Online Learning, Wednesday, 3/18

Good morning parents!

Please see the link for our PNN today:

I have had a few questions about turning in work. You can email me or post to the Class Notebook the proof of the additional learning opportunities only. The daily assignments that the students complete can be turned in when we return to school. I will let you know if that changes. Remember, if anything seems unclear, or your child has any questions, I will be available via email from 9:00-10:30am, and most likely many other times throughout the day as well. 😊

For today’s assignments…

Math: Answer numbers 16-22 of the Math packet. Time permitting complete at least one lesson Dreambox.

Reading/Writing: From the Reading packet, read Discovering Me and answer the questions (numbers 6-15)

Social Studies: Continue to read a few sections of the newspaper from yesterday and Monday. Remember that on Friday you will answer the review questions or complete the activity on the back.

Additional Learning opportunities for today: (Considered “Extra Credit” on the Pitner Buck Price List)

  1. Using the poem Discovering Me, fill in this chart:
Number of Stanzas
Number of Lines
Rhyming Words (list at least 2 sets)

(Use this chart to help you!)

  1. Find a recipe for baking something. Write down the fractions you see listed in the ingredients. (EXTRA extra credit if you then help make it! 😊)

*Proof of completing extra credit can be a picture emailed to me OR posted on our Class Notebook under the Online Learning Extra Credit tab. To access the notebook: Click the Parents tab on the Cobb County websiteà select Office 365 log-inà students will log in using their email. For most it is and the password is the same password they use to log into computers at school. Hopefully, they remember where to go from there!

Stay safe, wash hands, and keep practicing social distancing. Let the learning continue using some 21st century skills!

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