January 14

January 14

This Week at The Mill:

Six Flags Reading Challenge Continues

1/16 = Lesson with Mr. Verity & Mr. Kagan’s birthday

1/16 = Social Studies – Independent Assignment (WWI Brochure due)

1/17 = Lake Point Station Spirit Night

1/18 = Hat Day – Fundraiser for Special Olympics $1 – wear your favorite hat!

1/18 = 5th Grade Night @ Adventure Air – special 5th grade fundraiser night! – supports end-of-year 5th grade activities!  I’ll be there…come play with me!

1/18 = SCIENCE FAIR!  The big day that they’ve been preparing for!  Judging will take place of K-5 science fair projects

Coming Soon:

1/21 = MLK Holiday – no school

1/22 = Week 6 / Week 7 Vocabulary Quiz – quizlet study guide posted in OneNote – as well as words

1/25 = Talent Show Auditions – click to read info from Mrs. Grebe for details

1/31 = STEM night – Science Fair winners will be announced, then STEM activities for K-5 students!

Students did an AMAZING job on their Science Fair experiments!  I’m reading them and giving feedback on all those that were submitted on Friday.  Late projects = 5 points off each day.

This week, we will focus on finishing our Power Point presentations of our experiments and creating QR codes for the judges.  Students are welcome to work on their presentations at home – but all projects must be saved on student’s OneDrive in office 365.  Templates are also available in student OneNote Notebooks in Office 365.

Science:  Our focus will definitely be on finishing up science fair, but we’ll also try to review what we’ve learned about cells and micro-organisms.

Social Studies:  Review WWI notes and study guide (in SS Notebook) to review for WWI quiz on Wednesday.  We will review more in-class and a link to a review game is posted in student notebooks in OneNote.  Students also have an independent assignment due on Wednesday that will help them prepare for their quiz as well.  They are creating a brochure style organizer of before, during, and after WWI.  At least 1 paragraph to explain each is needed for full credit.  Pay attention to spelling (found in your notes), grammar, and conventions.

We will learn a bit more about life after WWI during the Roaring 20s this week as well.  There are several key historical figures we will learn about during our study of the 20s – look for a review game to be posted for those soon.

Language Arts:  We will use some language arts time to build our PowerPoint, but we will also learn week 7 vocabulary words this week.  We will have a vocabulary quiz next Tuesday.  Review week 6 words.  Quiz will cover Week 6 and week 7.  Both sets of words are found in Student Notebooks in OneNote in the ELA tab.  A quizlet review link is also posted which will aid studying.  We will also continue developing our quick writing responses through the student favorite – Bell Ringers.  There are some fun topics this week!

Since students will finish their presentations at varying points during the week, I will introduce their next writing piece.  We will focus on creative writing again and work on an imaginative piece.  I wanted to do something fun to write about after they worked so hard on their science projects!  Students will be developing a super-hero type character.  We will focus this week on developing main character (protagonist) and supporting character (antagonists, side-kicks, etc.).  We are NOT writing this story yet  – ONLY developing characters.  To write a piece like this, students will need a clear plan of who their characters are – their strengths, weaknesses, and a strong plot.  We will learn about all these as the unit progresses.  Who knows…we might even be able to throw in a few video clips from some Super-Hero movies!

Have a great week – I can’t wait for the judges to be wowed on Friday by your scientific adventures!

~Mrs. Misinco

January 10

5th Graders & Music

Please see following information & letter from Mrs. Grebe

Link to Talent Show Information : Talent Show Info Letter


To Parents of Fifth Grade Students

Music Class – Recorder


Beginning in February, your child will learn to play the recorder in music class.  Playing the recorder involves all of the skills of reading music, which includes pitch, rhythm, instrument technique and intonation. These music skills will prepare your child for greater success as they transition to middle school band, chorus, or orchestra next year. The recorder unit will begin in February and continue through May. In order to achieve the most success in music class, it is important that your child has his/her own recorder to play both in music class and to practice at home.


What is a Recorder? How much does it cost?

The recorder is a plastic musical instrument about 12 inches long and comes in a variety of colors and brands.  The best brand is Yamaha and costs $8.00.  Yamaha recorders are made better, sound better, and will not break easily.  Avoid buying inexpensive recorders at stores like Target, Wal-Mart and the Dollar Stores.


Where can I purchase a Yamaha brand recorder for my child?

Recorders can be purchased locally at: Paulding Music Center: 10175 Dallas Acworth Hwy Unit 121, Dallas, GA 30132 (770) 974-1158Ken Stanton Music:  3636 Dallas Hwy across from the Avenues (770) 429-8816; or Amazon.   Make sure to buy a soprano recorder with Baroque fingering.


