Meese- Government Week # 2 online.

Hope all of you and your families are safe and okay!

First- make sure you take the Chris Cannon 200 Econ Quia EOC Review Test (link was on last weeks blog)   Take a screen shot of your score and send it to me via email:

This is not for a grade- just want to see how you all are doing in putting all of econ stuff together. I know it is a lot of stuff

Second: You will begin government this week. I will supply the link Coach Hanson has set up. Just follow the directions for each assignment.

We are trying to keep  the work manageable.  We understand that there is a lot in life going on right now.

Make sure you take the time to enjoy your families and spend genuine time together.

Econ Week 1 Online 3/16 to 3/20

Complete the two review packets you have for the EOC.

One I gave you several weeks ago- big packet, the other one is the fill in the blank packet.  If you need another copy they are located below

final_eoct_review (1)

EOCT Review Packet- Wilson Master (4)


Use the following link to help.

For review practice questions remember to use the GCEE app on your phones and also use the Chris Cannon 200 practice questions. Link is below for 200 questions.

US History

SSUSH9 Evaluate key events, issues, and individuals related to the Civil War

SSUSH10 Identify legal, political, and social dimensions of Reconstruction

Mon:  Fakebook projects on civil war figures

Video: Of Gods and Generals

Tues:  Fakebook projects

Video: Of Gods and Generals

Wed:   Wrap up of Civil War

Assassination of Lincoln Article

Fakebook Projects dues

Thurs:  Notes on Reconstruction

Presidential Reconstruction vs Congressional Reconstruction

Fri: Notes on Reconstruction

Compare/Contrast Northern vs Southern View of       Reconstruction