Online Learning, Tuesday, 3/17

Check out the PNN Home Edition (With an EXTRA special guest from one of our own classmates!)

For today’s assignments…

Math: Answer numbers 7-15 of the Math packet. Time permitting complete at least one lesson Dreambox.

Reading/Writing: From the Writing packet, read Island Giants and answer “examples” 2 and 3. Example two did not scan; the question is: Which paragraph BEST explains why the number of Galápagos tortoises went down?

  1. paragraph 1
  2. paragraph 2
  3. paragraph 3
  4. paragraph 4

For example 3’s prompt, What is the main idea of the passage?, think R-A-C-E. Time permitting, read for 20 minutes.

Social Studies: Continue to read a few sections of the newspaper from yesterday. Remember that on Friday you will answer the review questions or complete the activity on the back.

Additional Learning opportunities for today: (Considered “Extra Credit” on the Pitner Buck Price List)

  1. Using the passage Island Giants, write your answer to this prompt: What is the text structure of this passage? How do you know? (Think R-A-C-E)
  1. It seems like we are getting yet another break from some rain today! Go outside, find a comfortable spot. Pick an animal or plant that you see and write an all-about paragraph about it. Be so descriptive that I can picture it exactly in my mind when I read it too.

*Proof of completing extra credit can be a picture emailed to me OR posted on our Class Notebook under the Online Learning Extra Credit tab. To access the notebook: Click the Parents tab on the Cobb County websiteà select Office 365 log-inà students will log in using their email. For most it is and the password is the same password they use to log into computers at school. Hopefully, they remember where to go from there!

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