US History

Monday: 10 Days That Changed American History Activity

2nd set of Quesions and Reading


Tuesday: Discuss and assign decades project

1920’s,  1940’s, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s

Wed: Research for decades project

Thurs: Reserach for decasdes project

Fri: 10 Days That Changed American History Activity


US Govt

Monday- Finish Up Legislative Branch

Crashcourse Video: Sepaeartion of Powers

Examine Executive Orders

NY Times Current Event Activity


Tues: Executive Branch

Crashcourse video Executive Branch

ICIVICS: Worksheet – One lArger Branch

Wed: Executive Branch

Focus on Presidential Responsibilites

ICIVICS Activity- All in a Days Work


Thurs:  Wrap up Executive Branch


Discuss Impeachment Process


Fri: Electoral College

How we elect a President

Activity on elctoral college in groups




Mon.- Supreme Court Project work

Tues- Supreme Court Presentations

Wed- Supreme Court Presentations

Thurs- Introduction to Legislative Branch

ICIVICS worksheet: Legislative Branch in a flash

Fri:   How a bill is introduced in Congress

Notes/ICIVICS woksheet