Economics 9/30- 10/4

SSEIN1 Explain why individuals, businesses, and governments trade goods and services.

Mon: Ch 17 International

Absolute vs Comparative Advantage

Basic vocab on international econ.

Ch 17 study Guide

Ch. 17 Guide to the Essentials & Test



Tues: Trade Barriers

Article on Trump Tariffs


Ch 17 Study Guide


Wed: Free Trade Organizations


Article on Brexit

Ch 17 Study Guide


Thurs: Currency Exchange Rates

Appreciation vs Depreciation


Ch 17 Study Guide


Fri: Review of International and touchstone quiz.






Geography 9/30 to 10/4

SSWG3 Evaluate how cooperation and conflict among people influence the division and
control of the earth’s surface.

Mon: Intro to Political Geography

Forms of Government Video

I CIVICS Worksheet Who Rules

HW- Finish Worksheet


Tuesday-  Ideas of sovereignty

State vs Nations State

Vocab terms-

Case study: Kosovo, Taiwan, Palestine

HW: Vocab sheet

Wed: Country Shapes/Morphology


HW- worksheet


Thurs: Political Conflict

Imperialism and colonialism

Case study Africa/Middle East

Berlin Conference/ Palestine Mandate

HW: Article on Africa

Map on Palestine


Fri- Worksheet and reading on imperialism








Mon- Language and culture

Case study of French Canadians – separatism movement

Basques and Bantu languages

Tuesday- Women’s rights in the world

Compare/contrast roles of women in the world.

TED talks video

Wed-   Corporate diffusion in the world

Case study of Coke/McDonald’s/IKEA

Video clips

Thurs- Acculturation

Diffusion and the altering of different elements of culture

Music, food, holidays, etc….

Fri- Unit Test




Geography 9/9 to 9/13

Mon: Finish Invictus

Discussion question on Apartheid and Nelson Mandella

Tues- Religion Worksheet

Wed.   Role of women in various cultures around world.

Article Review on Women’s Equality around the world

Thurs: Language

Book work on Basques and French Canadian cultures  and language


Fri:  Government structures

Worksheet : ICIVICS


Econ 9/3 to 9/6

SSEMI3 Explain the organization and role of business and analyze the four types of  market structures in the U.S. economy.

Mon- no school

Tues- Market Structures

Graphic organizer/notes on 4 market structures

HW-  For each market structure name 2 companies or      industries that are examples.

Wed-  Business Organizations

Notes and graphic organizer on 3 types of business organizations

Activity : What type of business organization?

Thurs: Practice test on Unit 2


Fri: Test Unit 2

Geography 9/3 to 9/6

SSWG2 Evaluate how the physical and human characteristics of places and regions are connected to human identities and cultures.

Mon- no school

Tue-  Work on Culture Project: Due tomorrow

Social organization

Articles on Apartheid and Caste System

HW- finish projects


Wed- Presentations on culture

Thurs- Religion

Middle East Religion Chart

Buddhism/Hinduism Worksheet

Fri- Religion worksheet