Week 9 October 2-6 Final week for grading.

Test and Ian check on Tuesday!!!

Project due on Wed.



Review TOTD

Kahoot Immunity Challenge

Differentiated Review for Test and organize your Ian for grading.

Hw: Study for your Unit TEST.


Tuesday:  Unit Test

Students may work on their project after the test.

Hw:  Project Due Tomorrow


WED: Turn in your Project

Video Introduction to History of the Atomic Theoryhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xazQRcSCRaY

Development of the atomic theory of matter ppt and lecture.Ppoint – Atoms and the Periodic Table-2ih21pu

Foldable–during the lecture students will fill-in the foldable for each scientist’s contribution.atom history timeline foldable-1dsc53i

Homework: None


Blind Design Introduction Lab activity of the Structure of the Atom.

Homework : None



Eureka Video on the Structure of the Atom https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdUBvxuyruw

PPT and Lecture on the structure of the Atom Atomic Structure Graham2016-2l1yvl3

Guided Practice on Atomic Structure of the atom  Atom Basics Handout atom basics worksheet-1njcfpi

Homework: NONE