Week 3 Jan 22-25 Magnetism


Magnetism Guided Notes with PPT

Magnetism PPT Introduction-2hn8xyz

Magnets and Magnetism Guided Notes-1vv03mq

Homework : none



Guided Practice on Magnetism

Magnetism Worksheets-1hr0ujw

Independent Practice on Magnetism

Higher Level reading for Magnetism-27eqf1s

Hw: Reading Textbook pages 472-477 and answer the questions.

Study Guide Due on Monday

Study Guide for Electricity and Magnetism 2019-1ligj8z


Video on Motors and Generators

Guided Reading on Motors and Generators

Motors and Generators Reader-1cv8knp 

TOTD on Magnetism

Hw: none


Electromagnetism Lab

Hw: none


Week 2 Jan 14-18 Electricity continued

Quiz on Friday over Static and Current Electricity!


Finish Notes and demonstrations from Friday

Partner Practice on Static ElectricityElectric Charge and Static Electricity Reinforcement Name-1yx55i6


AC:  Static Reinforcement:static electricity reinforcement 2-1u2i9qa

OL: Static Electricity Cloze Activity:Charges and Electricity Cloze Activity-1p4dt73


Video on Current Electricity

Guided Notes on Current Electricity

graham top 10 things to know about Current Electricity-2bthom5

10 things to know about Current Electricity notes page-1a0t1qb

Homework: NONE


Investigation and notes on current and Ohms law

Current and Ohms law-1ylu3f8

Current Electricity and Ohms Law Notes and Demonstrations-2ghpo62


Read and Annotate pages 448-451 and pages458-461

Then complete the questions on the Current Electricity HMH Review

Electricty HMH Review Questions-2jo9gma


Quick Review of annotated text reading

Group Revisement of Static Electricity Inquiry Lab

Quizzizz Review or Small group review


Code: 182246

Homework: Quiz on Static and Current Electricity tomorrow.

Study your workbook text pages on Static and Current Electricity, and your Ian notes and papers on Static and Current Electricity!


Quiz on Static and Current Electricity

Video on Magnetism

Homework: NONE


Welcome Back! New Year New Topics Jan 7-11 Week 1 Electricity and Magnetism


Set up your New Ian, pick new clock partners.

New Tribe Formation

Electricity Introduction Activity



Computer Lab:  You will be taking the SRI

Then Complete the HMH(on-line text book lesson) on Electric Charge and Static Electricity

Homework: None


Group Inquiry Activity for Scientific Phenomenom




Finish discussion of Inquiry Activity

Reading and Annotation of Text Book Reading on Electricity pages 436–442

AC:  After Annotation you will take notes from your annotations and place on page 2 of your Ian.

Homework:  AC only–Complete page 443 from the text book. Make sure to write complete sentences and use scientific vocabulary.


PPT Lecture and notes on Electricity


Guided notes sheet   Guided notes for static electricity-26dcv8p

WEEK 9 The end is near! Dec 17th-21st

Unit TEST on TUESDAY!  Last Chance Study Session on Tuesday morning at 8:15am.Image result for panic face animated gif

Study Guide Answers are in the Test Review materials menu above.

Thursday and Friday are EARLY RELEASE!




Final Points Challenge for Science Survivor

Review of Study Guide and Study Session

Hw: Study for you Unit TEST



UNIT TEST and Finish Heat Transfer Lab

Hw: Finish Heat transfer questions if not finished in class.


Return of the TEST

Announcement of Winning Tribe and Ice Cream REWARD

Setup your New Ian for the next 2 9 weeks.

Hw: none


Early Release Schedule

Sole-Survivor Competition and AWARDS for  1st, 3, and 7th blocks

Hw: none



Early Release Schedule

Sole-Survivor Competition and AWARDS for 2nd, 6th blocks

Hw: none


Week 8 December 10-14th Heat and Temperature

2 Weeks to Go–push hard all the way to the end!!!

Quiz on Heat and Temp WED.

Retest on Energy will be Thursday for students who have accurately completed the remediation guide and have secured the parent signature.


Finish the Guided Practice from Friday

Notes on Heat Transfer Part 2

Temperature and Heat 2012 Part 1 and 2-1neid6s

Video on Heat Transfer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJTD-GptXU4

Independent Practice–

AC:Heat and Energy Review-1nyho6e

OL:Heat and Temp Review OL Name-29qu4mg

Hw: Finish Independent practice if not finished in class.


