November 12

November 13th

This week:

Tuesday 11/14 = Thanksgiving Lunch for K – 2 – 3.  Menchie’s night 4pm – 9pm

Wednesday 11/15 = Thanksgiving Lunch for 4 – 1 – 5

Thursday 11/16 = Class Spelling Bee

Next week:

No School – 11/20 – 11/24

We’ve got a busy week ahead!

In reading, we have CRAFT journals due this week.  We are a classroom full of readers!  Last month, we read over 30 books.  This month, we’ve already ready 19.  This is just counting the books that we’ve taken a reading counts quiz for!  That’s awesome!  We have a goal of 40 books for the month – keep reading!

In language arts, we’re finishing a fun writing piece about a Polar Bear.  Students have worked to critique each other’s writing.  We’ve improved our introductions, worked on developing details, and are creating some of our best narrative writing pieces yet!  I can’t wait to read these stories!

In math this week, we will continue to look at fractions.  We will multiply fractions and add fractions this week.  In addition, we will develop strategies for simplifying fractions.  On Thursday bring those Ninja masks I warned you about.  Mine is made from construction paper – students can do the same at home.  If they need construction paper, they just need to ask – we have plenty.  I will remind kids about this during the week.

In science – we will have another quick assignment of physical and chemical changes, and we will complete an investigation to collect some data.

In social studies – we’re learning about the Reconstruction period.  We’re reading about this in our reading groups as well.

We’ve got a busy week ahead and we’re looking forward to a break.  Look for information to come home on Monday regarding a social studies project that will be due in early December.

~Have a great week!

November 10

Wonder T-shirts!

5th grade students & families can purchase a “choose King” t-shirt to show we pledge to choose kind.  students and parents are encouraged to wear their shirts to our viewing of the movie Wonder on November 18th.  This is completely optional, proceeds will go towards the 5th grade celebration.

$10 Youth or Adult tishirt

Cash or checks .  Please make checks payable to PMES foundation & drop in black pirate box located in main hall.

Be sure to include student name and homeroom teacher!.

Shirts will be delivered Friday, November 17th to your child’s classroom.


November 9

Friday 11/9

Postponing Matter Quiz / Test – we just need more time… so we’re going to postpone this until after break.  

Students will have another independent assignment – but not the test.  We will continue to add to our study guide.




November 5

November 6th

This week:

Tuesday 11/7 = No School for Students.

Friday 11/10 = Veteran’s Day Program 8:30 am / SkyZone night


Next week:

Monday 11/13 = Science Test:  Matter.  Study guide is available in Edmodo and OneNote

Thursday 11/16 = Class Spelling Bee.  Top 2 spellers will represent our class in the school-wide Bee in December.  Spelling list to practice with is in Edmodo.

Thursday 11/16 = Progress reports for 2nd 9 weeks

Friday 11/17 = $1 Pajama Day Benefit

We will take a break from CRAFT journals this week!

We will get our study guides for our Matter test this week.  These are already loaded in OneNote student notebooks for science and will be loaded in Edmodo today.  We will fill out a study guide in-class and glue those into science IANS.  Test is scheduled for November 13th.

We will be learning about the Reconstruction period this week during reading groups.

In math, we will continue to practice division and division of decimals.  We took a brief look at multiplying fractions last week, but this week we will jump into all things fractions.  Get your Ninja masks ready – we will turn into Fraction ninjas sometime soon.  I’ll tell you when to bring your masks (only to be worn in class) …P.S… my mask is made of construction paper – nothing too fancy is necessary!  Please don’t go out and purchase a mask!

There is no school for students on Tuesday – teachers will be busy learning that day.


Have a great week Pirates!

~Mrs. M


October 29

October 30th

We’ve got another exciting week planned here at the Mill!

Tuesday 10/31 = Boo Grams will be delivered & It’s Book Character Dress-up Day.  Dress as your favorite character from a book.  Please remember that this is NOT a Halloween dress-up day.  Masks, face paint, color sprayed hair, etc. is distracting and not conducive to learning – please follow the guidelines by dressing up in character attire.  Participation is optional, but your teachers will certainly be dressed up as book characters!

