STEMtastic Campaign

Dear Families,

As you know we are in the homestretch of our STEMtastic Campaign to raise funds for our Foundation. I cannot encourage you enough, if you have not already donated, please think about it, and then do it.

Our Foundation is our school, our parents, our students, our teachers, and our community. Each and every one of us benefits from having a strong foundation, at home and here at school.

Here at school we benefit from the Foundation. You might be asking, how? Well, if you attended STEM night a couple of weeks ago, Foundation bought all of the supplies for each grade so students could participate in all activities. Our STEM program is run by the Foundation and your child attends a STEM class two times per month, taught by Ms. Johnson, who teaches the Science standards to all grades. The students are not only learning, but using their imaginations and are able to be creative. We also have IPads and the laptop lab.

If you have already donated, thank you very much! If not, please, please consider it right now.

Not just a few of the students benefit,

100% of our class benefits from the money donated to this campaign.

Remember, every donation helps!!!


Thank you so much,


Michelle A. Pirro,

2nd Grade Teacher

Frey Elementary

Join us today in our STEM-tastic Campaign by helping to raise funds for continued resources in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics instruction at Frey.  YOU are the Frey Foundation, and your students need your support! Visit the Foundation link on our website to learn more, and please share the link below with any businesses and/or individuals that might wish to give a tax-free donation on behalf of your student and their teacher!

STEMtastic Campaign is on!!!

From our Principal:
Hello Frey Families,
Today is our third day of our two week STEM-tastic campaign for the Frey Foundation.  Let me start by thanking those families and businesses that have made early donations.  As an added bonus, all students who donate early by this Friday will receive a small gift of LED finger flashlights from the foundation. 
My first email covered some Science, and Last night’s callout mentioned how much this community has done to support STEM at Frey by addressing the big picture.  I shared how we have raised over 150,000 tax free dollars for the school. Well today, I’d like to move on to the letter T of STEM…Technology.  Each year the Foundation has been able to increase the amount of extra technologies that our students have access to.  We currently have 2 laptop carts for literacy and research along with 94 iPads in use by our students thanks to the Frey Foundation.  With your help, it is one of our goals to double that for next year.  Students are able to code and program mini-robots, film and post themselves doing assignments and presentations in all subjects, and take assessments that provide immediate data to their teachers. These examples are just naming a few of the many benefits of this technology.  I have already mentioned how our students are given opportunities and advantages that most public and private school students do not receive, and in the coming days, you will hear personal accounts of the experiences and resources provided to your student’s teacher thanks to these Foundation funds.  We hope that you will visit our Foundation webpage and join us in being a part of The 2018 STEM-tastic Campaign!
Jason Cathey
Thank you Preston, our very first STEMtastic donation!

Week of March 5th…..

We had a busy week back from our Winter Break.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our STEM Night. It was a huge success! Please remember to participate on some level with our fundraiser to support all that the Foundation does for our school! Check out the Frey Foundation website or school website for online donations. Thank you in advance for your support.

STEMtastic Campaign, March 5 -16, 2018

We are all ready for our Fernbank Field Trip. We received all our permission slips. Thanks so much for your help with this! There will be a parent meeting on March 22 at 2:45 pm for parents who are planning on being a chaperone for our field trip. Please plan on attending if you are able. Be on the lookout for a letter coming home soon to parent volunteers.

Monday, March 5th, Egg Drop during  specials.

Tuesday, March 6th, Specials change. We will have PE on Tuesday and Wednesday this week.

March 14: Early Release, End of 3rd 9 weeks.

March 21:  Report Cards go home

Fernbank Parent Meeting:  Thursday, March 22 at 2:45

March 23:  Spring Pictures & Class Picture

March 27:  Fernbank field trip


Wow, Teacher Appreciation Week was so awesome. Thank you to each and every one of you, along with our students, and the organizer for our classroom, Mrs. Young. Mrs. Hammons and I loved it ALL!!! We loved the cards of appreciation, the shout-outs poster, the gift cards, the flowers, lunch everyday from PTSA, special lunch brought to us from Mrs. Young, the homemade cookies, brownies, the chocolates, fruit, bundt cake, and then on Friday, new supplies for our class; socks for every hand, staplers for every table, kleenex, dice for games, tape, soap, hot glue sticks, plastic spoons and forks, and snacks for kids who forget theirs. I am in total awe of all of you.  I am one lucky teacher and I feel blessed beyond words.  Thank you all!!!