Differentiated Lessons

2 On-line  Lessons from the TEXT Book

Complete the Temperature and then Temperature and Thermal Energy Digital Lessons

Small group review of Heat Transfer or Heat Quizzizz

Hw: Study for Heat Quiz Tomorrow


Heat Quiz

Video on Thermal Expansion and Expansion demonstration


Hw: Start working on Study Guide    Study Guide Heat 2018-10ceyhm


Final Reward Challenge:

Heat Transfer Lab


 Hw: AC: Heat Cloze Activity


Media Center For Differentiated Activities

Remediation activity for Heat based on Quiz scores.

Virtual Lab and finish Study Guide

Hw: Study Guide Due on Monday

Final Unit TEST on Heat and Temperature will be Tuesday Dec


Week 7 Dec 3-7 From Energy to Heat

Unit Test Tomorrow –Study!  Image result for study for a test animated gif


Immunity Challenge

Check the Study Guide

Hw: Study for your test and get your Ian ready for grading.

Tuesday: Last Chance Study Session this morning at 8:15 am.

Unit Test on Energy and Ian Check

Video Introduction to Heat

NO Homework


How Hot are YOU! Inquiry Lab for Heat and Temp

Guided Notes on Heat and Temp Part 1 with Guided Notes

Temperature and Heat 2012 Part 1 and 2-1neid6s



Eureka Video on Heat and Temp  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqDsAVPjgS4

Hw: Ac only.    Heat Transfer Explore Journal Response



Heat Video Short https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LL54E5CzQ-A

Read and Annotate pages 134- 135  then skip to 142-148

Annotate means number heading, highlight main ideas in each paragraph and circle all vocab words.

then AC; copy the main ideas on to page 92 in your Ian

OL; copy the main ideas on to page 94 in your Ian

Hw: None



Eureka Video on Heat Transfer


Guided Practice and Demonstrations on Heat Transferheat_transfer_methods_WS Grahamreinforcement-2h7gv3z

Independent practice on Heat Transfer

AC Version:Heat and Energy Review-1ny4os3

OL Version: Heat and Temp Review OL Name-29qh5ac

No Homework 

Week 6 November 26-30th More on ENERGY!

Only a few weeks to go

Still Lots to do before the Christmas Break.  Image result for christmas animated gif


Finish Ke and Pe worksheet #2 –from the Friday before the break

Notes on Energy Transformations PPTEnergy Transformations and Conservation ppt-1i2ju9s

Transformation of energy guided notes-1xzttap


Practice Identifying TransformationsEnergy Transformations Practice-1h51r0j

NO Homework


Sub Day: I am at a Science Training

Complete the Energy Review PacketEnergy Review packet-1lztrcl

Homework: Finish the packet if not completed in class.


Tribal Council

Energy Transformation Cut and Paste with self Check


OL Energy Practice Independent Handout energy practice-2o31kc0

AC: Transformation Practice Energy Transformations AC-191q9k2

 Both Study Guide due on Monday.

Study Guide Energy 2018- 2019-1wf7xn2

Thursday: Beta Students need to complete the on-line test and the Group A. ON-line Text book lesson.

On-line Practice TEST : All students must complete.  Use the link below. YOU will be logged in as your office 365 id. You can only attempt the practice test once.



Computer Lab: Differentiated Review

Group A  Students will need to complete the on-line lesson from the text book.

  1. Go to Student Resources and complete the activity titled digital lesson Introduction to Energy
  2. Use this link to investigate Nuclear Energy with the simulation. http://nuclearpowersimulator.com/

Group B Will have small group review with a teacher.

Homework: Work on the Study Guide due on Monday!


Everyone must complete this quizzizz. code 210214


Computer Lab: Differentiated Review

Lessons will be based on skill level

Group A:  Compete for extra credit points on this Quizzizz


code 574331

http://nuclearpowersimulator.com/  Simulator Game

Work on Study Guide or Investigate a REAL Nuclear Energy Plant


GroupB: Finish the small group review

Transformation Cards Review

Then Complete the on-line text book review Introduction to Energy.


Homework: Work on the Study Guide Due Monday

Unit TEST Next Tuesday




Week 5 November 12-16 Energy and Energy Transformations

Quiz on Friday–Forms of Energy and Ke and Pe .

Atoms and Periodic Table Retest: Ol :WED

                                                              AC: WED or Thursday am @8:30.

Retesting is only for students who successfully completed the Remediation Packet. The retest maximum grade will be an 80.

Progress Reports will be ready for viewing on Friday!



