Week 2 Jan 16-Jan 20

Quiz on Friday on Pe and Ke


Reading inventory for all science classes. Classes meet in the computer lab.

If you finish early then you can practice the:

quizlet:  https://quizlet.com/_498nx5



Ask your students to join game with this code:  247897 at https://join.quizizz.com
Hw: Ke and Pe Reinforcement Handout  Ke and Pe reinforcement-1l762mx


WED: Formative assessment on Ke and Pe

Forms of Leveled Reader and questions

Hw: Finish the Leveled Reader Questions




Ke and Pe Review #3Ke and pe review #3-2h1zgif

Differentiated Review: Ac–Hit the Ball

OL  Hit the Ball or Ke a Pe reteach comparison

Hw:  Quiz on Ke and Pe

Friday: Quiz on Pe and Ke

Introduction video on forms of energy

Graphic Organizer on Energy station rotation notes for foldable

FoldableForms of energy and energy transformation-1japp2a Form of energy foldable-1l08s16

ppt notesForms of energy and energy transformation-1japp2a

Hw: none




Jan 8th-12th Week 1 3rd Quarter

Welcome back!  We are studying Energy and Heat these next few weeks.



Monday:  Unexpected day off????



More practice on Acceleration Due to gravity.

Partner Practice on Acceleration Due to gravity

Hw: Read and Respond: KE and PE Handout


Wednesday/Thursday:  Block Schedule due to Language Arts Testing

Video on Energy, Ke and Pe

Lecture and PPT

 Guided Practice on Calculating Ke and Pe using the formula for each . Ke and Pe Introduction and calculations-xngg9c

guided notes for Ke and Pe introduction and calculations-2n64o3o

Partner Practice on Ke and Pe._Kinetic_vs._Potential_Energy_Worksheet #1-2nfftm8

NO Homework

Friday: TBD–our schedule change may make Friday the Reading Inventory Day so we may move these assignments to Tuesday of next week.

Plan A

Ke and Pe Transformation PPt–Ke and Pe conversions ppt-19w516l

ke and pe Transformation guided notes-1wr7uvq

Ball Bounce Lab: Students will perform the ball bounce lab to identify ke an pe and calculate the amount of ke and pe.


Friday Plan B is next Tuesday!

Reading inventory for all science classes. Classes meet in the computer lab.

If you finish early then you can practice the:

quizlet:  https://quizlet.com/_498nx5



Ask your students to join game with this code:  247897 at https://join.quizizz.com


Hw: Ke and Pe Reinforcement HandoutKe and Pe reinforcement-1l762mx



Week 9 December 11-15

Another Snow Day!Image result for snow day animated gif

Final Quiz on Friday over Newton’s Laws of Motion

Friday will be your work day for the Egg project–you may bring supplies if you are ready to build.

AC: Newtons Egg Car Project-2mkroy2

OL: Durham Egg Drop Challenge2017-1l7aors



Snow Day– At home work on project or WebquestNewton ON-line investigation 1-19s51js

Please try to complete the webquest at home on Monday, so you will not feel as overwhelmed as your other teachers try to make up for the snow day as well.


Discuss Project Guidelines

Sing the Mass vs Weight Song

Newton’s Laws Notes Graphic Organizer

Hw: Newton’s Law Webquest Due Tomorrow–remember you do not have to do the video questions attached to the last page.

LInk: http://www.sciencechannel.com/newtons-laws-of-motion-interactive/



Newton’s Laws Video Short https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGO_zDWmkvk

Newton’s Law Demonstration

Newton’s Laws Guided Practice



Last Immunity challenge of the Semester

Newton’s Law team sorting activity and Notions on Motion

Hw: OL Quiz Tomorrow and Egg project planning day

 The AC Quiz is optional–if you do not want to take it then you do not have to take it. If taken however; then the grade will count.


Bring in any materials or plans for the Egg Vehicle Project–you will have a planning day after the quiz.


