US History 1/27 to 1/31

SSUSH5 Investigate specific events and key ideas that brought about the adoption and
implementation of the United States Constitution.

**Test Friday- Unit 1

Mon: Articles of Confederation

Video Clip on Constitutional roots

ICIVICS Activity- Were Free Lets Grow

Strengths and Weaknesses of Article of Confederation

Tues: Constitutional Convention

Constitutional Convention

Video Clip: Creating Our Constitution

ICIVICS Activity: Wanted Just Right Government

New Jersey vs Virginia Plan

Wed:  Federalists vs Anti-Federalists

Ratification of Constitution

We The People Activity

Thurs: Review for Unit 1 Test

Fri: Test Unit 1




Economics 1/27 to 1/31

SSEMI2 Explain how the law of demand, the law of supply, and prices work to determine
production and distribution in a market economy

***Quiz Friday    Supply and Demand vocab

Monday-  Shifts in Demand Worksheet. Group activity

Elasticity of Demand.

HW- Complete Chapter 4 Study Guide

econch04 (1)

Tues- Supply Ch 5

Discuss Law of Supply and differentiate from Law of Demand

PowerPoint Notes

EconEdlink Activity

Marginal Product of Labor- group activity



Wed-  Changes in Supply: Notes PowerPoint

HW-   Ch 5 Study Guide


Thurs: Ch 6 Combining Supply and Demand

Equilibrium Activity

Fri: Price Floors and Price Ceilings

Graphing Activity










US History 1/12 to 1/24

SSUSH3 Analyze the causes of the American Revolution.

SSUSH4 Analyze the ideological, military, social, and diplomatic aspects of the American

Mon- No School

Tues- Film  “The Patriot”

Discuss advantages and disadvantages of British vs Colonists

Role of Women and African Americans in war.

Wed- Finish movie “The Patriot”

Notes on key figures and events of Revolutionary War

Washington, Baron Von Steuben, Marquis De Lafayette

Battles of Trenton, Saratoga, Yorktown


Thursday- Notes on Treaty of Paris

Guided Reading Activity

HW- Answer questions to guided reading


Fri- Finish up Revolutionary War.

Intro to Articles of Confederation

We the People Activity

Video clip on Article of Confederation





1/21 to 1/24 Econ

SSEF6 Explain how productivity, economic growth, and future standards of living are
influenced by investment in factories, machinery, new technology, and the health,
education, and training of people.

Mon- No school

Tues- Review productivity and the use of inputs and outputs.

Review for test.

Review site

Wed-  Unit 1 Test

Thurs- Intro Ch 4 Demand

What is demand?

HW-Study guide Ch 4


Fri- Activity on Demand

Fads & Demand   Hoola Hoops and Slinkies

ECONED Activity





Economics 1/13 to 1/17

SSEF4 Compare and contrast different economic systems and explain how they answer the
three basic economic questions of what to produce, how to produce, and for whom to


Notes Chapter 2 Powerpoint

Chapter 2 Study Guide

Video Clip Greed

Tues- Command Economies

Glass Making in Soviet Union activity

Ch 2 Study Guide


Wed- Mix Market Economies


Ch 2 Study Guide


Thurs-  Free Enterprise System of US

Ch 3 Study Guide


Friday- Goals of Economic Systems

Compare/Contrast Market vs Command



US History 1/13 to 1/17

SSUSH2 Describe the early English colonial society and investigate the development of its

SSUSH3 Analyze the causes of the American Revolution.

Monday- Early political traditions in the colonies and English influence.

ICIVICS Worksheet


Tuesday- French Indian Wars




Wednesday- Early roots of Revolution

Stamp Act, Intolerable Acts, Common Sense



Thursday- Declaration of Independence

Early struggles of Revolution


Friday –    Movie   “The Patriot”



Econ 1/6 to 1/10

Mon- Intro to Econ

Review Syllabus

TRSS forms


SSEF1 Explain why limited productive resources and unlimited wants result in scarcity,
opportunity costs, and tradeoffs for individuals, businesses, and governments.
a. Define scarcity as a basic condition that exists when unlimited wants exceed limited
productive resources.
b. Define and give examples of productive resources (i.e. factors of production): natural
resources (i.e. land), human resources (i.e. labor and human capital), physical capital and

Mon- Intro to Econ

Review Syllabus

TRSS forms

Economic Reasoning Quiz

Why is Disney World cleaner than Yellowstone National Park?


Tues-  Scarcity & Choice


Ch1 Worksheet


Wed-  Opportunity Cost

Kidney Transplant Activity

Video clip on Kidney transplant



Factors of Production

HW- Chapter 1 Study Guide

Production Possibilities  Curve

HW- Worksheet/ Ch1 Study Guide


Fri Chapter 2 Notes

Economic Systems

HW: Ch 2 Study Guide

Quiz : Chapter 1



US History 1/6 to 1/10


syllabus-ush-19-20 (1)

SSUSH1 Compare and contrast the development of English settlement and colonization
during the 17th Century.

-Monday-  Intro to US History

TRSS froms

Review Syllabus

5 Greatest Events US History


Tuesday- Thursday

Notes/PowerPoint Development of colonies in US

Video clip on Mercantilism

Video Clip on Transatlantic trade

a.  Investigate how mercantilism and trans-Atlantic trade led to the development of colonies.
b. Explain the development of the Southern Colonies, including but not limited to reasons
established, impact of location and place, relations with American Indians, and economic
c. Explain the development of the New England Colonies, including but not limited to
reasons established, impact of location and place, relations with American Indians, and
economic development.
d. Explain the development of the Mid-Atlantic Colonies, including but not limited to reasons
established, impact of location and place, relations with American Indians, and economic

Fri- group activity on colonies

Graphic organizer on development of colonies

Place/Purpose/Economic Activity