Finish Forms of Energy Notes form FridayForms of energy and energy transformation-1jq3iaj

Ke and Pe Video Lesson

Ke and Pe Conversion Discussion Lesson with PPTKe and Pe conversions ppt-1abz1i5

Hw: Read and Respond Questions from workbook pages 118-125.Forms of Energy Read and Respond pages 118-1g1vjuf



Ke and Pe Calculations Introduction PPT with guided practiceKe and Pe Introduction and calculations-y3ahl1

Partner Practice: Ke and Pe CalculationsKe an pe partner practice-2impsod

Independent Practice: Ke and Pe Worksheet #1_Kinetic_vs._Potential_Energy_Worksheet #1-2nv9u7h

Hw:  Study for Retest on Atoms and Periodic Table



OL: Retest on Atoms and Periodic Table

Ac and OL:  Ke and Pe  independent practice #2ke & pe worksheet-2-2bvzrys

Quizlet live practice for Forms of Energy

Hw:  Leveled Reader and Questions for Forms of Energy

Level 1Forms of Energy reader level A-2ahr7is

Level 2forms of energy reader level b-1f5xpi2




We will be in Lab 315 today.

Reward Challenge: Forms of Energy

Ball Bounce Lab–Ke and Pe– If you are absent you must see me for the alternative assignment!

Hw: Study for Forms of Energy Quiz

Friday: Quiz on Forms of Energy

Video Lesson Energy Transformations and Practice Ppt with white boards

Week 4 From Atoms to Energy

Unit Test on Atoms and Periodic Table is WED!!!! Study guide answers and review materials are posted in the Menu above.

Extra Credit tissue box project due by WED.

Monday: Review of the study guide and differentiated review.

Hw: Prepare for the Unit TEST



Student Holiday

Study for your Test


WED: UNIT TEST on Atoms and Periodic Table

Introduction to the Energy Unit




Review Test GradesRead and Respond :  Energy Workbook pages 118-126.

Hw: Test Remediation packet only for students who have scored below an 80 on the test!  Mandatory completion due on Monday!atom and periodic table remediation packet graham-zk5q33


Notes on Forms of Energy and Energy Transformations

Forms of energy and energy transformation-1jpr7al

Guided notes for the Forms of energy Forms of Energy and Energy Transformations notes chart-wvp3xr

Hw: none


Week 3 Periodic Table

See the previous blog entry for the Periodic Table Songs and 20 element practice quiz.

Extra Credit Project is posted on this blog on Friday!! worth 10pts on the unit Test

Unit Test on Atoms and Periodic Table Nov 7th


AC: Singing the Periodic table Song

Part 2 of the Periodic Table–Groups PPt and notesDecoding the peridic table part 2-24lyld1

Guided Notes for Periodic Table Part 2-sy3rhe

Periodic Table Reinforcement independent work

Periodic Table Reinforcement Worksheet-qof1h6

Hw: none–unless you need to finish the reinforcement worksheet

OL: 2nd and 7th Blocks

Review Atoms worksheet

2nd and 7th Read and Respond for the Periodic Table Workbook pages.

Individual review for atoms.

6th Block  we will get caught up with the Part 1 notes on the periodic table and then review of the atom worksheet.

Hw: none


AC: Singing the Periodic Table Song  Quiz on Friday!!!

Dr. Birdley Bonding   worsheet and read bonding section in the TEXT Book. pages 210 and 215 –216

Quizlet Live to review vocabulary for atoms and periodic table.

Hw: Periodic Table Hw

OL: Part 2 of the periodic table–groups and families discussedDecoding the peridic table part 2-11e3hjv

Guided Notes for Periodic Table Part 2-sy3rhe

Partner Practice –Periodic table reinforcement-Periodic Table Reinforcement Worksheet-qof1h6



WED: Halloween

AC: Singing the Periodic Table Song and Practice Quiz:   The Quiz is on Friday!!!!!


OL: Dr Birdley Bonding of Atoms and read workbook pages 210, 215-216.

AC and OL Coloring the Periodic Table –Lab activity–students will read information about the organization of the table and color code to indicate different groups and outcomes

Hw: Study Guide due on MondayATom Unit Study Guide 2018-2o6eogp


Thursday: Computer Lab or differentiated lessons.

Leveled Learning Activities for review and enrichment for the Atoms and Periodic Table Unit TEST.


Hw: AC–Your Quiz on the First 20 Elements is tomorrow. You must be able to label the table correctly with the Symbol. Then write the names in order of atomic number.  NO WORDBANK. Practice using the quiz template. periodic_table_quiz 20elementsgraham-25bx8vq


OL:  Work on Study Guide





Immunity Challenge:  Review for the Unit TEST

Quizlet Live vocab Review

6th Block– Coloring the Periodic TABLE

Work on the Study Guide due Monday

Hw: Study Guide due on Monday–completed!!!  Extra credit Tissue box is due WED.

EXTRA CREDIT worth 10 pts.  FOLLOW ALL DIRECTIONS or you will not get the 10pt bonus!!!!

Element Tissue Project extra credit-1l4shkp