We will be attending a performance of Beauty and the Beast this Thursday, February 8 at the Cobb Energy Center. Please have your child dress in their “Sunday best.” Please make sure your child eats a good breakfast and brings a snack to eat before we leave. We will be eating sack lunches at 1:00 when we return. Thank you for your help with this.

Coming soon…Valentine’s exchange. We will exchange Valentine’s Day Cards on February 14th. The students will be decorating a white bag with handles here in class to fit cards/treats in.  Students will also need to send in 21 cards/treats to exchange with their friends. Please have your child sign each card with his/her name before you send them in. Please DO NOT address the cards to individual students. This will make it easier for delivery. Please send in your cards/treats on Wednesday, February 14.

Coach Callahan will soon be helping our students participate in Jump Rope for Heart.  This is a national campaign that is hosted by The American Heart Association.  It’s a great event to raise funds and awareness in the fight against heart disease and stroke.  These are the No.1 and No.4 killers in America.  It’s also great to promote heart healthy living in our students. Second grade will be participating in Jump Rope for Heart on Friday, February 16th.

Here’s where you come in…Volunteers are needed throughout the week at different times.  Below is a sign up genius.  Please click on the link, check your schedules and see what spots could work for you.  Thank you for being a part of such an amazing community that supports our kids so well!  We hope to see you here.

Homework Notebooks: Students now have homework notebooks. All assignments should be completed in the notebook. All assignments are given on Monday and the notebook is due back on Friday. Please go over the weekly assignments with your child. There is always reading, spelling, a phonics sheet, a math sheet, and a writing to go along with the book he/she is reading for the week. I have now put boxes in front of each assignment so that students will know what he/she has done and can check it off when they have completed it, and what he/she has left to do. Please help them be a responsible student and complete the weekly assignments. Thank you.

And in class…

Reading:  We are deep into fairy tales, fables, and folk tales unit. The students have loved the different versions of familiar fairy tales we have been reading. We are determining whose point of view the story is being told and identifying the author’s message. This week we are going to be getting our parts for Reader’s Theater, learn our parts and perform the plays at the end of the month.

Writing:  We are continuing to learn how to support our opinions with reasons and details. Their writing this quarter has been some of the best writing I have seen from them. It is very exciting to read.

Math:  Adding and subtracting 10 and 100 to a given number.  Adding and subtracting numbers that require regrouping.

Spelling:  This week’s words end in le, el, and al. Students will write their words 2x each on Monday in class and choose a spelling activity Monday night for homework.

Science:  We began our unit on stars. We learned about the size, brightness, and patterns of stars. On Friday the students were able to rotate in Science centers in the STEM lab.

February break, February 19 – 23, 2018.




I hope to see everyone on Tuesday, November 14th for the Thanksgiving feast. Please make sure there is already money in your child’s account for your lunch. The line goes much faster when there is already money in the account! Our time is 10:55 – 11:35 AM at tables 3 & 4.

A huge thank you to some very special moms, Mrs. Young, Mrs. Kelley, and Mrs. Kimpel for coming in to our classroom and helping out with our Fall Centers. It was so much fun. The students did a candy corn experiment, measured pumpkins, made a pumpkin transformation, built spider bridges, and completed two math centers. The students were able to dress up in their costumes and make donations to Relay for Life.

This week we will be building our can structure. They will be judged on Thursday, November 16th. Right now, we only have 17 cans. Please send in more cans. After judging and display, all cans will be donated to MUST Ministries.

Thursday, progress reports will be sent home.

There will be no school, November 20 – 24 for Thanksgiving Break.

Please remember to check your student’s binder daily, sign the behavior calendar, and remove and go over with your child any completed work. Students do have spelling and math homework to practice skills that we are working on in class.

