossel Video on Government





Monday: Europe Atlas activity

Dinner With A Viking Activity

Tuesday; Europe Atlas Activity:

Dinner With a King Activity

Wed. Case Study: Balkans Region

Balkanization: Balkans War

Article Review

Thurs: Video Clips

Map/Graph Skills Balkans Region


Fri. Video: Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo





Government 4/10-4/14

Monday: Declaration of Independence

Video Clip

Group activity: writing analysis of Declaration of Independence

Tues: Articles of Confederation

We The People Lesson  9

Strengths and Weaknesses of Article of Confederation

Wed: Constitutional Convention

Sunnylands Civics Game

Computer Simulation of Constitutional Convention

We The People Lesson 10

Thurs:  Test Unit 1

New Jersey Plan vs Virginia Plan

We The People Lesson 12


Fri: Walk Thru the Constitution

Constitution Work sheet