Quiz on Newton’s Law and Gravity

Egg Vehicle Planning Day

Winning Tribe Ice Cream Sunday Party

Hw: Vehicle for Egg Project Due –MONDAY

This is your Final GRADED assignment !!!



Week 8 December 4th -8th

Extra Credit for Chpt 5 Motion and Force TEST

Download and print the Friction Poster Template.  Due By WED!!!

friction extra credit-1l94wzn

You must draw and color and then explain an example of Sliding, Rolling, and Static Friction in your home. 5pts– in order to get the points you must do all work in INK and drawings must be colored. You cannot copy and past paste pictures from the internet.  Make sure to get your PARENT SIGNATURE on the poster or you will not get points!!!!


Go for 8pts by photographing yourself demonstrating these frictional sources in your home instead of drawing examples; paste those pictures into the poster instead of drawing and coloring. You must still explain each scenario.  Make sure to get your PARENT SIGNATURE on the poster or you will not get points!!!!



Last Chance Study Session at 8:15 am on WED.


Review Friction Homework

Force and Motion Immunity Challenge

Motion Graph Match-up

Hw: Study for your Unit TEST on WED

Tuesday:  I am out for the day.

One more Review Packet for the TEST–self-check when done.

Read Chpt 5 Section 4 on Gravity, Mass, and Weight

Complete Reading Questions in class and turn in to the tray.

Hw: Study for tomorrow’s test and bring Ian for Ian check.



Mass Vs. Weight Song  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1whMAIGNq7E


Thursday: Inertia Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HRq-v4Gmzxg

Universal Law of Gravity

Review the Mass vs Weight Chart

Mass vs Weight Song with Questions Partner Practice

Hw: None

Friday: SNOW 1/2 day

Introduction to Newton’s Law Project–Due on Monday December 18th

OL: EGG DROPDurham Egg Drop Challenge2017-1l7aors

AC:  EGG CARNewtons Egg Car Project-2mkroy2

Hw:  Prepare for Work Day on Egg project.(Next Friday) Decide your partner or if you are doing it alone. Research designs and come with a plan. You must build your device on that workday or  outside of class.

Newton’s Laws Webquest and Video LessonNewton ON-line investigation 1-19s51js


NOTE: you do not have to the video questions–that video is no longer accessible




Winners of the Quizzizz Contest from Tuesday are

Kathryn E.

Deven F.

Max D.

Alexis A.

Andres P.

See me during homeroom to claim your prize!!!!!

Week 7 November 27-December 1

We are continuing our study of forces and friction.  The Motion Unit Test will be Next WED on DECEMBER 6th. 


Finish Vector Diagrams

Forces of Course Song Lyrics Discussion  Forces_Song_w_Lyrics-150hy05

Friction Foldable and PPT   friction foldable for ppt-thodsy

PPT: frictional-forces-introduction2016-10x1p6a-2b8mg3l



Hw: AC: Advanced Friction Review SheetFriction Reinforcement Sheet-1rq2ykh

         OL:  Friction Review SheetOL Friction Review Worksheet-zea2xv


Video : Forces in the Olympicshttps://science360.gov/obj/video/89c70f56-8885-46a0-9997-82ebfa025127/science-winter-olympics-science-friction

Guided Practice:  Friction Chart

On-line review materials:

Forms Office 365 Quiz–Please use the link for your class period!!! This is for a grade!!!


4th https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-x3OL5-ROEmquMR_D8kYLRXfGNsoUt9DnVg0mh7HZolUMUZVSTdTUkZDUjRFNjA5TjVLWUJaTDZEWS4u





Quizzizz  Review:  Use your 1st and last name only!!   Due by Tomorrow at by 8: 30!!!!


join game with this code at https://join.quizizz.com   

Homework:  Work on your Study Guide–due Friday



Friction Concept MapFriction concept map-1oix0gn

Frictional Forces Lab: Students will investigate the affects of different surface textures and differing amounts of mass on the amount of frictional force.



