Dear Parents:

I give you back your child, the same child that you entrusted in my care last fall. I give your child back a little bit older, a wee bit taller, and a WHOLE lot smarter! It has been my pleasure and privilege to watch their character, personality, and intellect develop day by day as we learned new things together.

I am so proud of all of my students’ accomplishments and I know I couldn’t have done any of this without you! Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement. We have become a close-knit classroom family and will always be part of each other.

Remember that I will always be interested in your child and their destiny, wherever they may go, whatever they may do, and whoever they may become. I look forward to the day when I hear that familiar name linked to great accomplishments!

Thank you so much for coming to our Poetry Cafe. I enjoyed seeing all of you! Many thanks for the beautiful flowers and all the generous gifts! Please send me pics of their sunflowers!


Last Week of Fourth Grade

Wow! I cannot believe we are at the end of such a fabulous 4th grade year!

Many thanks to all the parents who came to East Cobb Park and the Wax Museum. I hope you enjoyed your child’s performance.

You are all invited to join us for the Poetry Cafe on Monday at 10:00. Students should wear black shirts.

Board games on Tuesday!

Last day of school on Wednesday!

Enjoy this beautiful Sunday🤩

Walk to East Cobb Park


We are watching the radar and we will make a decision around 10:30  about the walk to the park.  This is our big end of the year event and we are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather cooperates.  In the event that we do need to cancel, please have your child bring an electronic device to use for some of that time tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding!

Week of May 9th

Many thanks to our amazing parents, Clare Schueren, Melissa Fleury and Brooks Hall, for volunteering their time and presenting during Career Day! We also appreciate our wonderful room mom, Caroline McNeely, for buying all the snacks, water and popsicles needed for the Marathon, Kickball Game and Field Day! Thank you to all the parents who stopped by during Field Day!

Congratulations to Josh and Ellery! They represented our class in the Marathon. Way to run fast! We are very proud of you! Please check out photos on Shutterfly!

I hope to see all of you on Monday, May 14th at 10:00. Our class worked really hard to bring their characters to life! It’s an event you cannot miss.

I’d also appreciate your RSVP for the Poetry Cafe, May 21st at 10:00. Thank you to those who turned the RSVP’s in already!

Next Week-at-a-Glance

Math: Metric System

Science: Ecosystems

Reading/Writing: Wax Museum & Poetry



Week of April 30th

I can hardly believe there are a few weeks left in 4th grade! Although, this is the case, the reality is we are relentlessly working on three major projects: Wax Museum (May 14th), Poetry Cafe (May 21st) and Ecosystems!

Please make sure you check your child’s folder today, as I included invitations and admission tickets to the Wax Museum and the Poetry Cafe. Costumes for each character need to be brought to school on May 10th! We are going to compose and memorize our speeches next week.

Our amazing Foundation provided a grant for a 2-day training at the RON CLARK ACADEMY in Atlanta! I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to participate in this educator training. Therefore, I won’t be at school on Monday and Tuesday, May 7th and 8th!

There are a lot of fun-filled events next week, please refer to the May Calendar of events for more details:

May 7th-Career Day/ Ecosystems Test/ Wear Class Shirt

May 8th-Marathon/ Wear Class Shirt

May 10th-Field Day & Kickball Game/ Wear Class Shirt

No Spelling

Math: Metric System

Enjoy your weekend! I hope to see all of you on May 14th! The Wax Museum is an event you cannot afford to miss:)


News and May Calendar

Many thanks to our wonderful mothers, Greta Herbert and Lizzy Nielsen for volunteering their time to teach the Adventure in Arts lesson on Wednesday!

Progress reports go home today. Please sign them! Thank you!

Each student needs to bring in a tri-fold poster board, borders, stickers and any other decorations they want for the WAX MUSEUM POSTER! Please try to send them in by Monday 4/30. Thank you!

Please ask your child about “Snakes and Donuts” a hands-on Economics activity that involves involves manufacturing, distribution and sales. I also posted pics on Shutterfly.

This is a snapshot of the month of May. We have a lot of interesting events and activities! I am also sending a hard copy in your child’s folder today for your reference.

May 7 9:00-11:00 Room 313 CAREER DAY
May 8 1:00-2:00 Track Marathon
May 10 8:00-11:30 Gym/ Track/Bus Port Field Day! Sign-Up to volunteer or feel free to come by and cheer your child/take pictures!
May 10 1:00-2:00 Soccer Field Kickball Game 5th grade students against teachers
May 14 10:00-11:00 4th Grade Classrooms WAX MUSEUM/All Parents are invited
May14-May 18 All Day Media Center BOGO Book Fair
May 15 12:00-2:00 Room 313 STEM-SCHOOL WIDE
May 17 12:00-2:00 East Cobb Park End-of-the-Year Celebration at East Cobb Park/ All Parents are invited to walk with us to the park
May 18 8:50-9:30 Cafeteria Awards Ceremony/ A’s and A-B Honor Roll
May 21 10:00-11:00 Room 313 Poetry Café/ All Parents are invited
May 21 12:00-2:00 4th Grade Classrooms Movie Theatre
May 22


All Day Room 313 Bring your favorite board game to play with your friends!

Early Release @12:30

May 23 12:30 Early Release Last Day of 4th Grade! Enjoy your summer! See you in August!

Next Week-at-a-Glance

Reading/Writing: Poetry

Science: Ecosystems

Spelling: Lesson 23/Test on Friday

Math: Customary Units of Measurements/Test on Friday


Week of April 16th

Many thanks to all the parents who donated snacks during the Milestones testing! A great thanks to our wonderful mothers, Kerri Grant and Marci Suddeth for volunteering during the STEM lesson today!

Our class survived the Milestones Testing and hopefully we will have all the scores before the end of the school year.

Ask your child about “Cookie Mining”! We concluded the Economics Unit with the STEM activity in which each pair of students mined for chocolate chips and calculated their profit. Please review all the Economics terms, play the matching games on the Quizlet website and be ready for the test on Monday!

Next Week-at-a-Glance

Reading & Writing: Poetry

Spelling: Test on Friday

Math: Area and Perimeter Test on Monday/ Measurement

Social Studies: Economics Test on Monday/ Snakes and Donuts

Cereal Box and Commercial due on Monday!


Happy Friyay!

Our students worked really hard on completing Sections 1, 2 and 3 on the Reading and Language Arts Georgia Milestones tests.

Please encourage your child to review the Math Study Guide we completed today! Milestones testing will continue with two Math sections on Monday and Tuesday.

Friday folders will come home next week, as we don’t have anything that needs to go home today.

Thank you again to all of you who sent in snacks for the kiddos! They loved them!

Gimme 5 for Education

Our “Gimme 5 for Education” campaign to raise funds for the Cobb Schools Foundation will be ending tomorrow, Friday, April 13!  Thank you to all the families and staff members who have already donated! We have raised about $1,200 for our school which means we will get 50% back to use at our school! Please help us meet our goal of $1,500 before tomorrow’s deadline. All checks can be made out to East Side and can go into the white safe or you can donate online at Gimme 5 Online Donation Page. Don’t forget it is a tax-deductible contribution! Again, thank you for giving East Side a high five to education and supporting our school continuously.