US History 2/24 to 2/28

SSUSH7 Investigate political, economic, and social developments during the Age of

SSUSH8 Explore the relationship between slavery, growing north-south divisions, and
westward expansion that led to the outbreak of the Civil War.

Mon:  PowerPoint over abolitionists movement and early women’s rights.  Nat Turner/Frederick Douglas

Age-of-Jackson-19 (1)

Tues: DBQ Andrew Jackson

Finish Jackson video

Wed.  Notes/Discussion on Manifest Destiny

Texas & Oregon Annexation

Alamo/Mexican American War

Video Clip on Alamo

Thurs: Mexican American War

Compromise of 1850

Fri: Prelude to Civil War

Harper’s Ferry

Dred Scott Decision

Election of 1860

Kansas Nebraska Act


US History 2/10 to 2/14

SSUSH6 Analyze the challenges faced by the first five presidents and how they responded.


Mon- Madison and War of 1812

Video clip and power-point

Tues- Monroe: Missouri Compromise

ERA of Good Feelings

Monroe Doctrine

Video clip/PowerPoint

Wed- Intro Andrew Jackson

Video clip/Article on Jackson


Thurs- Quiz on Washington – Monroe

Friday- Andrew Jackson Video

Discussion on Jackson and power of Presidency


















Econ 2/10 to 2/14

SSEMI3 Explain the organization and role of business and analyze the four types of
market structures in the U.S. economy

SSEMA1 Illustrate the means by which economic activity is measured.

Mon- Ch 8 Business Organizations

Notes/Ch 8 Study Guide

Review for Unit 2 Test

Tues- Unit 2 test

Wed-  Ch12

GDP and measures of growth in economy

Crashcourse video clip GDP

Notes on calculation of GDP


Thurs – Ch 12

Unemployment Rate

Types of unemployment

Fri-  Ch 13 – study guide

Inflation- calculation inflation rate

CPI- consumer price index

Market basket

Crashcourse video clip- inflation




Econ 2/3 to 2/7

Mon- Supply Ch 6

Ch 6 Study guide


Tues- Activity on Circular Flow Model

Relations between households and firms


Wed-  Circular flow graph

Surplus and shortage graph work


Thurs-  Market Structures Activity

Graphic Organizer over Monopolies & Oligopolies


Friday- Business Structures

Graphic Organizer over Sole Proprietorship & Partnerships