Recorder Testing and Music Grades

Music grades will be determined by each student’s ability to demonstrate note reading, rhythm reading and recorder technique through performing songs on their recorder using a curriculum called Recorder Karate.  Recorder Karate is a compilation of nine songs that graduate in difficulty, allowing students to work at their own pace. Students will earn a “belt” for their recorder each time they successfully play a song in class. The color of each belt represents the difficulty level of the song being tested. The songs graduate in difficulty in rhythm, pitch, and recorder technique.  Individual playing assessments will be given during each music class.  Student grades will be determined by successfully performing individual playing tests on their recorder throughout the grading period. A music theory test will be given at the end of the unit to test for further understanding of pitch, rhythm, note reading and recorder technique.


Music Folder

Students need a pocket folder to keep music and other information given to them in class.  This should be brought to music class each time.  Students will receive extra credit for bringing their recorders/folders to class each time.  Students who do not bring their recorder to class will use a school owned classroom recorder that day.  These cannot be taken home. If you have any questions, e-mail me at allison.grebe@cobbk12.org or leave a voice mail at (770) 975-7172.


Alli S Grebe

Music Specialist

Pickett’s Mill Elementary School


January 7

January 7

Welcome Back!  I tried to send thank-you cards before the break, but wanted to extend another thank-you for the sweet and generous Christmas gifts.  So many treats and thoughtful gifts truly warmed my heart.  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year!  We are officially half way through 5th grade!

This week at the Mill:

Tuesday 1/8 = Optional Science Fair Help session – after school in STEM Lab – send transportation note please.

Tuesday 1/8 = STEM for Misinco’s class

Wednesday 1/9 = Mama Frog’s Spirit Night

Thursday 1/10 = Science Assembly

Friday 1/11 = Science Experiments finished & Report Cards come home


Coming Soon:

1/17 = Lake Point Spirit Night 4 – 9PM

1/18 = Hat Day – Special Olympics fundraiser $1

1/18 = Science Fair Projects Due – see notes below.

1/18 = Air Adventure – 5th grade fundraiser night.

1/31 = STEM Night – Science Fair awards

This week, we will work on completing our science fair projects.  Hopefully, students are finished with the actual experiment portion of their project.  Remember, this year’s science fair will NOT have tri-fold boards.  We will be turning in our project through PowerPoint.  Students who have finished their experiments will begin creating their presentation at school this week.   Once I introduce this to students, they may finish it up at home if they wish.  Students – your focus should be to finish your experiment (if it’s not finished already).  Remember to take pictures and save them to your OneDrive, or a flash drive,  so you can access them at school.  If you need to email them to me, that’s fine too.  We will go over all this at school on Monday.

In Social Studies this week, we will continue our study of WWI.  So far, we’ve learned about the causes – remember MAIN!  We also began notes about the assassination and this week, we will learn about how/why the US got involved.  We will read a newspaper and look at some primary documents / photographs.

In science – our focus will be on science fair, of course!  I’ll help students with any parts that they may have questions about.

Language Arts:  We will do bell ringers this week and short grammar goofs where we correct mistakes.  We will work in small groups to do science fair checks and build our presentations.  We will learn grammar, sentence construction, and more as we develop our science fair presentations.

Have a great week Pirates – I can’t wait to see what you discovered with your experiments!

~Mrs. M

December 17

December 17

This Week at the Mill:

12/17 – 12/21 = No After-school clubs this week

12/18 = Chorus sings at Chick-Fil-A Spirit Night

12/18 = Field Trip to KSU Holocaust Museum

12/18 = Reindeer Dash!  Last week, I had a spot in the dash…. will I make the cut?  Thanks to all who voted for me!   Vote through Tuesday!

12/20 = Early Relase @ 12:30.  ASP Open until 5 pm

12/20 = 5th Grade Grinch Breakfast 8:30 – 10:00. Don’t forget to sign up for a party donation!  Click for Signup Genius

12/21 = Early Release @ 12:30.  ASP open until 5pm

1/7 = Students Return for 2nd half of 5th grade!

1/11 = Science Fair experiments are due – turn in the one-page report of your experiment.

Thank you all for the well-wishes as I battled the Flu.  I will return on Monday! yay!

Language Arts:  We will spend this week focused on finishing up past assignments – especially in NoRedInk.  No homework this week.

Science:  We will learn about plant cells, animal cells, and their organelles.

Science Fair:  All students should have procedures written for their experiments and can begin the experiment any time.  Please let me know if you need assistance with this.  All experiments should be finished by January 11th.  Since there is no homework this week for language arts, science, or social studies, this might be a great week to get it done!  Don’t forget to take photos and collect data!


It’s Party time!  Our 5th grade holiday party is on Thursday.  We’ve had a few donations, but please take a look at the sign-up genius.  We need these supplies for each 5th grade classroom.  Here’s the link again  Click for Signup Genius.  Students are also encouraged to dress-up in their Grinchiest attire on Thursday!  We’ll have a contest for the Grinchiest costume!

Have a great week and the Merriest of Holidays!

December 10

December 10

This Week at the Mill:

12/11 = Optional After School Science Fair help 2:15 – 3:15 in STEM lab – please send transportation note.

12/12 = Mama Frog’s Spirit Night

12/13 = STEM Day – we’ll have STEM activities all morning

12/14 = Spelling Bee – we’ll cheer on our 5th grade class winners!

