SSCG1 Compare and contrast various systems of government.

SSCG2 Demonstrate knowledge of the political philosophies that shaped the development of United States constitutional government.

Econ Syllabus 2017-2lf4lo2

Monday: Intro to course

Civics Pretest

Tues: Sovereign State: What is a state?

ICivics Activity

Wednesday: Hobbes vs Lockes (State of nature)

ICivics Activity

Thursday: Government types

Video Clip on forms of government

ICivics Activity

Friday: Rule of Law

ICivics Activity

Chapter 1 Quiz



World Geography 7/31-8/4


SSWG1 Explain why physical characteristics of place such as landforms, bodies of water, climate, and natural resources act as contributing factors to world settlement patterns.

SSWG2 Evaluate how the physical and human characteristics of places and regions are connected to human identities and cultures.

SSWG4 Assess the characteristics, spatial distribution, and migration of human populations on the earth’s surface

SSWG5 Analyze human interactions with the world’s environments.

Map and Globe Skills

-use a compass rose to identify cardinal direction

-use of intermediate directions

-use a letter/number grid system to determine location

-use latitude and longitude to determine location

Meese Geography Syllabus-2jr2h71

Monday: Intro to course.

Pre-quiz on geography (15 questions)

Draw a map of the world and important points

Tuesday: 5 Themes of Geography (Notes)

Location: Absolute vs relative  : Map activity

Place: Humanistic vs Physical : Mural activity

Regions: Can a location belong to more than 1 region?

Interaction between man and Environment

Movement: migration


Wednesday: 5 Themes Contiuned

World Map

Georgia Map Activity

Thursday: Georgia Map Activity

Friday: 5 Themes & World map quiz

Chapter 2: Science of the Earth & Geography