Day one of the Phet Force and Motion Lab 

PHet LINK;  http://phet.colorado.edu/sims/html/forces-and-motion-basics/latest/forces-and-motion-basics_en.html


Forces Motion Friction Phet Lab-2ex9qpb


Hw:  Finish  your study guide–Due Tomorrow



Day 2 Phet Lab on Motion

Finish Phet Lab  and turn in.

Self-check Study GuideChpt 5 SGuide Answers-xmsfxm

Review for TEST–TEST is next WED!!!

Taxi Game Link to review Force and Motion

https://reviewgamezone.com/games3/taxi.php?test_id=39959&title=Speed And Forces Of Motion

ant Game Link to review Force and Motion

https://reviewgamezone.com/games3/ants.php?test_id=7948&title=Force And Motion

Kahoot Game



Hw: Study for your TEST



Week 6 November 13-17

Quiz for Ac is WED and OL is Thursday



Reward Challenges

AC: Motion Story Graphs

OL: Differentiated Review

Motion Story Graph or Review of Motion Story Graph

Hw: Ac: Acceleration  Reinforcement


Tuesday: Quizziz Review on Motion


Speed Velocity Acceleration Station Rotation Partner Practice

Individual Review on-line review

Hw: Ac–study for Quiz Tomorrow

OL: Motion Review Handout



AC: Quiz on Motion

OL: Review for Quiz with a Kahoot review

AC and OL: Forces Foldable with ppt notes

forces foldable-2dxfko0

Forces sect 2chpt5 introduction-2k1ruv2



Hw: OL–Study for the Quiz on Motion



OL: Quiz on Motion

AC: Read Chpt 5 Section 2 and 3 and take notes in your Ian notebook on page 92

OL–AC: Reading and Respond to Chpt 5 sections 2 and 3 on Forces and Frictionforces and Friction reading for meaning-xqwtu5

Hw: Finish the Reading Respond Questions

Study Guide is due on Tuesday after the break.



Review of Forces and Friction

Ac and OL:  Forces Practice with Vector Diagrams


Week 5 November 6-10 Motion

Atoms and Periodic table Test retake will be Thursday or Friday morning at 8:15am for anyone scoring below a 74.  You must choose one or the other morning.  If you have not brought back your failure notice signed by your parent by WED, then you may not retake the test!  The retake has a maximum score of a 74.



Review Partner Practice from Friday on Motion Graphs

Motion Graph Reinforcement Packet

Hw:  Bicycle Motion Graph

Tuesday:  Teacher Workday

Complete this quiz:https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=-x3OL5-ROEmquMR_D8kYLRXfGNsoUt9DnVg0mh7HZolUQzZDN0ZZVTBIUFlRR0xIVDZGT1hGUUhXQS4u


If you haven’t been using office 365–or don’t know how to login–watch this video





Acceleration Introduction and Guided Notes

OL: Speed Reinforcement and the Speed/Distance Song


TOTD on Speed

Homework: None



AC: Speed Lab Toy Cars

OL:  Acceleration Introduction and guided notes


Homework: None


Acceleration Reinforcement Packet

OL: Vocabulary Review

AC: Acceleration Calculations Practice

Homework: None


October 30th-November 3


Balancing Equations Practice

Introduction to Motion PPT with Guided Notes

Hw:  3rd, 5th, and 6th AC only  –Balancing Equations



Domino Dash Lab–students will use dominoes to measure and calculate speed

Hw: None



Read and Respond on Motion: chpt 5 section 1 of the text book.

Calculation of Speed: Practice problems.

OL: Need for Speed

AC: Speed Reinforcement

Homework: Finish Speed Calculations

Thursday:PSAT  Only 4th and 5th blocks will meet


Hw :  4th block only balancing equations


Video on How to read a Speed Graph

Reading Graphs PPT and Guided Practicegraphing motion_ppt – graham-1ybosb0

Graphing Motion Guided Notes and Practice-1is39lo



Hw: none