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Tuesday 3/26/19: Turn in Weekly Skills#29





8th Grade Math – Test Retake Policy 

Going forward, students making less than 80% on a test will have an opportunity to increase their score.  In order to do so, students must make all test corrections using the “Assessment Corrections” form, get a parent signature on the form, and return the corrections on the day of the test retake.  Students will NOT be allowed to retake a test unless a completed “Assessment Corrections” form is submitted on the day of the retake. The new test score (up to 80%) will replace the original test score.  The highest grade that can be earned through a test retake is 80%.



Week of 3/18/19

Monday 3/18/19: Began Unit 7 Systems of Equations! Graphing with X and Y Intercepts  HW: Page 43  Notes from Monday 3/18/19

Tuesday 3/19/9: Converting from Standard Form to Slope Intercept Form HW: Finish pages 14 -16 (total of 15 problems and we worked several in class – see attached notes)  Notes from Tuesday 3/19/19

Wednesday 3/20/19:  Converting Slope Intercept Form to Standard Form  HW:  Finish Bullseye page 19 (worked 2 in class) Notes from Wednesday 3_20_19

Thursday 3/21/19: Solving Systems by Graphing  HW: page 23 (“Graph, Circle, Solution, Check”)  Notes from Thursday 3/21/19

Friday 3/22/19: Solving Systems by Substitution   No HW!!  Notes from Friday 3/22/19


Week of 3/11/19

Monday 3/11/19:  Unit 6 Quiz    Homework:  Study Guide (pp. 27 – 30) due Wednesday

Tuesday 3/12/19:  1st & 2nd: Partner Study Guide Work / 3rd BYOD Review

Wednesday 3/13/19:  EARLY RELEASE DAY  Almost There Assessment  (and Study Guide Due)

Thursday 3/14/19:  1st & 2nd: BYOD Review for Unit 6 Test / 3rd Review for Unit 6 Test

Friday 3/15/19: Unit 6 Test

Week of 3/4/19

Monday 3/4:  Qualitative Graphs  Practice In-Class and Packet pages 14-15.  HW: Finish p.15 (OK to be creative with your stories!)

Tuesday 3/5: Scatter Plots  Packet Pages 16, 17, 18  HW: Finish page 18  Notes from Tuesday 3/5/19

Wednesday 3/6: Lines of Best Fit Packet Pages 19, 20, 21  HW: Finish Page 21  Notes from Wednesday 3/6/19

Thursday 3/7:  Two-Way Tables  Packet pages 22-25.  HW Finish page 25  Notes from Thursday 3/7/19

Friday 3/8:  More practice with two-way tables and quiz review.  Answers to BJ’s Practice Quiz


Week of 2/25/18

Monnday 2/25:  Writing Equations Given Slope and a Point  – Unit 6!  Classwork: Packet pages 4 & 5.  HW: Finish page 6

Notes from Today: Writing Equations given a Point and Slope

Tuesday 2/26:  Writing Equations Given Two Points.  Classwork and HW:  Finish pages 8 & 9 – show all work!

Notes from Tuesday 2/26/19 Writing Equations given Two Points

Wednesday 2/27/19: Writing Equations from Tables – pages 10 & 11.  HW Finish page 11

Notes from Wednesday 2/27/19 Writing Equations given a Table

Thursday 2/28/19:  Constructing (or de-constructing as I say) Functions.  CW and examples page 12.  HW page 13.

Notes from Thursday 2/28/19

Friday 3/10/19:  Skills Check.  HW: Finish Weekly Skills #26!

Harrison STEM Application Information

Week of 2/11/19

Monday, 2/11:  Skills Check review and Almost There assessment.  HW:  Finish pages 38 & 39

Tuesday, 2/12: Turn in Weekly Skills #23.  Hand out Weekly Skills #24.  Review Almost There assessment.  HW:  Finish Study Guide.

Wednesday, 2/13: Review for Test.

Thursday, 2/14:  TEST! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂

Friday, 2/15: MINGO!!! (with Weekly Skills #23)  Hand in Weekly Skills #23

Week of 2/4/19

Monday 2/4/19: Performing Arts presentation today!

Tuesday 2/5/19:  Slope and Similar Triangles HW: Finish page 28 (write the proportions!) Notes from Tuesday 2/5/19

Wednesday 2/6/19:  Linear Functions CW: Pages 29 & 31  HW: Finish page 32 MUST LOOK AT NOTES:  Notes from Wednesday 2/6/19

Thursday 2/7/19:  Comparing Functions and Linear/Not Linear  CW: Pages 33, 34 & 36.  HW: Finish pages 35 & 37  Notes from Thursday 2/7/19

Friday 2/8/19:  Skills Check & Review  HW:  Finish Pages 38 & 39

Week of 1/28/19

Monday 1/28/19:  Direct Variation – worked pages 15 & 16 in class. HW: Finish page 17

Notes from Monday 1/28/19 Direct Variation

Tuesday 1/29/19:  NO SCHOOL (darn it. i love school.)  Here’s Weekly Skills #22 if anyone want to get ahead   Weekly Skills #22

Wednesday 1/30/19:  Weekly Skils #21 due.  Hints for Weekly Skills #21  Slope Intercept Form! y=mx+b Classwork pages 18-20.  HW:  Finish page 20 (skip #7&8) and #1, 4, 7 on page 21

Thursday 1/31/19  More Slope Intercept Form practice and VUX HOY  HW: Pizzaz page 26 in packet

Notes from Thursday 1/31/19

Friday 2/1/19: Quiz  HW: Work on Weekly Skills #22

Week of 1/21/19

Monday 1/21/19:  NO SCHOOL!

Tuesday 1/22/19:  Introduction to Unit 5 Linear Functions.  Identifying the 4 types of slope pages 4 – 6.  HW: Finish p. 6  Weekly Skills #20 taken up and Weekly Skills #21 given out.

Wednesday 1/23/19:  Slope Formula. Pages 7 -9, notes taken on p. 10.  HW:  Finish pages 8 & 9  Notes from Wednesday 1/23/19

Thursday 1/24/19:  Working with all 3 methods of determining slope. HW: Finish Pizzaz p. 11 in packet

Friday 1/25/19:  Quiz!  HW: Work on Weekly Skills

Week of 1/14/19

Monday 1/14: Reviewed in class and took “Almost There” assessment.  HW: Pages 35 & 37 of packet

Tuesday 1/15:  Quiz!  Weekly Skills #19 due.  Weekly Skills #20 given out.  HW: Pages 39 of packet

Wednesday 1/16: Review for Test.  HW:  Review for Test!

Thursday 1/17: MI testing in computer lab  HW:  Finish Carla’s Cookies and Review for tomorrow’s test

Hints for Carla’s Cookies

Friday 1/18: U4 Test – Functions  HW: Finish Weekly Skills #20 – due Tuesday!