October 23-27

On-Level Reading

Monday, October 23

-Ch. 3 Journal work and peer editing practice (This journal entry will be turned in for a grade)

-Introduce Ch.7-14 vocabulary

Hw: None


Tuesday, October 24

-Ch. 3 Journal work and peer editing practice concluded

-Conclude Ch. 7-14 vocabulary review

-Begin reading ch. 4 (Block 1)

Hw: Study for vocabulary assessment next Tuesday/If you did not complete your chapter 3 journal, you should complete this tonight for homework.


Wednesday, October 25

-Ch. 4 read (if needed) and journaling

-Begin reading chapter 5

Hw: Study for vocabulary assessment next Tuesday


Thursday, October 26

-Summarizing nonfiction text

-Journal work and vocabulary study

Hw: Study for your vocabulary assessment next Tuesday


AC Reading

Monday, October 23

-Warm up: Literary Element (wk 12 entry)

-Conclude “Suitcases and Snow Globes”

Hw: Complete “Narrative Perspective” page in packet and “What do We Know About Marcia and How Do We Know It?” page (DO NOT COMPLETE “Grammar, Language, and Vocabulary”)

Tuesday, October 24

-Warm up: Discussion prompt

-Figurative language impact on writing (from “Suitcases and Snow Globes”

-Phineas Gage pre-reading introduction and activity

Hw: Complete the “All About Me” worksheet. This does NOT have to be colored.


Wednesday, October 25

-Warm up: Quote of the week

– Phineas Gage video and class discussion

Hw: None


Thursday, October 26

-Warm up: Video of the week

-Phineas Gage class read

Hw: None