November 12


We are Skyping with a herpetologist tomorrow who is working to identify species of organisms in New Guinea.

Students were asked to find out what a herpetologist studies!

They were also trying to come up with some questions they might have for a scientist in this field.

He is super excited to meet our class!

November 12

November 12

This Week at the Mill:

  • 11/12 – 11/16 = Food Drive
  • 11/13 = Thanksgiving feast for 4th, K, & 3rd
  • 11/14 = Thanksgiving Feast for 5th, 2nd, 1st
  • 11/14 = Science Quiz & Spirit Night @ Mama Frogs
  • 11/15 = Parent Meeting for Science Fair @ 7:15 in Learning Commons (Library) – see my note below
  • 11/15 = Class Spelling Bees – Mills / Misinco / Pace-Kagan – done in L.Arts class
  • 11/16 = Government Test & Progress Reports go home
  • 11/19 – 11/23 = Thanksgiving Holiday Break

Coming Soon:

  • 11/28 = Signed Science Fair Forms Due
  • 11/29 = Super Specials
  • 11/30 = No Specials – Wellstar Visiting

To prepare for our social studies test, we will play several interactive review games this week.

Please bring devices this week for Social Studies!

Science:  Last week, we learned about how organisms are classified according to the external and internal features.  We participated in a fun lab where students created their own classification system based on external and internal features of the candy.  They had a great time and enjoyed a treat afterward!  Thank you to all who sent in candy for this fun lesson.  This week, we will focus on vertebrates vs. invertebrates and the types of organisms that are members of these categories.  Students have a quiz on Wednesday over lesson 1 – classification.  They are reading and working in science books about the labs we’ve done in class to prepare.  Students will be asked to bring home science books and science notebooks Monday and Tuesday.

Social Studies:  We’ve learned all about the US government!  Students will complete a rare study guide on Monday (Target students will get a completed copy of the study guide).  This can also be found in OneNote Student notebooks under the Social studies tab.  Government Test on Friday!  Students will also bring their social studies notebooks home each day this week.  I will post resources for studying such as quizlets, quizziz, etc. in OneNote as well.  These will be open until Friday.  Please let me know if you have any issues with the links.  Reminder:  Any retests for Amendment quiz will be Monday 11/12.

Language Arts (Mills / Misinco / Pace/Kagan)

Students will receive their language homework on Monday.  They did a great job on the “their” assignment and I should have those back to them early this week.  Our Spelling Bees will be Thursday 11/15.  Words to practice are in Student OneNote notebooks.  Please let me know if you need a paper copy.  We will introduce Science fair projects in Language Arts this week.  This may seem like a stretch, but as the students tell me – “language is everywhere”!  All 5th grade students will do a science experiment this year.  What do you need to do right now?  Think about the type of science you like and be ready to decide on a question/experiment by the end of this week.

Here’s a breakdown:

  • All 5th grade students will be creating a project.
  • Parents – don’t stress – you will be hands-off!
  • There is an optional parent meeting on 11/15 @ 7:15 in the Library.
  • We will work in-class this week to develop our testable questions.
  • Students will ask parents to sign their science fair form – due back after the Thanksgiving break.
  • I will guide students through the process of identifying variables, writing their procedures, and how to collect their data.
  • Students will complete their actual experiment, take pictures, and collect the data AT HOME.  Students will have an expectation of independence in this part.
  • Students return in January, ready to create a power-point presentation about their experiment
  • NO BOARDS ARE NEEDED THIS YEAR – winners will go on to create a board.
  • Our goal for 5th grade projects is January 11th.

As for the rest of our language arts class time this week, we will be finishing our opinion essays and debating on what I’m calling: Fortnite Friday!


Have a wonderful week and I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 5

November 5

This week at the Mill:

Tuesday 11/6 = No School For Students – Teacher development day – Election Day!  If you can, please allow your child to go with you to vote!  We’ve been studying the constitution and the Bill of Rights.  They’ve learned all about the process, term lengths, limits, and balance of power.  It’s fun for them to take something they’ve learned in the classroom, and experience it in “real” life!

