Geography 10/23-10/27

SSWG1 Explain why physical characteristics of place such as landforms, bodies of water,
climate, and natural resources act as contributing factors to world settlement patterns.

SSWG2 Evaluate how the physical and human characteristics of places and regions are
connected to human identities and cultures.

Mon- Europe Map Activity- Physical

Ch 12 Notes

Tues:  Ch 13 Notes

Regional Worksheets

Wed: Ch 14 Intro to Balkans Conflict

Inquiry Based earning Activity

Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo

Thurs: Video: Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo

Fri: Video: Romeo and Juliet of Sarajevo



Econ 10/23-10/27

SSEMI2 Explain how the law of demand, the law of supply, and prices work to determine
production and distribution in a market economy.
a. Define the law of supply and the law of demand.
b. Distinguish between supply and quantity supplied, and demand and quantity demanded.


Mon: Review Demand and Supply

Chapter 4 Study Guide

Video Clips on Demand/Supply

Elasticity of Demand


Tues: Marginal Productivity of Supply

Worksheet on Ch 5- marginal product of labor


Wed:  CH 6 Supply and Demand/ Equilibrium

Graphing: shortages and surpluses

Ch 6 Study Guide


Thurs: Ch. 7 Market Structures

Cooperative Ed: Small groups defining each structure

Examples of each structure

Crashcourse Econ Video Clip


Fri: Market structures continued

Wheat market activity