For anyone who did not take the Unit 3 Volume Test prior to the break, you’ll need to take the test at 8:30am on either Thursday (1/10/19) or Friday (1/11/19) in order to remove the Incomplete from your report card.


Skills Check:  Wednesday 1/9/19

“Almost There”:  Monday 1/14/19

Quiz:  Tuesday 1/15/19

MI Testing: Thursday 1/17/19 in computer lab

Unit 4 Test: Friday 1/18/19



8th Grade Math – Test Retake Policy 

Going forward, students making less than 80% on a test will have an opportunity to increase their score.  In order to do so, students must make all test corrections using the “Assessment Corrections” form, get a parent signature on the form, and return the corrections on the day of the test retake.  Students will NOT be allowed to retake a test unless a completed “Assessment Corrections” form is submitted on the day of the retake. The new test score (up to 80%) will replace the original test score.  The highest grade that can be earned through a test retake is 80%.



Week of 1/14/19

Monday 1/14: Reviewed in class and took “Almost There” assessment.  HW: Pages 35 & 37 of packet

Tuesday 1/15:  Quiz!  Weekly Skills #19 due.  Weekly Skills #20 given out.  HW: Pages 39 of packet

Wednesday 1/16: Review for Test.  HW:  Review for Test!

Thursday 1/17: MI testing in computer lab  HW: Review for tomorrow’s test

Friday 1/18: U4 Test – Functions

Week of 1/7/19

Welcome Back!  We started Unit 4 Functions (and Relations) today.

Monday 1/7: Defining Relations and Review of Coordinate Plane. Classwork: Pages 4, 6, 9 and notes on taken on page 8. HW:  Page 7 in new packet

Tuesday 1/8:  Independent & Dependent Variables and Functions Classwork: Pages 10 -15.  HW: Pages 17 (# 4 – 15) and 19 (#1 & #2)  Weekly Skills #19 handed out – due Tuesday 1/15/19  Notes from Tuesday 1/8/19

Wednesday 1/9: Function or Not a Function  Classwork: Pages 20-22  HW: Page 16 (I know you can’t see the grid lines on the graphs for #1 &2 – but you can draw tick marks for reference.) Notes from Wednesday 1/9/19

Thursday 1/10:  Rate of Change Classwork: Pages 23 & 24 HW:  Finish Pages 25 & 27 Notes from Thursday 1/10/19

Friday 1/11: Linear or Not Linear  Classwork: Pages 28  HW: Finish Page 29 Notes from Friday 10/11/19

Week of 12/17/18

Monday 12/17/18:  Returned and reviewed Volume Quiz. Reviewed for test.  Help Session tomorrow at 8:20

HW:  Finish Quizizz (game code 593176)

Tuesday 12/18/18: Test on Volume

Wednesday 12/19/18:  Opportunity to replace a Weekly Skills grade and/or make up any missing work and/or holiday graphs

Thursday 12/20/18: Graphing

Friday 12/21/18:  Graphing

Week of 12/10/18

Monday 12/10:  Composite Figures.  Pages 32 – 34.  HW: Page 28 (drawing for #1 done in class)  Notes from Monday

Tuesday 12/11:  “Almost There” assessment (counts as Unit Practice) HW: Study Guide p.37 #8, 9, 10, 11 (use the pi button on your calculator instead of 3.14)

Wednesday 12/12: Review for tomorrow’s quiz

Thursday 12/13: Quiz – Volume of Cylinder, Cone, Sphere, and Composite Figures

Friday 12/14: Computer Lab 708 (Connections Hall) for Volume Practice.  Weekly Skills #18 due.  HW:  Finish Quizizz by Monday 12/17/18 at 8:30pm.  Quizizz code: 593176