12/14 = Language Quiz

Next week:

12/18 = Field Trip to KSU – please send in $4 and field trip form this week (if you haven’t already)

12/20 = Early Release / 5th Grade Grinch Party – Click for Signup Genius

12/21 = Early Release

This week in science, we will be learning about animal cells and their organelles.  We’ll have some notes, watch a video, and use the microscopes.  We will also complete a few graphic organizers.

In social studies, we will begin learning about World War I. We’ll study the causes and America’s involvement over the coming weeks.  We did great on our Progressive Era Quiz – if you’re taking the retest – remember to get your “Request to Retest” signed and study.  We are going to KSU’s WWII museum next Tuesday.  Please send in the $4 and permission forms.  Even though we’re just beginning WWI, students will get a glimpse of how many problems associated with WWI were not solved, and led to WWII.

In Language Arts:  We have bell ringers and daily language review each day this week.  We will have our language quiz on Friday.  We reviewed pronouns and prepositions last week – so watch for those on your homework sheet.  We got a peak at our Ping Pong Challenge on Friday.  We hope to devote a few Fridays each month to this fun writing & STEM learning task.

On a side note – our class earned a Pancake breakfast from Mrs. Misinco tomorrow morning.  Come hungry!

Have a great week!

December 3

December 3

This week at the Mill:

12/4 = Zaxby’s Night

12/7 = Bingo Night

12/4 – 12/14 = Toy Drive

Coming Soon:

12/4 – 12/14 = Toy Drive

12/11 – 12/18 = Reindeer Dash Sales

12/18 = Mills/Misinco/Pace-Kagan – Field Trip to Holocaust Museum at KSU – please send in $4 and field trip permission forms if you haven’t already!


Science – We will have a science quiz on Friday.  This quiz will cover classification of organisms.  We will review and prepare all week.  In addition, this week we will be learning about cells.  We will study unicellular and multi-cellular organisms as well as the difference between prokaryotic vs. eukaryotic cells.  

Social Studies – We’ve been learning about the Progressive Era and the changes that came about for the US during that time.  We will review and complete a close activity this week.  Students will prepare for a SS quiz on Thursday.

English / Language Arts –  Students have been working hard to master the use of the commonly confused words they’re, there, & their.  We will continue to work on using these correctly in our writing.  Students will also begin review of pronouns this week and using them appropriately in writing.  This will be a very quick study of pronouns.  We will also begin week 6 vocabulary words this week.  Friday, we will quiz over vocabulary from unit 4 & 5.  We will review those words this week as well.  Students can access these vocabulary words & definitions any time in their OneNote Student Notebook in office 365.  They also have these words in their Language Arts Notebooks at school.

We will begin our informational writing unit this week.  Students will be writing an informational article / bio about a historical figure from the Progressive era.

Have a great week!



November 26

November 26

This week at the Mill:

11/29 = Super Specials – wear Tennis shoes for PE

11/29 = Language Quiz

11/30 = no specials – Well Star Visit.  Bring Devices today – Mrs. Gore is coming to help connect those that have had trouble getting connected in the classroom with their personal device.

11/30  = Science Fair forms due

Coming Soon:

12/3 – 12/14 = Toys for Tots Community Outreach – Toy Drive

12/4 = Zaxby’s Night

12/7 = BINGO Night


Welcome Back!  I hope everyone had a restful and fun break!

Science:  This week, we will continue our study of classification of organisms as we study vascular and non-vascular plants.  No quizzes are planned for this week.  Our science fair forms are due on Friday.

Social Studies:  We will continue learning about the Progressive era.  We will review what we learned about the Spanish-American war and America’s role in the world.  Students will have an independent assignment this week.  I have also provided a video on the Progressive Era in Edpuzzle.  Students can view the video at home any time this week.  There are no questions, but it’s a 4 minute video that’s very helpful in understanding this changing time in America’s history.

Language Arts:  In our language arts class, we worked to identify a focus for our science fair projects.  I will work with students again this week to make sure they have developed a scientific question and will do a lesson on writing a hypothesis.  Students’ hypothesis due dates are on their science experiment form.

We will also resume our Bell Ringers and Daily Language this week.

Students will be staying with their Homerooms on Friday due to No Specials that day and Well Star visits.  Because of this, we will have our Language Quiz on Thursday.  Students highlight the skills to practice / review on their daily language each day in their binders.

Students wrote fantastic essays about FortNite.  I’ll have those back to students early this week with feedback.  We also had a lot of fun with our FortNite debate!

Have a wonderful week.  Only 20 school days left in 2018!

November 16



As we approach our week off, I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I am so very thankful for you and your children.  I love coming to school everyday and learning with your child.  I am thankful to be your child’s teacher.  While I hope your child learns a lot this year, most of all, I hope they leave my class knowing that I love them and want them to grow to be happy, healthy, and kind people.  Thank you for all you do to support your child at school.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a restful break,

Pepper Misinco