Week 8 Sept 17-21 Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter

Projects were due today!



Physical and Chemical Properties Notes and Booklet–rotation stations for terms

Hw:  Reading Pages 24-31  in the workbook and completing the read and respond handout. Physical and Chemical Properties Workbook Read and Respond-2gd1ksu


Monster Quiz game –identifying chemical and physical properties of matter

Density Notes and Demonstration–understanding how to calculate density using mass and volume

Density ppt-2aufva5

Density notes sheet and chart-1f5w2zu

Density Practice with Partner

AC:AC Density Practice-2il4n93

OL:OL Density Practice-q65tes

Hw: None


Finish Density Practice Problems from yesterday and self-check

Density Station Rotation–You will be measuring and calculating the density of different substances.

Hw:  Color Coding Physical and Chemical Properties of  Matter

Practice Singing the Properties Song



Thursday:  Reward Challenge–Singing the properties of Matter Song

Physical and Chemical Changes Notes and Ppt

Physical or chemical changes-25op2wz

Hw: None


Friday: Tribal Council

Mystery Powder Quick Lab

Physical and Chemical Changes Guided Practice Guided Practice physical_chemical_wkst_2-key-17afgsf

Physical and Chemical Changes Reinforcement Handout–no electronic version available

Hw NONE– Enjoy your Break!!




Week 7 Phase Changes Sept 10-14th

States of Matter Project Assigned Sept 7th  Due on Sept 17th!!

OL:Phases of Matter Project OL-2i8egf8

AC: States of Matter Project Choice Board-wf3h2o


Ac: Notes on 6 Phase Changes Ppt

Phase Change Arrow Chart

OL: Phase Change Arrow Chart

Partner Practice Dr. Birdley Phase Changes

Hw: Work on your Project


Phase Change PPT Notes Part 2 –Reading Phase Change GraphsChanges_of_State2016-1z4lcem

Phase Changes of Matter Part 2 Notes outline-1bt0tia  Notes form for the ppt part 2.


Hw: AC only–Dr. Birdley phase change identification cartoons

WED:  7th Grade testing starts so schedule changes. 

Sublimation inquiry activity

Guided Practice on Phase Change GraphsPhase change graph guided practice-2atx6k2

Phase Change ReaderPhase Changes Reader-1rpa3m4

Hw: Work on your States of Matter Project


Koolaid  Slushy Lab Identifying Phase Changes and states of matter

Hw: Phase Change Graph Hw OLPhase transisiton Homework-x3uki3

Hw: Phase Change Reinforcement ACPhase Change Reinforcement Name-28ke81m


Phase Change Immunity Challenge

Phase Change Reinforcement Differentiated Review

Hw: Project Due on Monday

Week 6 States of Matter Sept 4-7

Students I apologize for being out this week. I have had a severe back injury and have been laid up in bed. I appreciate all the get well emails.  Please treat the sub and Ms. Sapp with the upmost respect.  I am hopeful that I will be back on my feet by Monday!

Hope you had a great long weekend!  Now, it’s back to work.  We will have a States of Matter Quiz on Friday.

Remember the extra-credit is due before the quiz!

Test retakes for the Classification of Matter are Thursday and Friday morning at 8:30Am.  You must return the 

 in order to be able to retake the test. Please make sure to read all the details on retakes.

Monday: Holiday



Guided Review on States of MatterStates of matter review-1x2zd3m

States of Matter Review Game

States of Matter TOTD

Hw:  Reading Workbook pages 78-82 and complete the questions. You can use your On-line text book if you forgot your workbook.

States of Matter workbook pages 78-82-2c6cg4y


States of Matter Chart

Amazing Matter Color Coding


AC: Workbook Read 88-101  Complete page 102 #S 27-34

Complete page 103 and turn in for a grade.


Notes on Phase Changes ; Outline formPhase Changes Notes Outline part 1-2i16fxl

Phase Changes ppt part 1Changes_of_State2016-1z46nu6

Hw:  Finish Class work that was not completed.

Friday: States of Matter Quiz



Dr. Birdley Phase Change Chart AC

States of Matter Project

AC: States of Matter Project Choice Board-wf3h2o

OL:Phases of Matter Project OL-2i8egf8

Hw: Work on your Project




Week 5 Aug 27-31 Matter Classification and on to Chemical and Physical Properties

Unit TEST is Tuesday!!!   I will have a last chance review session Tuesday morning at 8:15 in  my room. Sign in at the cafeteria then come down.

Make sure to study your Ian and use the practice resources in the Pure Substances Menu.  You will find the answers to the study guide there as well if you were absent today or did not get yours corrected.


Review Study Guide and Graded Papers

Differentiated Review for Test

Hw:  Study for your Unit TEST!!!

Tuesday: Unit 1 TEST on classification of Matter

Homework: None

WED: Early Release Day:

States of Matter introduction Video and States of Matter Reader

WHY Does Matter, Matter –partner practice.

Homework:  None



4 States of Matter Ppt lecture and notes.The Four States of Matter ppt-prh0jp

DR. Birdley Reader on States of Matter



Homework: none


Guided Practice Identifying States of Matter Characteristics–color coding

Partner Practice : Concept Map for States of Matter





Homework: none


Week 4 Aug 20th- 24th More on Mixtures

We are almost 1/2 way through the 1st 9 weeks.  I want to thank all the parents that turned out for our open house. We are all busy, so I am thankful so many of you were able to make it.   I also want to say thanks to the parents who have donated supplies. It is so greatly appreciated!  We are still in need of Clorox wipes and quart size Ziploc bags.

