Week of 8/27/18

Monday, 8/27  Dilations and Scale Factor  HW: Finish pages 13 & 14

Notes for Dilations and Scale Factor Monday 8/27 

Tuesday, 8/28 Similar Figures  HW: Finish handout (Similar or Not?) if you didn’t finish it in class. Be sure to show all proportions like we did in class.

Wednesday, 8/29 (Early Release)  Indirect Measurement  HW:  Finish pages 20 & 21

Thursday, 8/30  Study for Tomorrow’s Quiz!  Start the Study Guide in your packet.  It has good review questions for the quiz, too.

Friday, 8/31 Quiz on Congruence, Dilations, and Similar Figures


Week of 8/20/18

Week of 8/20/18 

Monday, 8/20  Review for tomorrow’s test. Study Guide due. 

Tuesday, 8/21 Test on Unit 1, Part 1 Angles, Lines, & Transformations.  Click on Answers to Study Guide if you neeed to see the answers again.

Wednesday, 8/22 Notes on Congruency. HW – Kuta Wkst.

Thursday, 8/23 Notes on Congruency & Transformations. HW – Skills Practice & Problem Solv. practice.

Friday, 8/24 Notes on Dilations.  HW: Pages 11 & 12 in packet #1-7. Week 3 Skills Due. Notes for Friday’s Dilations

Video on Dilations


Week of 8/13/18

Monday 8/13 – Notes on Rotations.  HW: Finish pp. 25 & 26 (make changes as noted in class)

Tuesday 8/14- Extra practice and skills check.

Wednesday 8/15- Notes on Compositions. HW Pg. 29,30.

Thursday 8/16- Quiz. HW – Study Guide

Friday 8/17- Turn in Week 2 Skills. Partner Test(Almost There).

Monday, August 13

Rotate!  We rotated desks with new seat assignments today AND we learned about Rotations on the coordinate plane.  HW: Finish pages 25 & 26 in packet – skip #4 on page 25 and make adjustments to other problems as noted in class.  Info also listed in today’s notes below:

Notes August 13





8th grade locker clean out:  Friday 5/17/19

Wheel of Theodorus Project  – counts as test grade – due Friday 5/17/19

Weekly Skills 35:  Due Tuesday 5/14/19 – ALL STUDENTS!

Fred Graphing Project will count as quiz grade.  Any students on the Universal trip who did not finish need to turn in by Tuesday, 5/14/19

Bunny Foo Foo Equations Practice.  Will be worked and completed in class on Wednesday 5/8 and Friday 5/10.  This grade will replace students’ lowest Unit Practice grade (except for USA Test Prep scores).  The assignment is optional for students going on the Universal Trip.  Those students will need to turn in on Tuesday, 5/14/19, if they wish to have a Unit Practice grade replaced.


8th Grade Math – Test Retake Policy 

Going forward, students making less than 80% on a test will have an opportunity to increase their score.  In order to do so, students must make all test corrections using the “Assessment Corrections” form, get a parent signature on the form, and return the corrections on the day of the test retake.  Students will NOT be allowed to retake a test unless a completed “Assessment Corrections” form is submitted on the day of the retake. The new test score (up to 80%) will replace the original test score.  The highest grade that can be earned through a test retake is 80%.