Georaphy 2/25 to 3/1

Monday- Intro to Political Systems

Video on Government forms

ICIVICS worksheet

Tuesday-  Pg 298, 362, 511-513

Nation States

Homework Pg 301   #1 & #3

Pg 367 #1 & #3

Pg 515  # 1 & #3

Wed- Constituitonal Government

ICIVICS Activity- Do I Have a Right


Thurs- Size. location , and shapes of countires

Pg 83-86, 160, 120

HW  Pg 86 1,2,3


Fri- Globalism

Pg 305 & Pg 666

Activy on  globalism and UN


Econ 2/25 to 3/1

Monday- GDP & Economic Growth

Ch 12

Tuesday- Business Cycles

Ch 12

Homework- Ch 12 worksheets


Wednesday- Ch 13   Inflation and unemployment

PowerPoint & Notes

Homework- Ch 13 Study Guide

Thursday- Ch 14 Taxes

Homework- Ch 14 Study Guide & Notes


Friday-   Ch 14 –   Mandatory vs Discretionary Spending

Budgeting Activity







Geography 2/11 to 2/15

Mon-  Finish population pyramid activity

Case studies on culture and language- Basques and Frecnh Canadians

Case study on class sytem    – Caste System  and Aparthied


Tues-  Religion of Asia  Hinduis/Buddhism/Shinto


Wed- Culture Review

Study guide Review

Thurs- Test on Culture


Fri- Video




World Geography

SSWG2 Evaluate how the physical and human characteristics of places and regions are
connected to human identities and cultures.

Mon-  Elements of culture


Homework-  Culture Quilt project due tomorrow


Tues: Notes on Culture

Case study on French Canadian seperatism


Wed: Culture Notes

Government and economic systems

Graphic organizer homework sheet


Thrusday: Quiz on culture

Religion: Middel East Religion info quiz


Friday: Current Event

Wrap up on culture



Econ 2/ to 2/8

SSEMI3 Explain the organization and role of business and analyze the four types of
market structures in the U.S. economy.
a. Compare and contrast three forms of business organization—sole proprietorship,
partnership, and corporation with regards to number of owners, liability, lifespan, decisionmaking,
and taxation.
b. Identify the basic characteristics of monopoly, oligopoly, monopolistic competition, and
pure (perfect) competition with regards to number of sellers, barriers to entry, price control,
and product differentiation.

Mon- Chapter 7 Market Structures

Graphic organizer

Super Bowl Commercial Review

Focus on  Monoplistic Competition


Tues:  Chapter 7 notes

Monopolies and Oligopolies

Case study: Standard Oil and US Steel


Wed.   Perfect Competiton

Ch 7 notes

Unit 1 Touchstone


Thur- Chapter 8 Partnerships

Fri- Lab Activity :  Franchises