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8th grade locker clean out:  Friday 5/17/19

Wheel of Theodorus Project  – counts as test grade – due Friday 5/17/19

Weekly Skills 35:  Due Tuesday 5/14/19 – ALL STUDENTS!

Fred Graphing Project will count as quiz grade.  Any students on the Universal trip who did not finish need to turn in by Tuesday, 5/14/19

Bunny Foo Foo Equations Practice.  Will be worked and completed in class on Wednesday 5/8 and Friday 5/10.  This grade will replace students’ lowest Unit Practice grade (except for USA Test Prep scores).  The assignment is optional for students going on the Universal Trip.  Those students will need to turn in on Tuesday, 5/14/19, if they wish to have a Unit Practice grade replaced.


8th Grade Math – Test Retake Policy 

Going forward, students making less than 80% on a test will have an opportunity to increase their score.  In order to do so, students must make all test corrections using the “Assessment Corrections” form, get a parent signature on the form, and return the corrections on the day of the test retake.  Students will NOT be allowed to retake a test unless a completed “Assessment Corrections” form is submitted on the day of the retake. The new test score (up to 80%) will replace the original test score.  The highest grade that can be earned through a test retake is 80%.



Week of 5/13/19

Monday 5/13/19:  Begin Wheel of Theodorus – counts as test grade – rubric attached to project

Tuesday 5/14/19: Continue Wheel project in class.  Turn in Weekly Skills #35

Wednesday 5/15/19:  Continue Wheel project

Thursday 5/16/19: Finish Wheel project

Friday 5/17/19:  Work Weekly Skills #36 in class and turn in

Week of 5/6/19

Monday 5/6/19:  Fred!  Graphing project.  Will count as quiz grade.

Tuesday 5/7/19: Finish Fred (quiz grade).  Any students going on the Universal trip who did not finish need to turn in on Tuesday 5/14/19.   Weekly Skills 35 distributed. Due Tuesday 5/14/19 – all students!

Wednesday 5/8/19:  Bunny Foo Foo equations practice.  Graded.  This grade will replace the student’s lowest Unit Practice grade (except for USA Test Prep).  This assignment is optional for students going on the Universal trip; however, students received the materials on Tuesday 5/7/19 and will need to turn in on Tuesday 5/14/19.

Thursday 5/9/19:  Field Trip

Friday 5/10/19:  Finish Bunny Foo Foo

Week of 4/29/19

Monday 4/29: Morning testing.  Group A 1st, 2nd, 3rd Review Study Guide in afternoon

Tuesday 4/30: Afternoon testing.  1st – Clue Review

Wednesday 5/1:  “Almost There” assessment

Thursday 5/2: “I Can” Review for Unit 7 test

Friday 5/3: Unit 7 Test


Week of 4/15

Monday 4/15:  Milestones testing

Tuesday 4/16:  Milestones testing

Wednesday 4/17:  Review of Units

Thursday 4/18:  USA Test Practice on iPads in room

Friday 4/19:  Answers to Review of Units and iPads USA Test Prep

Week of 4/8/19

Monday 4/8/19:  Solving Systems using Elimination HW: Finish p. 39 (several worked in class) Notes & Examples & Homework Problems from Monday 4/8/19

Tuesday 4/9/19:  Systems Word Problems  HW:  Finish p.42 “Croquet” by showing work on page 43  Notes and Examples from Tuesday 4/9/19

Wednesday 4/10/19: Systems Word Problems and Review No  Homework!  Notes from Wednesday 4/10/19

Thursday 4/11/19: MI Testing

Friday 4/12/19: MI Testing

Week of 3/25/19

Monday 3/25/19: Solving Systems of Equations Using Substitution  HW: Finish p. 28  Notes from Monday 3/25/19

Tuesday 3/26/19: Solving Systems of Equations Using Elimination  HW: Finish p.35  Notes from Tuesday 3/26/19

Wednesday 3/27/19: Solving Systems of Equations Using Elimination  HW:  Finish p. 37  Notes from Wednesday 3/27/19

Thursday 3/28/19:  Computer Lab and USA Test Prep assisgnment


Week of 3/18/19

Monday 3/18/19: Began Unit 7 Systems of Equations! Graphing with X and Y Intercepts  HW: Page 43  Notes from Monday 3/18/19

Tuesday 3/19/9: Converting from Standard Form to Slope Intercept Form HW: Finish pages 14 -16 (total of 15 problems and we worked several in class – see attached notes)  Notes from Tuesday 3/19/19

Wednesday 3/20/19:  Converting Slope Intercept Form to Standard Form  HW:  Finish Bullseye page 19 (worked 2 in class) Notes from Wednesday 3_20_19

Thursday 3/21/19: Solving Systems by Graphing  HW: page 23 (“Graph, Circle, Solution, Check”)  Notes from Thursday 3/21/19

Friday 3/22/19: Solving Systems by Substitution   No HW!!  Notes from Friday 3/22/19


Week of 3/11/19

Monday 3/11/19:  Unit 6 Quiz    Homework:  Study Guide (pp. 27 – 30) due Wednesday

Tuesday 3/12/19:  1st & 2nd: Partner Study Guide Work / 3rd BYOD Review

Wednesday 3/13/19:  EARLY RELEASE DAY  Almost There Assessment  (and Study Guide Due)

Thursday 3/14/19:  1st & 2nd: BYOD Review for Unit 6 Test / 3rd Review for Unit 6 Test

Friday 3/15/19: Unit 6 Test

Week of 3/4/19

Monday 3/4:  Qualitative Graphs  Practice In-Class and Packet pages 14-15.  HW: Finish p.15 (OK to be creative with your stories!)

Tuesday 3/5: Scatter Plots  Packet Pages 16, 17, 18  HW: Finish page 18  Notes from Tuesday 3/5/19

Wednesday 3/6: Lines of Best Fit Packet Pages 19, 20, 21  HW: Finish Page 21  Notes from Wednesday 3/6/19

Thursday 3/7:  Two-Way Tables  Packet pages 22-25.  HW Finish page 25  Notes from Thursday 3/7/19

Friday 3/8:  More practice with two-way tables and quiz review.  Answers to BJ’s Practice Quiz