Government 12/2 to 12/6

Monday- 1st Amendment

Religion, Speech, Assembly, Petition, Press

PowerPoint/ Class Discussion

Tinker v Des Moines


Tuesday-  2nd Amendment

FEE Article- Economics of Gun Control

Wed- Amendments 4,5,6,7,8

Criminal Justice/Civil Liberties

Supreme Court Case Review


Thurs- Civil War Amendments

13,14, 15


Friday-  Current Issues Supreme Court Cases

Article Review and discussion


World Geography 12/2 to 12/6

SSWG6 Examine the spatial distribution of major economic systems and analyze the role
geography plays in economic development.

Monday- Intro to Economic Geography

GDP, GDP per capita, pther leading indicators for economic standards that measure a country’s economy

Review- Environmental study guide

Tuesday- Economic activity

Primary, secondary and tertiary activities

Notes- mural activity

Wednesday- Test on Environmental

Thursday- Economic systems and trade centers.


Friday- International Trade

– PowerPoint notes

– Crashcourse video clip

–  Import activity