Week of 10/14/19

Monday 10/14/19:  Today we continued with square and cube roots notes and practice.  HW:  Finish page 5.  Notes and Examples from 10/14/19

Tuesday 10/15/19:  We continued with our square and cube root knowledge and applied everything to word problems.  HW: Finish page 6 Notes and Examples from 10/15/19

Wednesday 10/16/19:  If you see a line, use a 9!  We converted repeating decimals to fractions.  HW:  Finish Page 8 Notes and Examples from 10/16/19

Thursday 10/17/19:  Why are you so irrational? 🙂 HW:  Notes and Examples from 10/17/19

Friday 10/18/19:  Order! Order!

Week of 10/7/19

Monday 10/7/19:  Today we played the High Anxiety and Totally Unfair Math Game in order to review for tomorrow’s test.  Unit 2 Quiz 2 was also returned.  Quiz corrections need to be completed and turned in by tomorrow 10/8/19.  Questions and Answers to today’s game HW: Play the Quizziz below to be prepared for tomorrow’s test and complete quiz corrections, if needed!

Quizziz Codes: Exponents & Equations:  405605   Scientific Notation: 325421  Another Scientific Notation: 901674


Tuesday 10/8/19: Unit 2 Test on Equations, Exponent Rules, and Scientific Notation.

Wednesday 10/9/19: Unit 2 Tests were returned and everyone worked on corrections in class.  Some students and took the re-test in class.  Others will take the re-test during class on Friday.  HW: Anyone required to make test corrections (made < 80 on the test) should finish and be prepared to turn in on Friday.  No notes today.

Thursday: 10/10/19 Early Release  All students took the PSAT.  No HW!

Friday 10/11/19: Square Root  and Cube Roots Exploration.  Notes from Friday 10/11/19  HW: Finish pages 2, 3, 4 – these are VERY QUICK problems and we started in class

Week of 9/30/19

Monday 9/30:  Scientific Notation!  How to put really large and really small numbers into Scientific Notation.  Thanks for the help LARS 🙂 Notes from Monday 9/30/19.  HW: Pages 15 & 16 EVENS only

CORRECTION TO NOTES FROM MONDAY 9/30/19.  The coefficient in Scientific Notation should be a number greater than or equal to 1 and less than 10.  We reviewed in class.

Tuesday 10/1:  We learned how to add, subtract, multiply and divide using Scientific Notation.  Thanks for the help again LARS 🙂  Notes from Tuesday 10/1/19.  HW: Page 18 #3 & #3 (It’ll make sense) AND Page 19 #3, 5, 10, 11

Wednesday 10/2:  We put our understanding of Scientific Notation to good use and solved word problems.  Notes from Wednesday 10/2/19.    Quiz tomorrow!  HW: Study Guide Page 1 only


Extra Practice for Quiz from Quizzes:

Exponent Laws: Code 405605 at https://join.quizizz.com

Scientific Notation: Code 325421 at https://join.quizizz.com


Thursday 10/3:  Quiz on Scientific Notation and Exponent Laws

Friday 10/4: Today we finished the quiz and worked a few quick word problems.  No notes.  HW: Complete page 3 of the Study Guide.

Week of 9/16/19

Monday 9/16/19:  Power to a Power!  Notes from 9_16_19  HW: Finish Page 5

Tuesday 9/17/19:  No Negativity! Absolutely None! Today we discovered how to make all of our exponents positive and happy 🙂 Notes from 9/17/19   HW: Finish page 8

Wednesday 9/18/19:  We played an exponent review game in class.  HW: Page 9 (different classes had different problem numbers to work.  4th & 5th: Select one problem from each row for a total of 6 problems. 6th: Work the last column for a total of 6 problems.)

Thursday 9/19/19:  Today we warmed up, reviewed, and took a Skills Check  Notes from 9/19/19  Homework: Work the 3rd column of Page 10

Friday 9/20/19:  Lots of Exponent activities going on in the room today!  No homework!  Enjoy the break!

Week of 9/9/19

Monday 9/9/19:  Translation please!  Today we worked on more translations and word problems using an ‘H’ table where we start with the answer first!  Notes from 9/9/19  HW: Page 16 #6, 7, 8 and Page 17 the “Uber” problem.  ALL WORK MUST BE DONE IN YOUR SPIRAL!  I wrote that in all caps so I must be serious.

Tuesday 9/10/19:  And more translations! Quiz tomorrow and Help Session at 8:20.  Notes from 9/10/19  HW:  Page 17 “AMC” and “Bowling Town and Page 18 Last 4 problems on page.  See notes if needed.

