September 20

Suggested APPS for BYOD

Good evening everyone!

A few suggested APPS your child can download that will help them at school include:

  • Seesaw – CLASS (Not SeeSaw Family)
  • Raz-kids
  • IXL

If their device does not support APPS, no problem – all of these can be accessed through a web browser

Thanks so much for supporting our students and the BYOD program!

Reminder:  Don’t forget to watch the Edpuzzle video!

September 19

September 18

BYOD begins tomorrow.  Bring your device if you have returned your permission and consent forms.  If you need forms, you can find them on the BYOD page of the blog (yellow sticky note).


Remember:  BYOD does not apply to the BUS or ASP or Car line.  The policy allows students to use personal devices in the classroom.  Please remember this and help us maintain this special privilege.  


September 16

September 17

We’ve got a busy week ahead!

On Monday & Tuesday we will continue with IOWA testing in math, science, and social studies.  Students did a great job last week.  Thanks for getting to school on-time and doing your best!

This week at the Mill:

Monday 9/17 = IOWA Testing : Math –

  • HW:  I suggest to watch the assigned Edpuzzle once

Tuesday 9/18 =

  • IOWA Testing:  Science / Social Studies
  • Curriculum Night 6-7 pm for Kindergarten through 2nd grade
  • Zaxby’s Spirit Night
  • Suggestion:  Watch the assigned Edpuzzle for the 2nd time – take notes to use in your response

Wednesday 9/19 = Suggestion:  Watch the assigned Edpuzzle  – use your notes from yesterday to write your response.

Thursday 9/20 =

  • Curriculum Night 6-7 pm for 3rd through 5th grade – join us for some fun down on the 5th grade hall!  Compete with your child and learn more about life in 5th grade.
  • Super Specials Today – wear tennis shoes.  One of your specials will be PE

Friday 9/21 =

  • No Specials Today
  • Well Star Lesson
  • Last day before break
  • Edpuzzle video/question due

September 24-28th = NO SCHOOL:  FALL BREAK

See you back at school on October 1st!

This week in science we will work on our Earthquake Lab (independent assignment).  Last week students were asked to find the 15 most recent, significant earthquakes and plot them on the map.  I will model the rest of the assignment in-class before they complete it.  The remainder of the assignment is about making a CLAIM based on the data – discussing the EVIDENCE that supports your claim – and writing about your reasoning.  Again, I will model this with them in-class.  This is our first assignment like this, so I want to show them how before they try it on their own.

We will have a great science day on Friday with a STEM challenge.  Look for an email from Mrs. Lumpkin, our room parent if you can volunteer to bring a pan of Jello on Friday.  We don’t want kids to take something like this on the bus, so if you are willing to bring it up to the school, please respond to her email.

For our STEM challenge we also need:

Girls, please bring toothpicks – one box per girl is plenty 

Boys, we need you to bring one bag of mini-marshmallows.

Social Studies:  Great job on your states!  We will continue to review the geography of the United States and add some important land-marks and geographic features.  We will continue learning about government and citizenship this week.  Please watch the Edpuzzle and answer the following question:

Why was it important that the founding fathers create a government that split power between three branches?  Why did they include a Bill of Rights?

I suggest watching the video several times – write down some key ideas to include in your response.

Language Arts (Mills, Misinco, Pace/Kagan):

I did not assign a normal weekly language homework this week because our week will be chopped up among other things.  We will also NOT have a new vocabulary list this week.

  • We are working with partners or groups to learn about the Bill of Rights.  Students are creating some very cool products to write in a non-fiction style.  We will learn about tone and how use of vocabulary is important to non-fiction writing.


  • Please keep the Fortnight edition of the StoryWorks from Mrs. Pace.  We will be using these in a few weeks.  Place them in your plastic sheet protector and keep them safe!


  • If you have not finished publishing your Narrative – please work on this during homeroom, study hall, or independently.  We may have a few moments in-class this week, but use your other time wisely.  Please share your narrative with me through Office 365 by Friday.  I will give you feedback on your story there.

Reading:  Visit Mrs. Pace’s Blog

Math:  Visit Mrs. Mills’ Blog

Have a great week!




September 10

September 10

I can’t believe we have been in school a month already!  We have a great week ahead and students will start several new things this week.  Last week, students brought home a project information sheet about a family tree.  This is a month long-project, so pace yourself and do your best.  Remember, we know that not every family can trace their heritage that far back.  Just do your best, talk to your family –  especially your eldest family members!  The best presentations are those that can tell a neat story, share a picture, or both.  Just be creative and enjoy learning about your family.  Please let me know if you need me to provide a poster board.

