Back to school!! IMPORTANT DATES

Welcome back to school!!  Let’s spend our first full week back focusing on our digestive and excretory (urinary) systems!!

Monday – Digestive system pre-assess labeling and Bill Nye “Digestion”

Tuesday – Mechanical and Chemical digestion lab activity and begin coloring and labeling the digestive system

Wednesday – Notes on the systems – begin studying and also review Skeletal and Muscular system notes – quiz Monday!!!

Thursday and Friday – Digestion story – Students can choose between a narrative story or a comic to describe their favorite food traveling through the digestive system!

Make-up Skeletal and Muscular system quiz – Friday before school at 8

Digestive and Excretory quiz – Monday, January 29

Unit Exam – Friday, February 9

Projects due – Monday, February 12

Human Body unit – Week 1

We started this week examining X-rays!  Most students were able to easily identify the injury in each X-ray.  Our focus this week will be on Skeletal and Muscular Systems – students are expected to study every night.  To close out the week, we will do an in-class activity Thursday and Friday and students will quiz Friday over the first set of notes – it should be on pg. 3 of their Human Body section.

Please see the Human Body tab at the top of the page for parent letter, important vocabulary, and the standards for the unit.

Cells unit test FRIDAY

Since we don’t have any other assessments happening on Team 7-2, I have moved our Cells unit test to Friday.  You need to study cell parts and their functions, cell processes (osmosis, photosynthesis, passive and active transport), and mitosis (cell division).  The test will have 20 multiple choice questions and a short answer question.

Use the links on the Cells page on this blog to review and watch videos and play review games.  I have also attached a review sheet Ms. Cabak made that you are free to use as well!!

Progress Reports Thursday

Progress Reports come out Thursday!  There are LOTS of missing assignments including projects.  This work must be turned in by Friday.  There are copies of assignments on this blog as well as linked to the assignment on Synergy.

Students who are on probation for any subject need to step it up and check their grades.  No late work!!  Study!!