Week 3 # Redo Jan 22-26

January Snow Break it Over!!!

be queued you mutinous wench GIF  So let’s get back to work.

Ke and Pe Quiz is on WED!!!



Formative Assessment on Ke and Pe

Forms of Energy Differentiated Reading

Level AForms of Energy reader level A-2a2nbds

Level B forms of energy reader level b-1eqttd7

Hw:  Ke and Pe Reinforcement #3Ke and pe review #3-2h1zgif


Differentiated Review of Ke and Pe  based on Formative assessment scores

Immunity challenge on Ke and Pe.

Hw: Quiz Tomorrow on Ke an Pe


Quiz on Ke and Pe

Station Rotation on Forms of Energy with Energy FoldableForm of energy foldable-1l0iqvu

Forms of energy and energy transformation-1jaznxz

Hw: None



Partner Practice on Forms of Energy

Energy Transformation Video

Transformations quick notes with a couple of practice examples.

Energy Transformations and Conservation ppt-1hmt0k3

Transformation of energy guided notes-1xk2zl1



AC: Cut and Paste on Energy Transformations–students will work independently to match conversions to pictures and then create two of their own examples.

OL: Guided practice on Identifying transformations into different forms of energy. Using Spiral remote response system

Reward Challenge on Energy Transformations

Introduction to Energy Transformation Project and work session.