Friday – Nov. 9th = Veteran’s Day Program.  Visit PKM website to learn how to view the program.  Students are encouraged to wear Red, White, & Blue OR CAMO on Friday.

Coming Soon:

11/13 – Thanksgiving Feast for 4th – K – 3rd

11/14 – Thanksgiving Feast for 5th – 2nd – 1st

11/15 – Parent Meeting about Science Fair – Time TBA

11/19 – 11/23 = Thanksgiving Holiday Break

11/29 = Super Specials


Science:  All 5th grade students will create a science experiment this year to prepare for the science fair.  My students did this last year and the feedback from students was great!  We will work with students in-class to develop their science experiments.  What can they do to prepare?  Brainstorm some areas of science that they are interested in.  Do they like life science?  Earth Science?  Physical science?  It will help them when it comes time to pick a topic for their experiment (we will do this in a few weeks).

This week, we will learn more about classification of organisms.  Any Halloween candy left over? Want it out of your house?  If you do, you can send a small bag to school.  We can use it in our classrooms as rewards and I would love to have a bit extra for a science lab this week.

Social Studies:  Students are studying the Bill of Rights – they should know the first ten amendments as well as the 13th, 14th, 15th, and 19th amendments.  Tuesday will be a great day to review and study these more!

ELA (Mills, Misinco, Pace/Kagan):  We will learn new vocabulary this week.  Students will also prepare for a vocabulary quiz on Friday.  We are writing opinion essays about Fortnite.  Is it okay for kids?  The classes have been doing some great writing.  They also will be preparing for a debate on this topic.  I will give HW sheet on Monday – it is modified a bit to account for the no-school on Tuesday.  In place of Tuesday’s HW, I’ve suggested that students use OneNote to continue to document their evidence that supports their position on the Fortnite topic.


October 31

Busy Week!

Students have a lot going on this week – here’s a helpful list the kids developed to help them stay on track:

Due tomorrow:

  • Wonder Letter (assigned 8 days ago) – due tomorrow – minimum of 3 paragraphs.
  • Story Works – finish if you didn’t finish in reading class today.
  • Math Corrections are due tomorrow – this is grade redemption.  Complete and turn in on-time, with a parent signature,  to earn points back on your test/quiz.
  • Math Quiz tomorrow
  • Science Test – Earth science tomorrow.  Practice test is available in Student OneNote notebooks

Due later this week:

  • Reading Response Journal (independent reading) – due on Friday.
  • ELA Homework due Friday – Language Quiz – Friday
October 29

October 29

This week at the mill:

10/30 = Moes/ Menchie’s Night

10/31 = Book Character Costume Day – dress as your favorite book character.  Please know that all costumes must meet school dress code.

11/1 = Fine Arts Night @ the Mill – enjoy some art, music, and well….fine arts !


Coming Soon:

11/6 = Student holiday – Election Day

11/9 = 8:30 = Veteran’s Celebration

11/13 = Thanksgiving Family Lunch for 4th, K, & 3rd grades

11/14 = Thanksgiving Family Lunch for 5th, 2nd, & 1st grades

11/19 – 11/23 = Thanksgiving Holiday Break

Please don’t forget to return the $4 and the permission slip for our field trip to KSU.  Please let me know if you need another copy of the forms.

Science:  We have completed or unit on Earth Science.  Students are bringing their science notebooks home to study every day.  Test on Wednesday 10/31.

Social Studies:  We are almost finished with our study of government and citizenship. Students are learning the Bill of Rights.  There are links to games and practice in OneNote student notebooks.  We will take a peek at a few other amendments before we finish.

Language Arts (Mills / Misinco / Pace / Kagan):

The Bill of Rights projects are amazing!  So many great websites and commercials – if you visit the Mill, students are advertising their products outside our classroom.  This week, we will be getting back into the routine of grammar studies and vocabulary studies.  We will review our unit 4 vocabulary words and begin daily language again.  We will quiz on grammar practice on Friday this week.  Students will have specific skills highlighted on their daily language each day which they can review.  We will also begin the much awaited opinion essay on Fortnite.  Our driving question is:  Is Fortnite appropriate for kids?  Using articles for evidence, we will make a claim and justify our position.  After writing, students will participate in a debate.