This week at the Mill:

Wednesday 9/12 = Mama Frog’s Spirit Night & Wacky Hair Day

  • For just a $1.00 donation you can show off your Craziest Hair Style.
  • All proceeds will help support Saint Baldrick’s Foundation.

Thursday 9/13 & Friday 9/14 = IOWA Testing for 5th grade

Friday 9/14 = No Chicken Biscuit sales due to testing


Coming Soon:

Monday 9/17 & Tuesday 9/18 = IOWA Testing for 5th grade

Tuesday 9/18 = Curriculum Night for K-2nd grade / Zaxby’s Spirit Night

Thursday 9/20 = Curriculum Night for 3-5th grade

ELA (Mills, Misinco, Pace/Kagan):   We have done an amazing job on our first writing pieces!  Those who have finished typing have them proudly displayed in the hallway.  We hope you enjoy reading about our small moments during Curriculum Night!  We really focused on our openings and making sure that we had some sort of closing.   Students can type at home through office 365.  Typing is part of our standards – we’re working to be able to type a page in one sitting, so practicing at home (when possible) is a great way to practice for their typing days at school.

This week, we will begin looking at non-fiction texts and get introduced to a collaborative non-fiction writing assignment.  We will look at how non-fiction texts appear everywhere – even billboards!  If you’d like some extra credit points in language arts, do the following extension activity:  Take pictures of non-fiction text that you encounter outside of school – it might be a billboard, magazine, brochure, user’s manual, etc….be creative!  Print the picture or bring the example to school to add to our collage.  With the example, you’ll attach a sticky note or note card which identifies the “CENTRAL MESSAGE” of the text.  You have until Wednesday September 19th.

We will work on Daily 5 language this week.  We have a language and vocabulary quiz on Wednesday 9/12.



We will study earthquakes this week and receive an independent assignment.  Students will map recent earthquakes and complete a CLAIM-EVIDENCE-REASONING activity.  We will learn how to graph geographic coordinates as well!

Social Studies:

Students are working independently on their Family Tree Projects.  In-class, we will learn about what it means to be a citizen.  What are the rights/responsibilities of a citizen in the United States?   We will also begin looking at The Constitution and our government.  This will all tie in to our language arts collaborative writing.


Have a great week –

Mrs. M

September 7

September 6

Happy Thursday,

Students came home with a parent letter about an at-home project yesterday.  Students are asked to research their family’s heritage to prepare for our study of the Turn of the Century & Immigration era.

Please sign the information letter and return.  It has the rubric on the back, so I will return it to your child.

This project consistently is one that students tell us they enjoyed at the end of the year.  If you need materials such as poster board or construction paper, please let me know.

These projects are due October 5th.

September 4

September 4

I hope everyone had a fun, relaxing Labor Day Weekend!

3 more weeks until September break and we’ve got a lot planned!

This week at the Mill:

Tuesday 9/4 = Western States Quiz

Wednesday 9/5 = Progress reports go home

Thursday 9/6 = STEM

Coming soon:

Wednesday 9/12 = Wacky Hair Day

Thursday 9/13 – Tuesday 9/18 = IOWA Testing for 5th graders

Thursday 9/20 = Curriculum Night & Super Specials

Friday 9/21 = Super Specials (No specials this day).  STEM & WellStar Visit

October 10th = 5th grade T-shirt orders due.  $7.  Order form is available on the yellow sticky note at the top right.

Language Arts (Mills, Misinco, Pace/Kagan):

Our goal is to complete our narratives this week.  We will conference and begin publishing our essays.  Students may work on typing their essay at home if they wish.  Several students asked about this – please just work in Office 365 and save your documents to your One Drive.  We will begin new vocabulary words this week which will be tested next week.  Vocabulary can be found in your OneNote student notebook.


We will look closer at sea-floor spreading this week and complete a fun google Earth activity.

Social Studies:

We will review all 50 states and look closely at the last 4 south west states.  Test on 50 states will be September 12th.

Have a great week Pirates!


August 27

August 27

This Week at the Mill:

Don’t forget to turn in BYOD forms – we’ll get to begin using our devices soon!

Tuesday 8/28 = PTA Meeting 5:30 & WATCHDOG pizza night @ 6:00

Wednesday 8/29 = EARLY RELEASE @ 12:30 @ Spirit Night at Lakepoint

Thursday 8/30 = Picture Day!  Fall Pictures will be made on Thursday – Order forms came home on Friday.