Friday 11/3 = Chemical Change Cafe.  Please send in your proposal by Tuesday if you are planning on being a guest chef!  We will need to prepare the menu for this special event.  Any student who does not wish to cook, but is willing to provide us with drinks (capri sun, bottled mini-water, etc.) would be appreciated!  Please let Mrs. M know if you’re able to bring this before Friday.

We’re writing opinion essays this week.  We’ve started drafting and we will continue conferencing and revising our writing.  Students who complete essays by Tuesday will be publishing their writing in their OneDrive.

In reading, we’re still working with paired texts and looking at text organization.  Each student is reading independent books and responding in CRAFT journals each week. We love to see those book towers grow!

In math, we’ll continue working to master division of two digit numbers and decimals.  This takes lots of practice and IXL will be a good friend for mastering this skill!

Chemical and Physical changes are on the agenda this week in science.  We’re in need of 4-5 boxes of cookies for an upcoming science lesson.  If you could send in Chips-A-Hoy (or something similar), we’d be truly grateful!

Have a wonderful week and don’t forget to bring candy for Mrs. M and Mr.K!!!

Parents:  We will take candy for the class store!

October 22

October 23, 2017

We truly enjoyed meeting with everyone during conferences.  Students did a fantastic job showcasing their learning.  They continue to make us proud to be their teachers.  We look forward to watching them continue to grow during the remainder of the school year.

A lot is happening this week at the Mill:

10/23 – 10/27 = BOO GRAMS!  Send a BOO gram to a friend this week to support Relay for Life.

10/23 – 10/27 = Red Ribbon Week!

10/25 = Red Ribbon Week Event:  Dress for Success =   Dress up as your future career choice

10/23 – 10/27 = CAMPAIGN for Student Council.  Letters will come home Monday.  Ignore the due date.  If permission forms are turned in before Wednesday, students can run for office.  We will have 2 student council representatives from our class.  Posters or videos are great ways to advertise yourself!  Give a speech on Friday to tell us how you will represent our classroom.  

10/23 = PINK OUT

10/24 = Zaxby’s Night 5pm – 9pm

10/26 = Misinco / Kagan : Math at the Varsity

Coming up:

10/31 = Book Character Day:  Dress up as your favorite book character.

11/3 = Chemical Change Cafe – information coming home this week.

11/7 = Election Day / Teacher Work Day.  NO SCHOOL FOR STUDENTS

11/16 = Progress reports for 2nd 9 week period

11/18 = NGC movie for 5th graders:  Wonder.  Time:  TBA

As fun as conference week is, Mr. Kagan and I are ready to go back to a normal schedule!  So right back to it we go!

In reading this week, we will focus on Paired texts and text organization.  Students will use two texts on the same topic.  We will continue to work with students on their CRAFT journals (Comprehension. Response. Accuracy. Fluency. Terms/Vocab).  These journals are evidence of independent reading and practice for responding to texts.  We urge students to use feedback from previous weeks as they continue to grow / develop these responses.

In language arts, we will continue to use our daily language practice each day.  This week, we’re also developing an opinion essay about cell phones for children.  The students picked this topic, so we’re so excited to read what they have to say about it.  Students can look in their ELA notebook (OneNote) for each week’s blank Daily Language pages.  We made these available for students to have for additional studying if needed.  Click Daily Language tab, then the current week.  I will show students how to access in class.

Math for this week includes more practice on dividing by two digit divisors and an introduction to dividing with decimals.  This one can be tricky – IXL will be a good friend to practice with!  Look for this week’s skills to be posted on Tuesday afternoon.  IXL practice can help you do well on math review quizzes.

We are learning about matter in science.  This week, we’ll create Stop-Motion videos to demonstrate the movement of particles in various states of  matter.  We will also have a lab in which we use properties to classify matter.  Our first science quiz for this term will be Tuesday, Oct. 31st.  We have a weekly warm-up assignment due THIS FRIDAY.

Have a great week Pirates!

