Mon: Constitution Day

Liberty Kids Episode

CNN 10 Current Events

Finish Canada Brochure

Tues:Canada Brochure due

CNN 10

People Search Latin America

Wed: Maps/Geography Worksheet Latin America

CNN 10

Thurs: Human Geography Latin America

Islands Activity: Welcome to Paradise

Caribbean Island Activity

Friday:  Latin America Case Study



Government 9/18-9/22

Mon:  Constitution Day- Liberty Kids video

CNN 10 Current Events

Congress in a flash worksheet

Review Civil Liberties


Tues: Civil Liberties Test

Executive Branch: A Very Big Branch

ICIVICS Activity

Wed:  Executive Branch: All in a Day Work Activity

ICIVICS Activity

Thurs: Judicial Branch in a Flash ICIVICS Activity

Fri:   Government Final




SSCG6 Analyze the meaning and importance of each of the rights guaranteed under the
Bill of Rights and how each is secured.
SSCG7 Demonstrate knowledge of civil liberties and civil rights.
a. Define civil liberties as protections against government actions (e.g., First Amendment).
b. Define civil rights as equal protections for all people (e.g., Civil Rights Act, Brown v.
Board of Education, etc.)
c. Analyze due process of law as expressed in the 5th and 14th amendments, as understood
through the process of incorporation.
d. Identify how amendments extend the right to vote.



Wed. Finish 12 Angry Men

Discussion of 4,5,6,8 Amendments

Test Friday- Bill of Rights/Civil Liberties

Thurs- 9th,10th,13,14,15 Amendments

Current issues with 10th Amendment, Review of Plessy vs Ferguson, Brown vs Board of Education

Friday- Test on Bill of Rights



Geography 9//5-9/8

Tues-  North America

Intro- people search activity

Map- Canadian Provinces & US States

Finish my culture project at home  Due Thurs

Wed- Atlas Activity

North America  Worksheets

Thurs- Politics and government Canada


Computer lab- Sheppard software- geography of Canada

Fri- Map quiz North America



Government 9/5-9/8


Tuesday- 1st Amendment Court Case

Fredrick v Morse

Current Event- River Ridge High School Make America Great


Wed. 1st Amendment



Thurs- Right of eh Accused

Sunny lands civics games

Fri- Rights of the accused

Case reviews