What have we been learning?

Spelling/Phonics – Spelling long vowels, this week it will be the long /i/ digraph syllable pattern words. Students are expected to use these and previously taught patterns in everyday writing as well as grade level sight words.

Reading – Students are exploring nonfiction text features such as headings, captions, glossary, index, and photographs. We are looking at how nonfiction texts are set up to help us learn. We are finding text evidence to answer comprehension questions related to key ideas in informational text. We are focusing on noticing details and thinking about how to put together knowledge about a topic and asking and answering questions about topics as we read.

Writing – Research and informational writing. One of the hardest concepts for a 2nd grader to learn is NOT copying directly from a source. I am trying to teach them to write down the most important facts, then put it in their own words when writing the paragraph.

Math – Double digit addition and subtraction strategies within 100 using a hundreds chart and base ten blocks. We will also be learning addition and subtraction with an open number line and expanded form.

Social Studies –  We have been learning about the regions of Georgia and our 7 main rivers. This week we will start our unit studying Georgia’s Native Americans: The Creek & Cherokee. We will learn about where the Creek & Cherokee lived in Georgia and the resources they used from Georgia’s rivers to build homes, gardens, and villages.  We used our reading strategy of using text evidence to learn more about the Creek & Cherokee.

Science – STEM Lab on Friday, November 17th. Please wear your STEM shirt or Frey House shirt.

Have a great week and I hope to see everyone on Tuesday!!!

Week of October 23, 2017

***Parents, thank you all so much for such a great conference week. It was great to connect with everyone, once again to celebrate your child’s successes.

***Please take a moment to fill out this quick survey to let the state know how we are doing. Your feedback is an important part of our CCRPI score. Thanks so much!

***Frey Foundation STEM Can Help Others Challenge is just around the corner…This is a Can Goods Food Drive with a STEM Challenge bonus! The can drive will run Monday, October 16th – Thursday, November 16th with ALL cans being donated to Must Ministries. The STEM Can Challenge is a competition among the classrooms to create a display by using donated cans and The Engineering Design Process: Ask, Imagine, Plan, Create, and Improve. We are asking 3-5 cans per student. The more cans, the more design options!

Look at what we have been learning:

We will begin Spelling word homework this week working on the long /a/ sound spelled ai, ay, and ei. Spelling homework will come home Monday and be due on Friday.

Reading – Non-fiction; learning the characteristics of what makes them non-fiction and compare them to fiction stories. Students are learning facts about the different non-fiction topics and writing the facts they are learning.

Writing – Students will continue writing their narratives, conferencing with me, and completing a final draft.

Math – Adding and subtracting using strategies in word problems.

Social Studies – Georgia Regions (Appalachian Plateau, Blue Ridge Mountains, Piedmont Region, Coastal Plains, Ridge and Valley, and the Barrier Islands) and the rivers of Georgia.

Upcoming dates:

Nonfiction “Book Tasting” in the Learning Commons: Wednesday, October 25

STEM Lab Visit:  Friday, October 27…Wear your Frey or Stem Shirt!

***The FCCLA chapter of Allatoona HS will be hosting Trunk or Treat on Oct. 31st from 6-8 p.m.
We would like to invite your parents and students to join us for this year’s festivities.  Bring your family and join us on October 31st from 6-8 pm in the Founder’s Lot at Allatoona High School!!
Note: The Founder’s Lot is located to the right back corner of the football field. Signs will be posted for your convenience.

Next week, Target will meet on Monday, the 30th instead of Tuesday, the 31st.  Mrs. Pirro’s class will be having Fall Centers on the 31st.

Fall Centers/Character Dress Up $5:  October 31

Frey Day on a Saturday:  November 4 –

The fourth annual Frey Day on a Saturday clean-up day will be November 4th from 8:00-11:30 A.M. As the saying goes, many hands make light work. We hope to have an abundance of volunteers to help beautify our school campus. Please click the link below to sign-up. Thank you for AIMing HIGH!

