Weekly Skills #14 due Friday, 11/16.  No work = No credit

Almost There Assessment: Monday 11/12

Quiz: Wednesday 11/14/18


8th Grade Math – Test Retake Policy 

Going forward, students making less than 80% on a test will have an opportunity to increase their score.  In order to do so, students must make all test corrections using the “Assessment Corrections” form, get a parent signature on the form, and return the corrections on the day of the test retake.  Students will NOT be allowed to retake a test unless a completed “Assessment Corrections” form is submitted on the day of the retake. The new test score will replace the original test score.  The highest grade that can be earned through a test retake is 80%.



Week of 11/12/18

Monday 11/12/18:  Review HW and Skills Check.  Work with a partner on the “Almost There” assessment.  Counts as a Unit Practice grade.  HW: Finish Delta Math assignment from Friday if you haven’t completed it yet (I extended the date) and work pages 17 & 19 in packet.

Tuesday 11/13/18: Review HW and “Almost There” and work additional practice problems for quiz preparation.  HW: Study for quiz.

Wednesday 11/14/18:  Unit 2 Part D Scientific Notation Quiz

Thursday 11/15/18:  Begin Unit 3! Pythagorean Theorem.  HW:

Friday 11/16/18: Continue Pythagorean Theorem.  HW:

Week of 11/5/18

Monday 11/05:  Adding and Subtracting with Scientific Notation.  Notes and examples pages 7 & 9.  HW: Finish pages 3, 4, & 9.  Notes from Monday

Tuesday 11/06:  Student Holiday!!

Wednesday 11/07:  Multiplying and Dividing with Scientific Notation.  Notes and examples pages 7, 11 & 13.  HW:  Finish pages 11 & 13 –  EVENS.

Thursday 11/08:  Word problems with Scientific Notation.  HW: Pages 14 & 15 (already set up in class)  Notes from Thursday

Friday 11/09:  In the computer lab!  Created a Delta Math account and students have an assignment due Monday.  If anyone was having an issue signing in, I took care of it.  Please email me if you’re still having problems signing in.  Teacher code is 533956

Week of 10/29/18

Monday 10/29  –  Quiz on Real Numbers/Exponent Rules.  HW:  Complete Study Guide (pp. 21 & 22 in packet)
Tuesday 10/30 – Review “Almost There” and review Study Guide  HW: Review all materials in order to prep for test
Wednesday 10/31 – Extra practice/review for tomorrow’s test
Thursday 11/1 – Test on Real Numbers & Exponents (Blue Packets 2B and 2C)
Friday 11/2 – Packet 2D. Notes on Converting with Scientific Notation Pgs. 1-4.  HW: Finish Odd p.3&4  Notes from Friday 11/02/18


Week of 10/22/18

Monday 10/22: Notes on Power of a Power   HW – Finish pg. 11.
Tuesday 10/23: Notes on Negative and Zero Exponents  HW –  Finish pg. 13
Wednesday 10/24:  Combining all the Rules!  Notes from today   HW – Finish p. 16 & 17
Thursday 10/25:  Review Activity for Exponents    HW – Finish “Real Numbers Skill Check”
Friday 10/26:  Week 11 Skills Due    Extra Practice during class HW –  Almost There


Week of 10/15/18

Conference Week – Early Release All Week!

Monday, 10/15  Met with 1st and 3rd block today.  Review of Exponential Form and Evaluating.  HW: 1st Block:  Finish p. 3 in packet.  HW: 3rd Block: Continue to work p. 3 #1 – 15 only

Tuesday, 10/16  Met with 2nd and 3rd block today.  Review of Exponential Form and Evaluating.  HW: 2nd Block: Finish p. 3 in packet.  HW: 3rd Block: Finish p.3 in packet

Wednesday, 10/17  Met with 1st and 3rd block today.  Multiplying and Dividing Exponent Rules.  HW 1st Block:  Finish p. 7 in packet.  HW 3rd Block: p.5 #1-4 AND p.7 #1-6  Notes from Wednesday 10/17/18

Thursday, 10/18  Met with 2nd and 3rd block today.  Multiplying and Dividing Exponent Rules.  HW 1st Block:  Finish p. 7 in packet.  HW 3rd Block:

Friday, 10/19  Short classes but met with all blocks today!  Students worked on the Quiz Bonus. Weekly Skills #11 given out.  HW: Finish HW sheet given out – “Lessons 1-3 Skills Check”.  NO Calculator!