Unit Test on Matter Classification is Tuesday the 28th

Study Guide is due on the Monday the 27th for review.



Finish the Matter Identification Lab

Notes on Solutions, and Mixture Separation

Finish the Mixture Identification Lab

Complete notes on Solutions and separation of mixtures.

PPT Part 2Mixtures and Separating Mixtures-1l56vsm

Notes page for the pptMixtures Part 2 Notetaking page-18wyxhq

Hw: READ Pages 66-68 and complete page 69 in the workbook.  The concept map covers pages 60-68. You have already read pages 60-67.



Mixture Separation Lab:  Students will practice physical separation techniques.

Hw: None


SGM TESTING in the computer lab


Hw: Complete page 73 in the workbook –all questions



Finish Lab Questions

Guided Practice: Identifying Mixture Models HE or HO         Mixture Model Identification-2l6ea6m

Partner Practice: Matter Classification Worksheet#1 OL

Partner Practice Matter Classification Worksheet AC

TOTD on Mixtures

Hw:  (Work on Study Guide–due Monday)study Guide Matter Classification-18rakv7



Reward Challenge

Differentiated Review

Reteaching for students or enrichment activity for more successful students.

Work on Study Guide

Hw: Study Guide Due Monday

Test is Next Tuesday the 28th!!!



Week 3 Aug 13th-17th Classifying Matter

Quiz Alert!!!!   We are having our first quiz on WED over Classification of Matter.

Study your Ian Notes and worksheets on Matter, Elements, Compounds, and Mixtures.

Also use the study tools in the resource Menu.


Please bring in your glue sticks (4-6 each for the year).

We still need donations of Clorox wipes and quart size Ziploc bags.



Review of Partner Practice on Matter Models

Sorting Challenge for elements, compounds, and mixtures

Quizlet Live Competition for Elements Compounds and mixtures

Hw: Complete the Quizzizz  Task for your class code below–follow the instructions listed.


Go to :  https://join.quizizz.com/

Use the class code for you block listed below.

sign in with your LAST Name, first initial

play the quiz as many times as you want—– You only get credit for completing it once, but the top 5 students in each class earn Survivor Bucks.

1st Block :     198299

2nd Block:  359664 

3rd Block: 355886

6th Block: 790123

7th Block:  977731

I will be checking at 8:00Am on Tuesday morning.



First Immunity Challenge!!!

Review Element, Compounds, and Mixtures Concept Map

Hw: Quiz on Matter Classification  tomorrow


WED:  Quiz Day!!!  E, C, M  Quiz

After the quiz, you will read about Mixtures and take notes.

Mixture Basics Reader-zh9kpb


Hw: None



Mixtures: Notes and PPT LectureMixtures and Separating Mixtures-1l4satr  ONLY PART 1

Mixtures Reading Notes



Matter Identification Lab

mixture Vocab




Week 2 Aug 6th -10th Matter

Thank you to all the parents who have sent in supplies.  It is so appreciated. We are still in great need of Clorox wipes and quart or pint size Ziploc bags.



Finish Setting Up Ian Notebook

Choose Tribes for Science Survivor

Matter Introduction

Hw:  Read Science Workbook pages 6-10. Complete the Read and Respond Handout.

What is Matter Read and Respond wkb 6-10-28umjuk


Matter PPt and Chart Notes

Partner Practice Elements Compounds and Mixtures Reader

Elements_ Compounds_ Mixtures Reading 2012 (2)-273imus


Hw: None



OL:   Language of Chemistry Dr. Birdley Introduction

Nuts and Bolts Hands on Manipulative Demonstration of E, C, and M.

Hw: None

AC:  Language of Chemistry Dr. Birdley Introduction

Partner Practice : Identifying elements and compounds

Nuts and Bolts Hands on Manipulative Demonstration



E, C, M   Model Diagrams with guided instruction.Match each diagram with its correct description-2l5jjcb

Partner Practice Identifying Dot Diagrams of E, C, MECM partner practice-wlkte2

Hw: Matter Classification : Models of E, C, and MElements_compounds_mixtures dot practice hw-1anl14j


Friday: 1st Fun Friday and Zap

OL:  Matter Vocab Chart

Read and Respond Questions for Workbook pages 60-66


Read and Respond Questions for Workbook pages 60-66

Complete pg 71 Nuts and Bolts 1-8

Hw: None

Week 1 Aug 1st-3rd In the Beginning….

Wed:  Welcome Activities

Team building task

HW:  Get Supplies by Friday, Read Syllabus and Safety Contract, Sign up for Remind.

Return the Syllabus sign off sheet and safety contract.


Thursday:  Getting to know the Rules and Procedures

Safety  and Syllabus Review Game

Syllabus Review


Homework: Bring Your Supplies for Ian set up tomorrow



Set up Science Ian Notebooks

Set up Survivor Tribes

Homework: NONE

Welcome Back Wildcats!!

Welcome back students.  I hope you had a restful and exciting Summer Break. I am looking forward to meeting you on the WED. I have been working hard to get things ready!  You can come by earlier for Sneak a Peak on July 31st, 2:00-3:00pm.


Here is a list of supplies that you will need for Science class.

2 Spiral Notebooks (at least 70 pages per notebook)

4-6 Glue sticks to put in our class glue pot –so that you will always have glue when you need it.

pack of color pencils or crayons

blue/black ink pens