Students – don’t forget that in middle school, your homework is graded for accuracy.  I will conference with students who seem to need more help this week- but please don’t forget to see me during homeroom any time during the week to ask for help!  You get homework on Friday and a whole week to complete.  Every skill on the homework is review from previous years or something we’ve covered in 5th grade.  It’s okay to ask for help – don’t just guess and hope for the best.  The Code word for the week is from your homework.  You were asked to come up with as many words as you could for this.


Have a great week Pirates – I can’t wait to see what book characters you come to school dressed as on Wednesday!

October 24

Square 1 Art

Square 1 Art stickers were sent home last week. The stickers are free! You may also order your child’s artwork on a number of products. These make great gifts for grandparents. Any products ordered will arrive at our school at the end of November. Proceeds benefit the art room and enable us to buy lots of fun supplies. Online ordering is quick and easy. Orders are due November 1st!

October 20

October 22

Hi there!  Conferences were a big hit – the kids did a great job communicating their strengths, weaknesses, and goals.  Thanks for being such a great audience! 🙂

I am posting early this week because of my absences on Monday and Tuesday.  I will be attending a conference and will be returning on Wednesday.  The kids said they “would be fine”…. as long as they could work on their projects.

We met our goal with Surrender the Booty!  Thank you so much for supporting our school!

Our 2nd Annual Veteran’s Luncheon will be held on November 9th.  If you are a veteran, please come celebrate Veteran’s Day
with Pickett’s Mill Elementary!  November 9, 2018 8:30-9:30 am.  Students and families are asked to contribute  to a Veteran’s display with photographs and short stories of the Veterans in your lives.  Please send those in this week.

Veteran Invitation-16msxu7

This week at the Mill:

It is Red Ribbon Week!  Here are the themes for the week.

Monday, 22nd- Wear Red for Red Ribbon Week

Tuesday, 23rd – I’m healthy from my head to my toes (Hat and Sock Day)

Wednesday, 24th – I’m too Smart to Start (Nerd Day)

Thursday, 25th – Don’t be caught sleeping, say yes to healthy choices! (Pajama Day)

Friday, 26th – My Future is Bright (College shirt day)

Boo Gram Sales this week

Coming Soon:

10/30 = Moe’s / Menchies Night

10/31 = Book character Dress Up – come to school in a “dress code appropriate” costume of a character in a book you love!

10/31 = Boo Gram Delivery

11/1 = Fine Arts Night

11/6 = Election Day – no school for Students

Science:  With early release last week, we didn’t get to as much of the science like we wanted to – so we need a few days this week to finish up.  We will be testing on our Earth science unit next week – likely Wednesday.  Students can bring their journals home any time to study.

Social Studies:  This week, we will look further at our government and the roles that the three branches fulfill.  When I return on Wednesday, students will watch a short video about the balance of power.  Students are already learning about the Bill of Rights through a language arts project.

Language Arts (Mills / Misinco / Pace/Kagan):

We have been working so hard on our Bill of Rights projects.  These kiddos have jumped into creating websites, movies, commercials, plays, and more.  We will share the websites and links to all projects when we are finished!  So proud of our leaders to stepping out of the PowerPoint Comfort Zone to try something new!

We will also review plural nouns this week – a common error when students write independently is writing a plural noun with an apostrophe:

example of what many students are doing:  more than one dog = dog’s

should be: more than one dog = dogs

Students received homework on Friday – this is due Friday 10/27

  • Our daily language and weekly quizzes will resume next week.


Our secret message – you’ll have to wait until Wednesday to tell me the code word, but…it’s white, sweet, and sometimes handed out on Mondays in Mrs. Misinco’s room (they are also pretty handy around campfires).  If you’ve made it this far, tell Mrs. M the code word on Wednesday morning.


