Geography 11/13-11/17

Mon.- Finish intro to Middle East

-Video clip on Mansa Musa/Ibn Batuta

Physical geography worksheet and activity


Tues. – Ch 22 Arabian Peninsula

Notes/ activity on Mecca and Hajj

5 Pillars of Islam


Wed- Background of Arab/Israeli Conflict

Scholastic Magazine Activity

Thurs/Fri- Promises Video Documentary and worksheet

Palestinian children and Jewish children attempting peace





Econ- 11/13-11/17

Mon- Inflation  Chapter 13

Causes of Inflation

Ch 13 Review Sheet

Tues- Chapter 14


Ch 14 Study Guide

Wed- Ch 15 Fiscal Policy

Worksheet- budget simulation activity

Thurs- Ch 16 Monetary Policy

Computer lab

Fed Chairman game

Fri- Ch15/16

Tools and effects of both Fiscal and Monetary Policiy


Econ 11/6-11/10

Mon- Test Unit 2


Tues- Teacher workday


Wed- Macroeconomics

Chapter 12- Business cycles/GDP/Economic Growth

Ch 12 Worksheet

Crashcourse econ video clip

Thurs- Ch 13 – Economic Challenges



Ch 13 Worksheet

crashcourse econ video clip


Fri- Poverty

Safety net systmes

Foxnews video clips- Case study EBT card