End of the school year wrap-up!!

I can’t believe this year is already coming to an end!!!  Here is a timeline of our remaining school days:

  • Wednesday – Tiny books are due!
  • Thursday – Field Day
  • Friday – Honors day assembly at 11:10 – otherwise we will do Kahoots to review for our exam
  • Monday – Review activity
  • Tuesday – EARLY RELEASE – Life Science final exam
  • Wednesday – EARLY RELEASE – Ms. Groebner’s report card – you can grade me 🙂

Have a wonderful summer!!!!!!!

SLO resources and update

We begin working on our SLO Science Academy – a series of reviews have been developed to prepare students for the Science SLO.

What is an SLO? SLO stands for Student Learning Objectives. It is a district-developed subject assessment given to students at the beginning and end of a course.
What is the purpose of Student Learning Objectives (SLOs)? The primary purpose of SLOs is to improve student achievement at the classroom level. Equally important is to provide evidence of each teacher’s instructional impact on student learning. This process requires teachers to use assessments to determine student growth over the length of the course.
Which courses have SLOs? Generally speaking, courses that do not have state-mandated Georgia Milestones assessments utilize SLOs.
The reviews are created to be completed during class time to give students ample access to resources and teacher instruction. Students are to work independently to assess their own knowledge and pace themselves independent of others as the progress in preparation for the SLO. This will help students identify areas of strength and weakness. Students are also encouraged to log on to USA TEST PREP for additional practice at home.

Holt Science and Technology: Life Science textbook. Students may check out a textbook for use at home with parent signed permission form.
Online textbook website: http://my.hrw.com
Username: Cabak2017
password – student

Addition Resources:
Students worked on USA Test Prep https://www.usatestprep.com/member-login
Account ID: campbellmiddlega
username: (student ID number)
password: (student ID number)
Select course *OR* add course
Course/Class: Select your period. If your schedule indicates that your teacher of record is Cabak (select A).
*****The SLO is tentatively scheduled for May 2nd*****

Monday: Cells Kahoot
Tuesday: Ecosystems Vocabulary Word Mat
Wednesday: Genetics Frayer Models and PPT
Thursday: Types of Ecosystems Vocabulary Word Mat
Friday: Symbiosis Practice
Next week we will review Classification on Monday and Dichotomous Keys on Tuesday.

Genetics wrap-up

This week we wrap up our unit on Genetics.  Students will take our final assessment on Thursday, March 29 and they will begin an independent project.  Projects are due on Friday, April 13.  Please mark these important dates on your calendar!!!

Helpful Ted-ed video on Mendel and peas

Check out this extremely interesting study NASA is doing on twins.

Back to school!! IMPORTANT DATES

Welcome back to school!!  Let’s spend our first full week back focusing on our digestive and excretory (urinary) systems!!

Monday – Digestive system pre-assess labeling and Bill Nye “Digestion”

Tuesday – Mechanical and Chemical digestion lab activity and begin coloring and labeling the digestive system

Wednesday – Notes on the systems – begin studying and also review Skeletal and Muscular system notes – quiz Monday!!!

Thursday and Friday – Digestion story – Students can choose between a narrative story or a comic to describe their favorite food traveling through the digestive system!

Make-up Skeletal and Muscular system quiz – Friday before school at 8

Digestive and Excretory quiz – Monday, January 29

Unit Exam – Friday, February 9

Projects due – Monday, February 12

Human Body unit – Week 1

We started this week examining X-rays!  Most students were able to easily identify the injury in each X-ray.  Our focus this week will be on Skeletal and Muscular Systems – students are expected to study every night.  To close out the week, we will do an in-class activity Thursday and Friday and students will quiz Friday over the first set of notes – it should be on pg. 3 of their Human Body section.

Please see the Human Body tab at the top of the page for parent letter, important vocabulary, and the standards for the unit.