SSWG4 Assess the characteristics, spatial distribution, and migration of human populations on the earth’s surface.

Mon:  Finish United Nations Sustainability activity

Tues:  Demographic Transition Model Activity

Draw diagram of model and 5 stages of population growth

What is the Demographic Transition Model?

Wed: Immigration case studies

United States- push/pull factors

Current status of immigration situation in US

Current Event: Immigration


Thurs:  Immigration policies around the world.

Compare/Contrast immigration around the globe.


Fri:   Video: Contagion

Test Next Tuesday

Government 10/28 to 11/1

SSCG1 Compare and contrast various systems of government. a

SSCG2 Demonstrate knowledge of the political philosophies that shaped the development of United States constitutional government.

Monday-   Key Question: What is purpose of government.

Enlightenment influences on American Government


Nature of Man- discussion

State of Nature Activity: Lord of the Flies

ICIVICS Activity on Hobbes/Locke

State of Nature

Tues: Early Influences on Govt

ICIVICS Activity on Magna Carta, English Bill of Rights

Video Clip: Magna Carta


Wed: Forms of Govt/Federalism

Forms of Govt Video

Notes/Discussion on idea of Federalism

Crashcourse Govt Video Clip


Thurs:  Declaration of Indpendence

Morgan Freeman Reading of Declaration video clip

“We the People” Activity


Fri:  Unit 1 Test





SSWG4 Assess the characteristics, spatial distribution, and migration of human
populations on the earth’s surface.
a. Assess demographic patterns of population using graphs, maps, and other models (e.g.,
Demographic Transition Model, population density maps, and global migration patterns).


Mon-   China 2 Child Policy Article

Discussion on declining populations


Tues- Test Culture

Wed-  Demographic Transition Model notes

Chart/graph activity

Thurs-  Maternity/Paternity Laws


Fri- Quiz on population

Hans Rosling Video

Demographic Transition Models


Government 10/21 to 10/25

SSCG1 Compare and contrast various systems of government.

Monday-   US Citizenship Test

What do you know about government?

Tues-   Last Econ Unit Test

Personal Finance

Wed-  Intro to government

“Lecture on purpose of government”

Notes and discussion

Video Clip

Thurs- ICIVICS Activity Forms of Government

Fr–  Stossel Video

Forms of Government Video


Geography 10/14 to 10/18

Mon-   Postcard project library

Tues- Quiz   Morphology and government types

Intro to Population pyramids and population geography

Wed- PSAT Testing

Thurs- Hans Rosling TedTalk video on population growth and world.


Article- 7 billion Reasons Why Malthus Was Wrong

Fri- Test

Geography 10/7 to 10/11

SSWG3 Evaluate how cooperation and conflict among people influence the division and control of the earth’s surface.


Mon:  Review and discuss DBQ questions on 1948 War of Independence

Tues: Quiz Forms of Government

PowerPoint/Notes on Country shapes

Activity on morphology

Arab/Israeli Conflict: Promises

Wed: Imperialism

Cause and Effect Worksheet

Video clip on imperialism

Thurs: United Nations

Notes/Discussion on UN and its purpose


Fri: Test Unit 3

Economics 10/7 to 10/11

SSEPF1 Apply rational decision making to personal spending and saving choices.

SSEPF2 Explain that banks and other financial institutions are businesses that channel
funds from savers to investors.

SSEPF3 Explain how changes in taxation can have an impact on an individual’s spending
and saving choices.

SSEPF5 Describe how insurance and other risk-management strategies protect against
financial loss.


THURS 10/17 and FRI 10/18

Great review site below

Monday- Unit 4 Test

Tues- Personal Finance Unit 5 Intro

Ch14    Taxes


HW   Study Guide


Wed-   Insurance

Discussion and video on insurance

Packet on insurance types and purpose

HW- 1 &2 from packet

Thurs- Minimum day

Financial Institutions  Ch 10


Ch 10 Study Guide


Fri-   Investing / Stocks

Ch 11 Study Guide

Lecture and discussion