Mon-  The Patriot

Questions/Discussion on Revolutionary War

Tues:  Wrap up Revolution

Wed: Articles of Confederation

We The People Lesson 11

Thurs: Weaknesses of Article / Strenghts

Fri: Constitutional Convention



Econ 8/20-8/24

Monday- Shifts in demand

EconEd link video on demand and fads

Elasticity worksheet

Crashcourse econ video


Tuesday: Supply : Notes on supply

Determinants of costs and marginal cost

Marginal Cost worksheet


Wednesday: Changes in Supply


Stossel Videos on regulation/taxes and economics.


Thursday: Combining supply and demand.

Supply and demand curves


Lemonade stand / coffee shop game in computer lab


Fri:  Supply and Demand Cures

Shifts and effects on equlibrium



US History 8/20-8/24

Monday: Why did the colonies want to free themselves from Great Britain?

“We The People” Lesson 8

Reading and worksheet

Tuesday: Common Sense & Declaration of Independence

Reading excerpt from Common Sense

Video on Declaration of Indepenednece

“We The People” Lesson 9

Wednesday: Revolutionary War

Notes and PowerPoint


Thursday & Friday: Movie

The Patriot

Econ 8/13 to 8/17

Monday: Chapter 3 Free Enterprise

Worksheets and quiz

Tuesday: County Pre-test Economics

Review unit 1- Test Thursday

Study uide

Wednesday:  Introduction to Unit 2 Microeconimcs

Video Clip: Fads and demand

Thursday:   Test Unit 1

Chapter 4 notes/study guide

Friday: Chapter 4 Demand Activity

Demand Curve

US History 8/6 to 8/10

Mon: Columbian Exchange

What were the effects of European expansion in new world?

What caused European expansion to new world?


Tuesday: Mercantilism

What was the idea of mercantilism?

Diagram and discussion on New World Economics.

Lesson 2 Reading and Worksheet

Wednesday: Lesson 2 reading and questions

Econ 8/6 to 8/10

Monday: Production possibilities curve activity

Opportunity cost vs tradeoffs


Tuesday: Economic Systems

Chapter 2

Glass making in Soviet Union Activity

Free market and capitalism notes

Adam Smith vs Karl Marx-notes

Wednesday: Quiz Chapter 1 & 2

Mixed Economies: Notes


Thursday: Chapter 3  Notes

Free Enterprise System


Friday: Greed

Is greed goo or bad for an economy and society?

John Stossel video: Greed

Video Worksheet