October 15

October 15

Happy Fall!  At least it finally feels like it!  I look forward to beginning the second nine weeks together and continuing to watch our class grow!

We have conferences this week.  If you have not signed up for a conference, there are still open times.  I look forward to meeting with all of you.  We will have 20 minutes for your student to lead the conference.  If you have questions, please have those prepared so we can try to address them as quickly as possible.   I will go over a few things with you as well.  You children are looking forward to sharing their experiences with you!

You may see classrooms under construction this week as new technology is being installed!  This is SPLOST dollars at work – we will have our new Simplicity panel in room 318 by the end of the week.

This week at the Mill:

October 15 – 19th = Early Release for Student Led Conferences

Wednesday 10/17 = Honors Chorus practice 12:15 – 1:15

Thursday 10/18 = Picture Retakes

Friday 10/19 = Honor’s Chorus Performs @ Mt. Paran Church

Coming Soon:

Week of October 22

  • Veterans Wall –
  • BooGram sales –

10/30 = Moes/Menchie’s Night

11/1 = Fine Arts Nigt

In science this week, we will finish our study of earth science.  We will learn more about weathering (chemical, biological, mechanical), erosion, and deposition.  We participated in a fun lab on Friday in which we weathered a skittle and watched erosion and deposition take place!

Science Assignment due Wednesday: Directions are under the science tab in students’ OneNote notebook.   I will introduce the assignment on Monday.

In Social studies this week:  we will be completing our Bill of Rights / Language Arts Project

Language Arts for Mills, Misinco, Pace/Kagan:

We will be working on Bell Ringers this week and quick grammar lessons.  We will be working very hard to finish up our Bill of Rights project this week!  We look forward to publishing our websites, printing our Infographics, and sharing our displays.


Secret message:  If you read the blog, come tell Mrs. M (privately) about what image appeared in this week’s blog.



October 10

Type to Learn

Hi all!

Our school now has the new cloud version of Type to Learn for our students!

Students can now use Type to Learn whenever they have access to the internet, at home, or at school.  They do NOT need to be in one of the computer labs, and they do NOT need to download anything at home to use it.  All they need is internet access and preferably a Chrome Browser.

 The link to use it is:


Students log in the same as before:

Username:  student id#

Password:  student id#


At the log in screen, the first box is the “account code” box.  If you use the link above, or the one on the school website, it will automatically populate this box with 22EN8L, which our school code.  If it is not filled in for you, just type 22EN8L in it.




Ms Allen has put a link on the school website under Our School à Parent and Student Links à Type to Learn.

October 8

October 8

Wow – The Ellis Island Experience was a lot of fun!  Students got a glimpse of what that experience might have been like for the immigrants from Europe at the turn of the century!  Thank you to Mrs. Lumpkin, Mrs. LaMonica, Mrs. Steer, and Mrs. Patel for their help!

This week at the Mill:

Be sure to sign up for a conference time if you haven’t already!  See blog post from last week for the link!

10/10 = Spirit Night at Mama Frogs!  Be sure to grab some mac’n cheese – it’s amazing!

10/11 = Early Release @ 12:30 & Sparkles Night 

10/12 = Movie Night 6pm

Coming Soon:

12/15 – 12/19 = Early Release @ 12:30 – Conference Week

I will be out on Monday and Tuesday this week.

We’re learning about weathering and erosion in science this week. On Wednesday, students will work on an erosion lab to learn about mechanical weathering, chemical weathering, and deposition.

Thursday is early release –

In Social Studies, we will finish our study of immigration.  Students have an independent assignment to complete.  They can use extra time during homeroom this week to work on that.  They are reading about a young immigrant’s experience at Ellis Island.

Language Arts (Mills, Misinco, Pace/Kagan):  We’re writing independent stories early in the week and working on our Bill of Rights project the remainder of the week.  Homework for the week will be given on Monday.  It was not handed out on Friday due to Ellis Island and family tree projects.