~Mrs. M

October 19


As in years past, you’re being asked to take a survey regarding our school.  Your participation in this survey ensures that our school receives credits toward our College and Career Readiness Index (CCRPI score).  We all know that great schools help our home values – Please participate!

Click HERE to access the survey.


On another note – as of yesterday, we were the top donating class for Surrender the Booty!


October 15

October 16th

It’s Conference Week!

We can’t wait for your children to share their progress with you.  The students always get excited about sharing their accomplishments with their parents!

Events happening this week:

10/16 – 10/20 = Student led conferences + Early Dismissal (12:30) + BOOK FAIR + Box Top Competition + Surrender The Booty

10/17 = Picture Retakes / Make-up

10/20 = 5th grade honors chorus performance at Mt. Paran


Coming up:

10/23 = Red Ribbon Week  + Boo Grams

10/23 = Pink Out

10/24 = Zaxby’s Night

10/26 = Special Misinco / Kagan event… look for information to come home on Monday

We’ll have shorter classes this week as we accommodate for early release schedules.  Our specials time changes this week: 8:05 – 8:35

Lunch time changes this week:  11:28 – 11:58


In class this week:

Reading:  Students will work on their reading responses in CRAFT journals.  We will also be looking at text organization and reading paired texts.

ELA:  finishing up some fun writing and starting a new opinion essay

Math:  We’re practicing multiplying decimals to figure tax.  Look for an important announcement to come home on Monday regarding next week!

Science:  We will start our Matter unit this week!

Social Studies:  We will be doing some reading about the end of the Civil War and the changes it brought to the Constitution.  Great job working on those 1st 10 amendments.

Looking forward to seeing you at conferences.

~Mrs. M

October 9

October 8, 2017

SURRENDER THE BOOTY!  – Don’t forget to send in donations for our ONLY direct donation Fundraiser this year!  100% of money raised goes back to students at the Mill.  This fundraiser makes our STEM lab, Leader in Me, and so many other awesome things at our school possible.  Even small donations help a lot!  Don’t forget about Corporate Matching!

This Week at the Mill:

10/9 = Perfect attendance recognition during homerooms

10/12 = Early Release – Students dismiss at 12:30 : NO AFTER SCHOOL CLUBS

Coming up:

10/16 – 10/20 = Conference Week.

*Parents, please remember that our time together during conference week is for students to lead us through their learning and progress.  As you arrive for conferences, take a look at some student work outside in the halls.  Students are always excited to show off their work for you!  Here’s my DISCLAIMER:  I could talk with you all day about your child.  I love to do so – and I am guilty of talking too much and too long during a conference.  That said – I have to be thoughtful about the next conference, so please excuse my timer!  It is not meant to stop you – It’s meant to stop me!  If you feel we need additional time to discuss progress or concerns, we can always set up an additional conference after student led conference week.     Report cards will be handed out at conferences.  Anyone not attending a conference will receive report cards on Friday 10/20.


We will take Student Surveys first thing Monday morning for the DOE.

We will go see Mr. Verity for guidance on Wednesday.


In reading, we are learning how to combine information from paired texts to answer questions.  We are also working on author’s purpose in IXL.  We’ve also looked at several ways a text could be organized.  We will continue to develop these skills over the next few weeks.

In Language Arts, we’re finishing up our Civil War Newspapers.  The class has enjoyed working together to create these interesting writing pieces.  There are all sorts of topics – and the students can’t wait for you to see them during conference week.

In Math – we’re learning how to multiply decimals.  The real-life skill of calculating tax on a bill has had us busy the past few days.  We will continue to develop of skills of calculating with decimals over the next few days.  We will also begin looking at division using 2 digit divisors.  Estimating / Rounding will be an important skill for the upcoming division unit – brush up on this skill in IXL.

In social studies – we’re learning about the BILL OF RIGHTS.  We have a quiz on these first ten amendments this Thursday.  Students will review these each day in-class.  They each have a copy of a helpful cartoon that describes each. We’ve also reviewed branches of government and their roles.

We will be picking up science again in the next week or so.  We will study matter during this term.