US History 9/17-9/21

Monday:  Marbury vs Madison

Court Activity

War of 1812- notes


Tuesday: Chapter 5

Lecture notes/worksheet

American Nationalsim

Wed: Industrial Growth


Activity on Industry and the North

Thursday: Agriculture and South

Lecture/Group Activity

Friday: Test

Chapter 4/5





Econ- 9/17 to 9/21

Monday: Macroeconomics

Chapter 13 Unemployment/Inflation

Chapter vocab/study guide worksheet

Tuesday: Chapter 14 – Taxes/Tax Policy/ Fiscal Policy

Lecture notes/Chapter study guide

Discussion debate on tax policy- Are the Rich taxed enough?

Wednesday-  Fiscal Policy Theory

Keynesian vs Classic vs Supply’

Compare and contrast economic models.


Thurs: Intro into Monetary Policy

Review for test

Chapters 12,13,14,15


Friday:  Test

Stossel Videos









US History 9/10-9/14

Monday:  Finish Constitution/Bill of Right

Activity : You Have Rights

Tuesday:  Intro Chapter  4

Lesson 1 & 2

Review for Test

Wednesday: Test Unit 2

Revolutionary War/Constittuion

Thursday: Jefferson / War of 1812

Notes/video clips


Friday: Chapter 5 American nationalism

Video clips/notes/worksheet


Econ 9/10 to 9/14

Monday:  CNN 10   &   Finish business organizations chart/notes

Chapter 8 Worksheet

Tuesday:  CNN 10   &  Quiz on Business Orgs ans Market Structures/Circular flow model activity

Wednesday:CNN 10  &  Intro to Macroeconomics

GDP and calculation GDP

Chapter 12 worksheet

Thursday:  CNN 10   & Chapter 13 Business cycles/inflation- notes and PowerPoint

Chapter 13 worksheet

Friday: CNN 10 & Unemployment

Activity on types of unemployment



Econ 9/4 to 9/7

Mon- Holiday

Tuesday- Market structures

Monopolies, Oligopolies, Pure Competition, Monopolistic Competition

Crashcourse video clips

Graphic organizer

Wednesday: Market structures worksheets

Thursday: Business Organizations

Sole Proprietorship/Parnterships

Crashcourse video clips

Chapter worksheet

Fri- Computer lab activity: Franchises