Week 8 Sept 18-22

 You will be assigned a project on States of Matter this week and it will be due October 4th.

You final test for the 9 week grading period will be on October 3rd.  (Covers Matter properties, changes, and States of Matter)  The on-line study tools are already available. Use the link in the menu to study.



AC:  States of Matter Game

Phase Changes PPt and notesChanges_of_State2016-1ym4idl

Dr. Birdley Phase Changes Partner Practice


OL:  Review Partner Practice on States of Matter

Phase Changes PPT with guided notes. Changes_of_State2016-1ym4idl

Dr. Birdley Phase Change Partner Practice


Hw: None



Introduce States of Matter Project

AC ProjectStates of Matter Project Choice Board-vx1bjz

OL Project

Phase Change Arrow Chart

Part 2 of Phase Changes PPT– Reading a Phase Change Graph

Homework : Complete Study Guide by Friday and Work on Projectstudy Guide for Chpt 3 and 2 Graham 2016-wo3xr3



Sublimation Demonstration

Kool-Aid Slushy lab

Hw:  Ol:  Dr. Birdley Phase Changes diagram

AC: Phase Graph Review Sheet




Phases of Matter Quizlet Live Game

Review Phase Change Graphing Homework

AC:  Phase Identification Independent Practice

Ol:  Partner Practice Reading the Phase Change Graph

TOTD on phase changes

Homework: Finish Study Guide  also OL Students bring you project to work on in class after reviewing the study guide.



Review TOTD

Go over the Study Guide

Differentiated Review and OL  work day for the project.

Hw: Enjoy your BREAK!!!