Tuesday, October 2

AC Social Studies

-Warm up

-Unit Review continued

Hw: Unit Test Tomorrow; Unit Study Guide due tomorrow


Language Arts

-Warm up Week 9 #2

-Study Guide Review (*Go to Languages Arts Resources tab for a copy of the study guide key)

-Begin Coordinate Adjectives

Hw: Study your study guide for unit assessment tomorrow; Block 6 needs to complete coordinate adjective worksheet

Monday, October 1

AC Social Studies

-Warm up

-Unit Test Review


Hw: Bring completed study guide to class tomorrow(Unit Test Wednesday)

Language Arts

-Warm Up Week 9 #1

-Work on Study Guide for Unit Test

Hw: Study guide due tomorrow (Test Wednesday)

Thursday, September 20

AC Social Studies

-Warm up

-Economics continued

-Economics review game

Hw: None (*Bring your study guide to class tomorrow so we can work on it during class)


Language Arts

-Revise personal narrative and peer editing

Hw: Final copy of personal narrative due tomorrow! This is a test grade so be sure your parents do a final check of your work!

Tuesday, September 18

AC Social Studies

-Warm up

-Economics quiz review

Hw: Study your vocabulary and study guide for your quiz tomorrow


Language Arts Blocks 6-7

-Figurative Language and Sensory Details review

-“Why Couldn’t I Have Been Named Ashley”

– Transition Words

Hw: Make sure you have revised your lead (introduction) and is complete. Also, you must have at least one important detail in your narrative’s middle where you have looped your information. In other words, you should have at least 2 additional detail sentences where you have added sensory details and/or figurative language to your narrative’s middle.

Monday, September 17

AC Social Studies

-Warm up Week 7

-Economics (Ch. 3) continued

Hw: None (Ch. 3 Assessment Wednesday; Unit Test Friday)

Blocks 4-5 Language Arts

  • “Why Couldn’t I Have Been Named Ashley?” (Springboard Activity 1.8)

  • Revising the Middle (Powerpoint lesson and “Revising the Middle” practice activity)

Hw: Revise middle of your paper (Take at least one important sentence in the middle of your narrative and add a minimum of two descriptive sentences using figurative language and/or sensory details.)

Tuesday, September 4

AC Social Studies

-Warm Up Week 5

-Review Citizen Participation in Government

-Ch. 2 Discovery Ticket #3

-Two Forms of Democracies

Hw: None

Language Arts

-Warm Up Week 6 #1-4

-”Bad Boy” Text Dependent questions turn in (blks 4,5,7)

-Personal Narrative Assignment Introduction

-Graphic Organizer

Hw: Complete Personal Narrative Graphic Organizer (*Students will meet me in the computer lab tomorrow. 4th and 5th will meet in Room #708 which is the lab in the Connections Hall across from art. Blocks 6 and 7 will meet me in the computer lab next to the attendance office.

Thursday, August 30

AC Social Studies

-Warm up week 4

-Chapter 2: Section 3 “Citizen Participation In Government”

*Discovery Ticket #2

Hw: None

Language Arts

-Warm up Week 5 #4

– Blk 4 ,5 and 7: ”Bad Boy” Vocabulary 4-square and read story

-Blk 6 “Bad Boy” text dependent questions continued

Hw: Blk 7 Possessive noun worksheet