Week of 12/03/18

Monday 12/3 – Returned quizzes and reviewed Study Guidebfor tomorrow’s Pythagorean Theorem test pythagorean_study_guide.pdf
Tuesday 12/4 – Test on Pythagorean Theorem HW: None!
Wednesday  12/5 – Volume of Cylinder Pg. 21, 23  HW: Finish p.23 Notes from Wednesday
Thursday 12/6 – Volume of  Cone  Pg. 21, 25 Notes on p.24  HW: Finish p. 25 Notes from Thursday
Friday 12/7 –  Volume of Sphere and  Applying Formulas to Real World Problems  Pg. 28-31 Weekly Skills 17 Due. HW: Finish page 31  Notes from Friday

Week of 11/26/18

Monday 11/26 – Welcome Back!  Continue working on Pythagorean Word Problems pages 9 & 10 in the packet.  HW:  Finish pages 9 & 10  Notes from Monday 11/26

Tuesday 11/27 – Finding Distance with the Pythagorean Theorem on the Coordinate Plane. Classwork pages 11 -12  HW: finish pages 13 -16   #1-8)

Wednesday 11/28 – “Almost There” assessment with partner  HW: Study Guide pages 19 & 20 in packet

Thursday 11/29 – Review for Quiz  HW:

Friday 11/30 – Pythagorean Theorem Quiz  HW:  Finish Study Guide pages 19 & 20

Week of 11/12/18

Monday 11/12/18:  Review HW and Skills Check.  Work with a partner on the “Almost There” assessment.  Counts as a Unit Practice grade.  HW: Finish Delta Math assignment from Friday if you haven’t completed it yet (I extended the date) and work pages 17 & 19 in packet.

Tuesday 11/13/18: Review HW and “Almost There” and work additional practice problems for quiz preparation.  HW: Study for quiz. Notes from Tuesday

Wednesday 11/14/18:  Unit 2 Part D Scientific Notation Quiz

Thursday 11/15/18:  Begin Unit 3! Pythagorean Theorem.  Classwork: Notes on pages 4-6 in the new yellow packet.  HW: page 8 #1-8 in yellow packet  Notes from Thursday

Friday 11/16/18: Continue Pythagorean Theorem.  Notes from Friday HW: NONE!  Enjoy your break!!

Be sure to go to the Hajduk Math 8 class notebook “shared” with you on your Microsoft 365 account for additional videos and information on the Pythagorean Theorem.  We reviewed the Class Notebook in the lab last Friday.


Week of 11/5/18

Monday 11/05:  Adding and Subtracting with Scientific Notation.  Notes and examples pages 7 & 9.  HW: Finish pages 3, 4, & 9.  Notes from Monday

Tuesday 11/06:  Student Holiday!!

Wednesday 11/07:  Multiplying and Dividing with Scientific Notation.  Notes and examples pages 7, 11 & 13.  HW:  Finish pages 11 & 13 –  EVENS.

Thursday 11/08:  Word problems with Scientific Notation.  HW: Pages 14 & 15 (already set up in class)  Notes from Thursday

Friday 11/09:  In the computer lab!  Created a Delta Math account and students have an assignment due Monday.  If anyone was having an issue signing in, I took care of it.  Please email me if you’re still having problems signing in.  Teacher code is 533956

Week of 10/29/18

Monday 10/29  –  Quiz on Real Numbers/Exponent Rules.  HW:  Complete Study Guide (pp. 21 & 22 in packet)
Tuesday 10/30 – Review “Almost There” and review Study Guide  HW: Review all materials in order to prep for test
Wednesday 10/31 – Extra practice/review for tomorrow’s test
Thursday 11/1 – Test on Real Numbers & Exponents (Blue Packets 2B and 2C)
Friday 11/2 – Packet 2D. Notes on Converting with Scientific Notation Pgs. 1-4.  HW: Finish Odd p.3&4  Notes from Friday 11/02/18


Week of 10/22/18

Monday 10/22: Notes on Power of a Power   HW – Finish pg. 11.
Tuesday 10/23: Notes on Negative and Zero Exponents  HW –  Finish pg. 13
Wednesday 10/24:  Combining all the Rules!  Notes from today   HW – Finish p. 16 & 17
Thursday 10/25:  Review Activity for Exponents    HW – Finish “Real Numbers Skill Check”
Friday 10/26:  Week 11 Skills Due    Extra Practice during class HW –  Almost There