Extra Credit Assignment

EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT:  Due By Friday September 15th.   Print and Fill in the missing Lyrics  and playing the song video. (practice the song—we will be singing in class) Draw and color a picture to represent the facts in the song. You must fill the large white space on the page with the illustration.

If you follow all directions and do a good job, then you will earn 5pts for your next quiz or test.

Print out the following or if you don’t have a printer then you can just rewrite or retype it.

4 States of Matter Song extra credit fill-in for blog-1mq3baw

or pdf copy4-States-of-Matter-Song-extra-credit-fill-in-for-blog-1mpzvs9-1cd6tgl

Link to the song   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vDZhUkp30tE