September 11

Week of September 10

Monday and Tuesday – To begin the week, we are working on the biological levels of organization.  We did a reading, completed a chart in our notebooks, and watched a video by the Amoeba Sisters.  To complete this lesson, we did a video response explaining the levels of organization to a kindergarten friend.  Please review your notebooks daily since we are adding Cells information every day! If you forgot your notebook, review the cell diagrams in your agenda or do some practice games on the Cells page of the blog.

Wednesday – COGAT testing – We will start learning about the cell processes and doing some labs to model them.  Today we will do some lab set up and begin on the important vocabulary.

Thursday – ITBS testing – we will complete our lab activity and our Cell Processes vocabulary – review these terms in your spare time!

Friday – ITBS testing –

Upcoming….Cell Processes quiz next Thursday, September 20 or Friday, September 21 – review notes!!

September 3

Happy Labor Day!!

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a nice, long weekend. This week we will be working on projects – tomorrow I will be out of the building at a meeting but you will be working on your planning sheet. Please remember that classes who get a good report from the sub will be rewarded.

Also remember to get your project supplies for Wednesday!!!

August 27

Week of August 27

Monday – Review for Cells Organelles quiz – Cell parts rap

Tuesday – Quiz and Cell City assignment

Wednesday – EARLY RELEASE – Introduce Cell Analogies project and complete Cell City assignment – finish for homework!!!

Thursday and Friday – Work on Instagram or Text Conversation activity “Whats our Relationship?”

We also discussed our Cell Analogy project – we will be working on it in class Wednesday-Friday of next week.  Cell Analogy Project-2fp8cws. Students need to bring in a posterboard before next Wed.

August 22

Week of August 20

Monday – With a partner, create a Venn diagram comparing eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells – copy into science notebook

Tuesday – Cells pretest and Bill Nye “Cells” (you can watch it again on YouTube :))

Wednesday – Set up yeast demonstration and did a pre-read of Cell structure and function information Homework is to study notes on cell theory and venn diagram comparing types of cells

Thursday – Friday – Cell structure tiered assignment – Notes will be compiled in notebooks

Helpful websites – Cells Alive and Sheppard Software

Cell Structure and Function quiz Tuesday!!!!!

August 13

Week of August 13

Monday – We wrapped up our Characteristics of Living Things lessons today with a quiz and spent the rest of the period working on our Body Biography lab coats – due tomorrow if you didn’t turn it in today.

Tuesday – Important vocabulary and microscope introduction – Amoeba sisters video “Characteristics of Life”

Wednesday – Cell theory and microscopes station rotation

Thursday – Complete station rotation and watch Wacky Cell Theory video

Friday – What are the two types of cells? Prokaryotic vs. Eukaryotic cells – complete worksheet for homework if you dont finish in class

August 8

Week of August 6

Monday – Student Growth Measure pre-test – our cumulative score was a 44% – plenty of room for growth

Tuesday – Notebook set-up and “Life” Frayer model

Wednesday – RACE writing strategy and graphic organizer for “Is Sammy Alive?” – due Thursday so finish for homework

Thursday and Friday – Research on different biology careers and create a visual “body biography” – due Monday if not complete

July 27

Welcome to Life Science!!

The beginning of school is such an exciting time of year!!  We will be studying Life Science this year and all things living….including you!! The materials you will need for my class are a one subject spiral notebook (preferably with a pocket) and it is always helpful to have your own glue, scissors, colored pencils for science notebooks.

We will begin learning about different careers in life science – if your parent or someone you know has a biology related career and would like to share with our class sometime this school year, please let me know!! You can email me at [email protected].

Also – follow our class on social media to see what we are up to! @groebnerville on Twitter!

Today we watched a video and read a story about a man named Sammy – video link is here – we will continue with this assignment next week – have a great weekend!!