Wednesday 9/11/19:  Quizzy  Quizzie Quizzes.  We took a quiz today on Unit 2 Equations 🙂

Thursday 9/12/19: We started Part 2 of Unit 2 – Exponents!  Gotta love ’em.  Notes from 9/12/19.  HW:  Page 1 Evens of the new packet

Friday 9/13/19:  Laws of Exponents!  We started with Multiplying and Dividing.  HW: Page 3 odds (started in class)  Notes from Friday 9/13/19

Week of 9/3/19

Monday 9/2/19:  No School!  Don’t show up.  We won’t be here.

Tuesday 9/3/19: Lucky you – we’re back!  Today we started Unit 2 and begin with solving equations and more equations.  HW:  Page 5 (only 4 problems)  Notes from Tuesday 9/3/19

Wednesday 9/4/19:  Clear, Combine, Move and Solve! That’s all it takes to work those really hairy equations 🙂 SmartBoard was down today so no notes to post 🙁  However, there’s still HW:  Pages 6 – 8 #8, 12, 16, 20 only!

Thursday 9/5/19:  How many solutions can you have? One, None, or Infinitely Many.  Want to know more? Here are the notes from today:  Notes from Thursday 9/5/19.  HW: Page 11 (show work in spiral) or Pages 12 & 13 which are the same problems but have room to work them in your packet.

Friday 9/6/19: Students learned “Mathanese” today as they discovered how to translate words into math equations.  We also took a skills check on solving equations.  Notes from Friday 9/6/19 HW: Page 15 #1 – 7   WORK MUST BE SHOWN IN SPIRAL!  I’M SERIOUS! 🙂 but seriously, I’m serious.

Week of 8/26/19

Monday 8/26/19:  More congruence and now add Similarity!  HW:  Review your Study Guide answers with the Study Guide Answer Key and be prepared to ask questions tomorrow, if needed.  Notes on Congruence and Similarity from today Monday, 8/26/19.

Tuesday 8/27/19:  Quiz day!  Students took a Unit 1 Quiz on Transformations.  Grades will be posted tonight.

Wednesday 8/28/19:  Early Release Day!  (Feels like the end of the week.  I hope I remember to come to school tomorrow.)  Students who made less than a 74 on the quiz have an opportunity to remediate their score and worked on quiz corrections today.  Students who didn’t need to work on quiz corrections worked a Review Scavenger Hunt to prepare for tomorrow’s test.

Want more practice for tomorrow’s test?  Check these out these Quizziz:

Go to https://quizizz.com/join/

Enter one of the following 6 digit game codes to take a practice quiz: (skip entering an email if it asks)

Naming Angles: 842422

Transversals: 911845

Transformations: 776953

Similarity: 243595

Triangle Angle Sums: 199816

Thursday 8/29:  Test Day! Unit 1

Week of 8/19/19

Monday 8/19/19:  RI’s and MI’s oh my!  HW: Select any 13 problems from the Study Guide in the packet on pages #25 – 31.  Most students started in class.

Tuesday 8/20/19:  Now RO-tate the other way!  Counter-Clockwise.  We reviewed clockwise rotations and Friday’s rotation homework  and then practiced counter-clockwise rotations.  HW: Page 7 #2 and Page 9 #2 and #4.  Notes from Tuesday 8_20_19

Wednesday 8/21/19:  Today we worked on  sequences and dilations in the packet.  HW:  Pages 12 & 15 (a whopping 4 problems!) DON’T FORGET! DeltaMath Assignment #2 due by 11:59 tonight!  Notes from Wednesday 8_21_19

Thursday 8/22/19:  More dilations and scale factor plus a plethora of warm ups!  HW:  Page 18 #1-4  Notes from Thursday 8_22_19

Friday 8/23/19:  We worked a few warm ups, reviewed homework and then took a quick check on dilation skills.  After the check, students had plenty of time to continue working on the Study Guide.  HW:  Finish the Study Guide pp. 25 – 31 (Students should have already worked 13 and had time to work in class.)

Week of 8/12/19

Monday 8/12/19:  Quiz review!!  HW finish the front page of today’s handout (shown in attached notes from today)  Notes from Monday 8/12/19

Tuesday 8/13/19:  Quiz today!  DeltaMath assignment due tomorrow (originally assigned 8/6/19)

Wednesday 8/14/19:  Quizzes returned in class today and students worked on quiz corrections.  We also explored Transformations with puzzle pieces and will begin taking notes tomorrow!  Puzzle Piece Transformation Exploration

Friday 8/16/19:  RO-tate!  Today we learned about clockwise rotations.  Notes from Friday 8/16/19.  MI’s start Monday.  Spoiler alert:  Counter Clockwise rotations the next time we meet!