Election Day/No School:  Tuesday, November 7

Welcome to our classroom, Ja’Marion Jackson. He comes to our classroom from Minnesota. The students are happy to have a new boy in our class and everyone welcomed him.


Thank you to all you participated and came to the Fall Festival. A huge thank you to Mrs. Young for all of her hard work making sure the basket and other decor was completed. Thank you to everyone who made donations. A great time was had by all. Mrs. Young recently completed the Class Directory. Be on the lookout for that in your e-mail.

Early Release Day, Thursday, 10/12/2017. Dismissal will be at 12:20.

Next week is conference week. It is also an early release week. Please check your e-mails from me or sign-up genius to schedule your conference. If you do not see a time convenient to your schedule, please send me an e-mail and we will find a time that will work. Our lunch and special time is changed for next week, and your child will be dismissed at 12:20. There will also be a Book Fair in the Media Center and our counselors are scheduling Career Week along with Red Ribbon Week. Report Cards will be distributed during your child’s conference.

We are participating in the Pizza Hut BOOK IT! Program. This month, read 15-20 minutes at home and color a pumpkin each time your child reads. Once your child completes the page, please return the form to school and your child will receive a pizza coupon (October-March).

Please remember to check your student’s binder daily, sign the behavior calendar, and remove and go over with your child any completed work. Students do have a math packet in their homework pocket to practice skills that we are working on in class.


Week of September 4th

Hi families,

I hope everyone is enjoying their three day weekend.

On Tuesday, we will have STEM class in the afternoon. Please try to wear your STEM, House, or Frey shirt.

Wednesday – Progress reports go home. Please let me know if you have any questions. I will be sending home many corrected papers this week. Please go over them with your child. I am really proud of what your child is doing in class. They work very hard everyday!

The Fire Safety Village Field Trip is scheduled for Friday, September 8. If you have not already done so, please return all  homework sheets and waivers on Tuesday, September 5. Students will eat lunch at the village. If your child does not want a school lunch, they need to bring a lunch from home.Please pack lunches from home in a labeled, gallon size Ziploc bag. Please pack a snack for your child to enjoy upon our return. The kiddos are usually hungry in the afternoon. Remind your child to wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes. We look forward to a fun trip!

Our PTA Sponsored Movie Night is Friday, September 8 from 6:30-9:30 pm. The students voted and the winner is…Beauty and the Beast! Relay for Life will be selling glowsticks. Come join us for some movie fun!!

What we have been learning……..

Phonics/Spelling – We have been focusing on short vowels sounds, closed syllable words that give the short vowel sound. This week we will begin to look at long vowel digraphs.

Reading – Retelling the characters, setting, beginning, middle, and end of a story. Not only are students retelling orally, but retelling by writing the summary in three paragraphs (in the beginning, in the middle, at the end).

Writing – Personal narratives (an experience that happened to them).

Math – We have been learning about place value and practicing all the different ways to represent numbers. The 4 ways we have been representing numbers are: Standard Form (462),  Base Ten Blocks, Expanded Form/Notation (400 + 60 + 2),  Word Form (four hundred sixty-two). We also worked on comparing 2 three digit numbers using greater than, less than, and equal to. This week, we will continue to compare numbers and begin to count by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s using pennies, nickels and dimes. This will help your child count money using dollars and cents.

Science – Solids, Liquids, & Gases Oh My! We finished up our unit on Matter by rotating to all the second grade classes to explore changing states of matter.  Here are the activities your child participated in on their matter exploration…

* Ice Cream Freezing into a Solid in Ms. Scaturro’s Class

* Matter is Poppin’ Bubble Fun in Mr. Navarra’s Classroom

* Matter isn’t Something to Bark At Melting Matter, Making Chocolate Spoons in Mrs. Pirro’s Class

* The Life Cycle of a Snowman in Mrs. Pinkard’s Class

* Ooey Gooey Slime in Mrs. Farmer’s Class

We will begin our next unit on the Moon, Sun and Shadows. Then, Seasonal Changes.

Parents, please make sure your child is reading and practicing addition and subtraction facts every night.