Week of 11/12/18

Monday 11/12/18:  Review HW and Skills Check.  Work with a partner on the “Almost There” assessment.  Counts as a Unit Practice grade.  HW: Finish Delta Math assignment from Friday if you haven’t completed it yet (I extended the date) and work pages 17 & 19 in packet.

Tuesday 11/13/18: Review HW and “Almost There” and work additional practice problems for quiz preparation.  HW: Study for quiz. Notes from Tuesday

Wednesday 11/14/18:  Unit 2 Part D Scientific Notation Quiz

Thursday 11/15/18:  Begin Unit 3! Pythagorean Theorem.  Classwork: Notes on pages 4-6 in the new yellow packet.  HW: page 8 #1-8 in yellow packet  Notes from Thursday

Friday 11/16/18: Continue Pythagorean Theorem.  Notes from Friday HW: NONE!  Enjoy your break!!

Be sure to go to the Hajduk Math 8 class notebook “shared” with you on your Microsoft 365 account for additional videos and information on the Pythagorean Theorem.  We reviewed the Class Notebook in the lab last Friday.