One More Week!

Happy Sunday everybody! Can you believe we are almost to winter break? Just one more week!

Although we only have one more week, we’re going to be working hard!

Here’s a little bit of what we will be doing this week:

Math: Decomposing numbers to 5-10. Finding the missing numbers to add to make up to a number

(ex: 2 and ____ is 5)

Writing/ Social Studies: Valentine’s writing & George Washington/ Abraham Lincoln.

Phonics: Letter of the week “Vv”.

Reading: Focusing on retelling, sequencing, and purpose of story/author/ illustrator.

I hope you all received the Valentine’s flyer for this Wednesday. We have some fun activities scheduled! That being said, if you choose, please bring in a Valentine for each student (we have 18 total). Please only label the “from” section and leave the “to” section blank. This makes it easier for distribution! We will be making bags at school for the students to put their valentines in to take home 🙂

If you have any questions about this, please let me know!

Please continue working on sight words, reading with your child, and counting to 100!

Thank you all for your support & help! Have a fantastic week! 🙂


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