Economics/Government 4/27 to 5/1


Course Extension Optional Assessment
UPDATED 4/27/20: The economics EOC has been suspended by the state for the 2020 spring semester. Typically this assessment accounts for 20% of student’s overall grade in economics, and thus many rely on this exam to boost their grades. The link to the assessment below is NOT an EOC replacement, however, from a grade standpoint it will function in such a way as to offer students’ the opportunity to boost their grade comparable to what the EOC could have done. Per some updated guidelines that were given to us last week, this assessment is shorter and not as comprehensive as the original assessment that was posted to this blog. The assessment below consists of 20 questions and you may retake it as many times as you like to achieve your desired score. Lastly, this assessment is optional and can only increase your econ. grade from March 13 – any score that would lower your grade will not be entered.

To SUBMIT: take the test and take a picture of your score with yourself in the picture (so that I can verify that you took the test and not someone else). Then email that picture to me.

GOVERNMENT – here is the link to the work at Coach Hanson’s site.

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