Geography 3/26-3/30

Mon: CNN10

Current Event

Finish Latin America presentations

Tues: CNN10

People Search Europe Activity

Political Map Europe

Wed: CNN10

Atlas Activity Europe

Thurs: Physical Map Europe

Notes Geography of Europe

Fri: CNN10

Map Quiz Europe

Video: Europe


Government 3/26-3/30

Mon-CNN 10

Finish Atlas Shrugged

Probing question: Is America the greatest country in the world? Why or why not?

Newsroom intro

Government pre-test

Tuesday- CNN 10

Survivor Island Activity

ICIVICS Worksheet: John Locke

Wednesday- CNN 10

Forms of Government

Video Clip


ICIVICS Worksheet

Thurs: CNN10

Early influences on American Government

Chapter 2-1

ICIVICS Activity

Friday: CNN10

Articles of Confederation




Monday: Project work in media ctr.


Tuesday: Project work k media ctr

CNN 10

Wednesday: Projects due

Country presentations

Thursday: Project presentation

Friday: Unit test: focus on early mesoamerican civilizations



Geography 3/12 to 3/16

Monday: Mayan Empire Notes

Video clips Apocalypto


Video on Mayas


Tuesday: Country Profiles Comparison

Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil

Computer lab/library


Wed- 1/2 day

Current Events



Country Profiles Comparison

Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil

Computer lab/library


Fri: Test: Early Empires of Mesoamerica

Econ- 3/12 to 3/16

Monday- Intro to International Ch 17


Trade activity

Ch 17 Review Guide

Review for MACRO TEST


Tues: Test Ch 12,13,14,15,16

Comparative Advantage Activity

Review for EOC


Wed: 1/2 day

Currency Exchange Rates activity


Thursday: Personal Finance Ch 10/11

Insurance Activity: Life, Auto, Home, Property, Disability, Health



Shared risk theory

Review for EOC




Personal Finance Activity Packet/Book exercise

Review EOC