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Monday, December 17

AC Social Studies

-Southwest Asia’s Systems of Government continued

Hw: None


Language Arts

-Warm up Week 19 #1

-Evaluating sources continued

Hw: Study your study guide for assessment this Wednesday; Snow globe book report due this Wednesday

Thursday, December 13

AC Social Studies

-Warm up #16

-History of Southwest Asia Part 2 Assessment

-Governments of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Israel Anticipation Guide

Hw: None


Language Arts

-Warm Up Week 18 #4

-Evaluating online resources

Hw: Work on your study guide (which is due Wednesday, December 19th) for assessment next Wednesday; Snow globe book reports due next Wednesday!

Wednesday, December 12

AC Social Studies

Warm up #15

-Review for test tomorrow

Hw: Study your study guide


Language Arts

-Warm Up Wk 18 #3

-Primary and Secondary Sources continued

Hw: None (*Study your study guide for test next Wednesday; Snow Globe book report due next Wednesday, December 19)

Tuesday, December 11

AC Social Studies

-Warm up #16

-Conflict in the Middle East review

HW: Assessment Thursday on conflicts in the Middle East


Language Arts

-Warm Up Week 18 #2

-Conclude Carousel Activity

-Introduce Primary and Secondary Sources

Hw: Snow globe book report and test (Propaganda techniques, Primary/Secondary resources, etc.) next Thursday

Monday, December 10

AC Social Studies

-Warm Up 16

-Conclude “Shifting Sands”

-Graphic Organizer/Study Guide on conflicts in Middle East

Hw: Warm Up Quiz this Friday; Conflicts in the Middle East next Wednesday


Language Arts

Warm Up Week 18 #1

  • Propaganda Techniques Quiz

  • Hw: None

Tuesday, December 4

AC Social Studies

-Warm Up #15

-Sunni and Shia Division conclusion

-Kurdish Nationalism

Hw: None


Language Arts

-Warm up Week 17 #2

-“Marketing to Children”

-Text Dependent Questions

Hw: Complete unfinished classwork

Monday, December 3

AC Social Studies

-“Decades of Distrust” Notes and class discussion

Hw: Study for Vocabulary Part 2 Assessment


Language Arts

-Warm Up Wk 17 #1

-Conclude “$211 Billion and So Much to Buy”

  • “Facts About Marketing to Children”

Hw: Complete text-dependent questions if not completed in class; Book reports due Wednesday, December 19th