Week of 10/8/18

Monday 10/8/18:  “Almost There Test” – counts as Unit Practice grade.  HW: Work on Weekly Skills #9

Tuesday 10/9/18: Station Review of Real Numbers  HW: Weekly Skills #9 and

Wednesday 10/10/18:  Review “Almost There” and Stations  HW: Review notes & HW for Friday’s quiz

Thursday 10/11/18:  EARLY RELEASE DAY  All 8th graders will be taking PSAT  HW: Weekly Skills #9 due tomorrow

Friday 10/12/18:  Quiz – Real Numbers   Turn in Weekly Skills #9

Week of 10/1/18

Monday 10/1/18 – Rational & Irrational Numbers   HW: Finish pages 4 & 21.   Notes from Monday 10/1/18

Tuesday 10/2/18 – Converting terminating decimals & repeating decimals to fractions  HW: Finish page 7 Notes from Tuesday 10/2/18

Wednesday 10/3/18 – Solving equations with squares & cubes   HW:  Finish page 11 Notes from Wednesday, 10/3/18

Thursday 10/4/18 – Estimating non-perfect roots  HW: Finish page 17  Notes from Thursday 10/4/18

Friday 10/5/18 – Comparing and order rational and irrational numbers  HW:  Finish page 21 odds


Week of 9/17/18

Monday 9/17:  Quiz!! HW: Continue working on Study Guide (pgs. 37 – 40 in packet) due Wednesday 9/19

Tuesday 9/18: “Almost There” ‘test’ (counts as Unit Practice grade) HW: Finish Study Guide

Wednesday 9/19: Study Guide due.  Review for tomorrow’s test.  HW: Study for test

Answers to Study Guide

Thursday 9/20: Unit 2 Part 1 Test

Friday 9/21:  Finish “Almost There” and look at math in home building industry

Week of 9/10/18

Monday 9/10  Review of Fundamentals (Order of Operations, Combining Like Terms, Words to Math) HW:  Finish handout

Notes from Monday 9/10/18

Tuesday 9/11  Notes on 2-Step Equations. HW – Finish Pgs. 6,7,10,11  Looking for work to be completed – not the puzzle’s answer (puzzle’s answer is just a way for you to check your answers)  Notes and Examples from Today

Wednesday 9/12  Notes on Word Problems. HW – Finish “Baby Buzzard” Pg. 13 but show work on pages 12 & 16 – Ok to also use pages 15 & 16, if needed.  Notes, Examples, and Homework worked in class today

Thursday 9/13  Notes on Multi-step Equations w/special solutions. HW – Pg. 27 (#1 -8) and finish p. 23 (if you didn’t finish in class)

Friday 9/14  HW: Finish p. 31  STUDY FOR MONDAY’S QUIZ! Weekly Skills #6 due

Week of 9/04/18

Tuesday 9/4: Using similar figures and scale factor to find perimeter and area.  HW:  Finish “Homework Practice” p.113 handed out in class today.  Use your notes if you get confused!  Here are the notes from today  Notes for 9/04/18

Wednesday 9/5:  “Almost There” Partner test and prepare Bingo board for tomorrow’s review.  HW:  Finish Study Guide in packet pp. 28-33

Thursday 9/6: Bingo review using answers from Study Guide  HW: Study for Test and finish Week 5 Weekly Skills!  Use your Study Guide quiz and HW

Answers to Study Guide

Friday 9/7: Unit 1 Part 2 Test  Congruence, Dilations, Scale Factor, Area and Perimeter