Week 3 Milestones Begin!!!

Milestones begin on Tuesday:


During this time we will be on an altered schedule, so all classes do NOT meet each day.   I will not be posting a daily schedule for the classes as it will vary depending on which classes are meeting.

I will not be assigning any homework this week. However, each night I will post a Quizzizz Code for one Quizzizz Game.  You may play using your first and last name only.  Do not use nicknames or inappropriate identifyers.  If you are in the top 5 for that night’s quiz, then you will earn 30 Survivor Bucks.    The code will be posted on the night of that game.  It is available for only that night and will close at 11:45pm!


Monday:  Return of Quiz for Light and Color

Formative # 4 on Waves

Review Handout for Forces and Motion

Hw:  none

Quizzizz  Code for nightly competition.                  https://join.quizizz.com  565643

Winners:  Kathryn Englund, Remi Romano, Jackie Shaffer, Alli Browning, Blake Daws–come get your SurvivorBucks!!!!

Tuesday: Milestone Testing

Quizzizz  Code for nightly competition.      835478

Winners: Katheryn Englund, Blake Daws, Alli Browning, Evan Fix, Emmet Hill

Wed: Milestone Testing

Quizzizz  Code for nightly competition. Sorry about the lateness, but here is the code for tonight’s Quizzizz competition.  751047

Winners: Kathryn E.   Alli B.   Blake D.  Remi R. and Jackie S.

Thursday: Milestone Testing

Quizzizz  Code for nightly competition. 976449

Friday: Milestone Testing

Quizzizz  Code for nightly competition. 


Week 2 Light and Color

Quiz on Friday over Wave Interactions and Light


Formative #3

Finish Notes on Wave Interactions

Partner Practice on Wave InteractionsWave interactions review-yywmxi

Homework: Read and Respond on Electromagnetic Spectrum



Video Lesson on the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Notes from PPT on Light and Color   all about light and color 2018-1453o18

Homework: none



Concept Map on WAVES Sound and LIGHTwaves review concept map-2ibyliy

Independent Practice : Light and Color Electromagnetic Spectrum Reinforcement 2017-1bf11ez

Homework: None



Lenses and Mirrors PPT and LectureMirrors and Lenses Graham-xzo0hf

Mirrors and Lenses guided notes-17001en

Partner Practice on Lenses and Mirrors

Homework: Study for Quiz on wave interactions and light

Quizzizz Review for Quiz Tomorrow  Code:  785988





Quiz on Wave interactions and Light

Lens and Mirror Review sheetLens and Mirror Review-14b0pzo


Homework: None


Week 1 4th 9 weeks WAVES

Quiz on Tuesday: Wave vocab and labeling the parts of a wave!!!  Study


Review Partner Practice From Friday

Vocabulary of WAVE Practice

AC: Quizlet Practice https://quizlet.com/_389wja

OL:  Vocab cardsVocabulary Cards

Waves Lab–measuring waves

Homework: Waves Reinforcement and Study for your Quiz on Waves



Quiz on Wave properties and diagrams.

Comparing Sound and Light waves— lecture and guided practice

Homework: None


Matter Formative Assessment–for milestone preparation

Sound properties and Quality : Read and respond activity Chpt 21 section 2

AC: Notetaking first then respond questions.

Homework: Finish Questions from the Reading.


Review Formative Questions on Matter

Reward Challenge on Sound and Light WAVES

Sound and Light Waves comparison for Diffraction, Reflection, Refraction, and absorbtion PPtGraham Wave Interactions-286qgej

Homework: None



Formative Assessment #2 for Milestones

Tuning Fork Lab: Students will explore the relationship between sound frequency and pitch using the tuning forks.

Hw:  None


Week 9 Finish Electricity and Magnetism– on to Waves

All make up work must be turned in by WED!!!   Make sure and check Synergy!!

Test and Ian Check on Tuesday!!!   Make up for Test is WED morning at 8:15am!



Test Review using Immunity Challenge, On-line review and differentiated review.

Hw: Study for TEST–bring Ian back to school tomorrow for grading.






Final day of the grading period. All work must be turned in!

Video Introduction to WAVES

Hw: none


PPT and Notes on Types of Waves and Wave Properties.Waves Introduction-1hdvojj

Guided Practice on Waves worksheet 1wave practice #1-y4t7or

Hw: None



Video Short on Mechanical WAVES

Guided Practice on Waves waves guided practice-2heyvke

Partner Practice on waves. waves partner practice-20gn6d7




Week 8 March 5-March 9 Magnetism

We are still in need of glue sticks.  25 dollars in Survivor Bucks for every 4 pack.