Friday 8/31 = Language HW due / Edpuzzle video due for science / No Red Ink assignment due (NOUNS)

Coming Soon:

Monday 9/3 = LABOR DAY = No School

Wednesday 9/5 = Progress Reports go home

Wednesday 9/12 = Science Olympiad Parent/Student Meeting @ 7:15 AM

Language Arts :  Mills / Misinco / Pace/Kagan

This week we are focusing on completing our narratives, and students should finish their NoRedInk assignment by Friday.  We have have a few opportunities in-class, but if at all possible, do a little practice on No Red Ink each night so that you finish in-time.  Remember, this is a completion grade –  finish it and you earn a 100.  See me (or your homeroom teacher) if you are struggling with nouns of any kind.  We will work on daily grammar studies and reviewing vocabulary for our language quiz on Thursday.  Students seem to be doing well on homework, but I still encourage them to ask questions.  We go over many grammar questions from the homework in-class, so ask questions!  Any box from past homework can appear on a weekly quiz.



We will continue our study of the Earth this week.  We will learn about boundary types and students will watch a video on Edpuzzle about this.  Please email me or see me during homeroom (early in the week) if you have trouble logging in to the edpuzzle website.   These videos will help you prepare for our quizzes and tests.  Your early release day is a great time to knock this 8 minute video out!

Social Studies:

We’ll use our atlas to continue learning about the Homestead Act and the Transcontinental Railroad – In-class assignment this week.


Have a great week!


August 23

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget to log-in to Edpuzzle (your log-in information is on your sheet in binders) and watch the 3 minute video about the structure of the Earth!  This is due by Friday.  There are no questions attached, but you get credit points for completing it.


August 22

August 21st

Students received BYOD forms today.  There are 2 pages with signatures required.  Please complete the device / serial number sections as well; this is important for issues with loss / theft (hopefully there will be none of that)!

Students may bring a device as soon as I receive the signed forms.  If you bring the forms tomorrow, you may bring your device.

Please read the policy regarding devices, appropriate behaviors, and removal of BYOD privileges from students.


Have a wonderful week!

August 20

August 20th

This week at the Mill:

Thursday 8/23 = Target Open House @ 7:15 am

Thursday 8/23 = Chorus Auditions after school

Friday 8/24 = Pirate Spirit Day – Dress Like a Pirate!

Coming Up:

Tuesday 8/28 = Watch Dogs Pizza Night

Wednesday 8/29 =

  • EARLY RELEASE (12:30)
  • Lake Point Spirit Night

ELA: – Mills, Misinco, Pace/Kagan

Our students are off to a great start in Language Arts.  We took our first language quiz (you guys did GREAT), and we have begun our personal narratives.  Students will receive new vocabulary words this week and get more practice in OneNote.  We will also continue developing our narratives.  We would love for students to be able to access their Office 365 accounts from home, so we’ll practice again at school, and challenge them to access their work from home.  Our focus this week in Language will be our vocabulary, commas after transitions, and reviewing all types of nouns.  Students have listed nouns as an area of need on their homework, so we’ll review like crazy!  I have to also apologize for the “simple, compound, or complex” sentence question on last week’s homework.  I didn’t mean for that to slip through!  I edit homework each week to make sure the questions are things that students have past experience with – I just didn’t erase that one like I should have!  SORRY!  Most homework questions should be review for students and we’ve discussed how anything on past weeks’ homework can be on a quiz, so I urge them to give me feedback on what they need help with on the bottom (back) of their homework sheet. Language Quiz on Thursday includes commas and nouns.

Science:  Misinco HR

We will finish our study of the nature of science this week.  We learned about independent, dependent, and controlled variables last week with some fun demonstrations of beach ball vs. bouncy ball, and two race car ramps.  We saw how controlling variables is important because we want to be sure we can answer our testable question.

We will begin our Earth Science unit this week by looking at formation and composition of the Earth.  Students will create models and diagrams in their interactive notebooks.  I have posted vocabulary for this unit in student notebooks on OneNote.  When students can access Office 365 from home, they’ll also be able to access their notebook for additional resources.

Thanks to all who created an Edpuzzle account, we will use them this week!  Anyone who hasn’t made an account yet, will do that in-class this week.

Social Studies:  Misinco HR

We will look at Midwestern states this week and begin our first newspaper reading!  Students are responsible for keeping up with their newspapers.  They have a sheet protector in their binders.  These are real news-paper material, so they have to be gentle and take care of it!  We will use the same newspaper for at least a week at a time.  They will have an assignment in their newspaper this week.


Have a wonderful week Pirates –

~Mrs. M