Mon- Population project

Looking at parental laeve at work and comparing various contires policies. Analyze any effect on poplulation growth in that country and present to class.

Tues- Population project presentations

Wed- Population prouedt presentations

Thurs- Populaiton project presentation

Fri- Test Unit 4 Popuation geography



Mon-   CNN 10 CUrrent Events

Tues- Notes on Ch 1

State/Nation/Nation State

Theories of Government

Wed-  ICIVICS Activy on John Locke/THomas Hobbes

State of  Nature   and Social Contract Theory


Thurs- ICIVICS Activity/Case Study on world governments

Who Rules

Fri-   Quiz Unit 1

World Government Comparison chart




Mon- Political Geogaphy Unit Test


Tues: Intro to Population Gepgraphy

CNN 10 CUrrent Event

Malthus and World Population Article

Creative writing: what event or human related thing couild decrease population?

Article relating Thanos and Avengers to Malthus and population control.


Wed:  Demographic Transition Model Activity

Video Clip: Welath and Health of Nations


Thurs:  Demoraphic Transition Model notes


Fri:  Lecture on refugees and migration around world.

World Refugee Ctr activity




Geography 3/11 to 3/15

Mon- Finish postcard project

Film: Hotel Rwanda


Tues:    Film Hotel Rwanda

Discuss ethnic conflicts and role of UN


Wed:  Wrap up Hotel Rwanda

Writing exercise on ethnic confilct and current day genocide


Thurs- Review Political Unit

Fri- Test on Political Geography


Econ 3/11 to 3/15

Mon- Unit 3 Test

World Trade Activity

Tues- Ch 17   International Economics

Exports vs Imports

Absolute vs Comparative Advantage

Wed-  Exchnage rates actvitiy

HW- exchange rate chart

Thurs- Personal Finance Packet

HW- Section 1 & 2 of packet

Fri- Personal Finance Packet

Review Packet EOC


EOC-  Next Week  March 19th & 20th



Geography 3/4 to 3/8

Monday- Finish Promises Video

Arab-Israeli Conflict


Tues:   Morphology of countries

Notes/PowerPoint on shape and classification of countries

Computer Lab- Country mini-project

Wed- Lab: Country Mini Project

Thurs- Presentation of mini country project

Fri- CNN 10

Current Event



Econ 3/4 to 3/4

Mon.    Ch 14 Taxes

Ch 14 notes

Ch 14 study guide


Tues- Ch 15 Fiscal Policy


Ch 15 Study Guide


Wed-  Ch 16 Monetary Policy

Video on Feral Reserve



Thurs- Ch 16 Monetray Policy

Ch 16 Study Guide


Fri- Review of Macroeconomics

Ch 12,13,14,15,16

Test- Monday