Finish Notes on Magnetism from Friday

Inquiry Lab on Magnets and Magnetic Fields

Hw:  Questions on the Magnet Song–we will sing it tomorrow for a REWARD CHALLENGE

Use the link below to play the song.



Reward Challenge with the Magnet Song

Review of Magnetic Vocabulary

Building Electromagnets Lab

Homework: Study guide distributed today and due on Friday!

Study Guide for Electricity and Magnetism-2mcgqsg





AC: Partner Practice on Magnetism and Magnetic Fields

OL: Guided Practice on Magnetism and Magnetic Fields

Both Ol and AC

Video on Motors and Generators

Reader on Motors and GeneratorsMotors and Generators Reader-1ceo3vc

Hw: Reading for Meaning on Magnetism  Chpt 18 section 1



Quizzizz Review on Magnetism

OL:  Guided concept Map on Magnetismconcept map for magnetism-1wo6iuj

AC: Partner practice concept Map on Magnetismconcept map for magnetism-1wo6iuj

Both: Magnetism Cloze Paragraph ReviewMagnetism Cloze Review-26zjylz

Hw: Study Guide due tomorrow!



Review of Study Guide AnswersStudy Guide for Electricity and Magnetism answers-tzudvl

Formative on Electricity and Magnetism


Ian Check and Unit TEST Tuesday March 13th


Week 7 Feb 26th–March 2nd

Upcoming this week:  Quiz on Thursday over Static and Current Electricity

Also, the makeup test for students who were absent and missed the Heat and Energy Test will be Tuesday morning at 8:30am. 


Finish up the Reader on Electricity

Introduction Video to Current Electricity

PPT and Notes on 10 Things to know about Current ElectricityChapter 17 Section 2 notes graham top 10 things-1y3goxi

Notes Chart:10 things to know about Current Electricity notes page-19k8mqs

Hw:  Reinforcement on Static Electricitystatic electricity reinforcement 2-1tlxuz2



Finish Notes on 10 Things to know about Current Electricity

OL: concept map on electricity –guided practice

AC: Concept map–independent practice and self-check with a key– these concept maps will summarize the key ideas related to electricity


Hw: Current Electricty Reinforcment HandoutReinforcement 17.2-pjmwok

Use your textbook and notes. Chpt 17 section 2.



Quizlet Live on Current Electricity Vocab

Ohms Law Guided Practiceohmslawpractice-14k80xy

Circuit Quick Notes– identifying the simple, series, and parallel circuits–information page.

Station Rotation: Students will rotate through different stations highlighting each type of circiut and the advantage and disadvantages of each type. They will also identify conductors and insulators.

Homework: Study for Electricity Quiz–Static and Current Electricity

https://quizlet.com/_4iqi0w   link for the vocab quizlet



Quiz on Electricity

Video Introduction to Magnetism

Magnetic Reader–Leveled Assignments

Homework: None


Demonstrations with Magnets

Magnetic Forces Ppt and notes: Magnetism PPT Introduction-2h6a9x5

Homework: None



Week 6 Finish up Energy and Heat and on to Electricity and Magnetism

Test Tomorrow!!! Energy and Heat

Study Guide with AnswersStudy Guide Energy and Heat 2018answers-1g8n1ke

Anyone who has been absent in the last week needs to have all make up assignments in by Friday—including this Unit Test on Heat and Energy.  I will be available Wed, Thursday, and Friday mornings at 8:30. Just sign in at the cafeteria and come on down.



Return of Graded papers

Immunity Challenge on Heat and Energy

Review the Study Guide and prepare for tomorrow’s test.

Hw: Study for the Test

Any Project redos are due tomorrow!



Unit Test on Heat and Energy

Video introduction on Electricity

Hw: none



Video Short on Electricity Introductionhttp://thekidshouldseethis.com/post/the-science-of-static-electricity-ted-ed 

Guided notes page Guided notes for static electricity-25wl6jd

Notes on Electricity(STATIC)0708_static_electricity-w4vuxb

Summary on Electricity



Electricity Demonstrations

Student Independent Reader and Response to Guiding Questions

Hw: Finish Response Questions from the readerElectric Charges Reader-1w9wc9f

Remember any and all makeup work must be in by tomorrow!


Guided Practice on Static Charges and static electricity. static electricity reinforcement-2fjudnh

Independent Reinforcement on Static Electricity and Vocab Static Reinforcment HW-247rzrt