Week of 9/17/18

Monday 9/17:  Quiz!! HW: Continue working on Study Guide (pgs. 37 – 40 in packet) due Wednesday 9/19

Tuesday 9/18: “Almost There” ‘test’ (counts as Unit Practice grade) HW: Finish Study Guide

Wednesday 9/19: Study Guide due.  Review for tomorrow’s test.  HW: Study for test

Answers to Study Guide

Thursday 9/20: Unit 2 Part 1 Test

Friday 9/21:  Finish “Almost There” and look at math in home building industry

Week of 9/10/18

Monday 9/10  Review of Fundamentals (Order of Operations, Combining Like Terms, Words to Math) HW:  Finish handout

Notes from Monday 9/10/18

Tuesday 9/11  Notes on 2-Step Equations. HW – Finish Pgs. 6,7,10,11  Looking for work to be completed – not the puzzle’s answer (puzzle’s answer is just a way for you to check your answers)  Notes and Examples from Today

Wednesday 9/12  Notes on Word Problems. HW – Finish “Baby Buzzard” Pg. 13 but show work on pages 12 & 16 – Ok to also use pages 15 & 16, if needed.  Notes, Examples, and Homework worked in class today

Thursday 9/13  Notes on Multi-step Equations w/special solutions. HW – Pg. 27 (#1 -8) and finish p. 23 (if you didn’t finish in class)

Friday 9/14  HW: Finish p. 31  STUDY FOR MONDAY’S QUIZ! Weekly Skills #6 due

Week of 9/04/18

Tuesday 9/4: Using similar figures and scale factor to find perimeter and area.  HW:  Finish “Homework Practice” p.113 handed out in class today.  Use your notes if you get confused!  Here are the notes from today  Notes for 9/04/18

Wednesday 9/5:  “Almost There” Partner test and prepare Bingo board for tomorrow’s review.  HW:  Finish Study Guide in packet pp. 28-33

Thursday 9/6: Bingo review using answers from Study Guide  HW: Study for Test and finish Week 5 Weekly Skills!  Use your Study Guide quiz and HW

Answers to Study Guide

Friday 9/7: Unit 1 Part 2 Test  Congruence, Dilations, Scale Factor, Area and Perimeter