October 30th-November 3


Balancing Equations Practice

Introduction to Motion PPT with Guided Notes

Hw:  3rd, 5th, and 6th AC only  –Balancing Equations



Domino Dash Lab–students will use dominoes to measure and calculate speed

Hw: None



Read and Respond on Motion: chpt 5 section 1 of the text book.

Calculation of Speed: Practice problems.

OL: Need for Speed

AC: Speed Reinforcement

Homework: Finish Speed Calculations

Thursday:PSAT  Only 4th and 5th blocks will meet


Hw :  4th block only balancing equations


Video on How to read a Speed Graph

Reading Graphs PPT and Guided Practicegraphing motion_ppt – graham-1ybosb0

Graphing Motion Guided Notes and Practice-1is39lo



Hw: none