January 17

Reminders and Study


  • Wear your 5th grade class shirt tomorrow, Friday 1/17!  We will take our 5th grade picture around 10:00.
  • We have a Social Studies test tomorrow over World War I.  Students have many resources in their social studies journal to study from, and a student-made quizizz (thanks Drew!)  is available as well.  See code below.

Our first CRAFT journal of the semester is due tomorrow.


January 13

January 13th


We had a great first week back!

We have a new schedule for this semester:

Misinco’s Homeroom will have Math/Science from 8:05 – 10:05

Mills’ homeroom will have ELA/SS from 8:00 – 10:05

We will switch classes after specials in the afternoons.

We will continue to lead by updating our portfolios and setting goals for the second semester.

This week at the Mill:

Tuesday 1/14 = Moes & Menchie’s Night

Friday 1/17 = Science fair projects due

Friday 1/17 = WWI Test

Coming Soon:

1/20 = Martin Luther King Jr Day – no school

1/21 = Social Studies – Propaganda Project Due

1/23 = Wellstar Visits 5th grade classrooms

1/28 = Sparkle’s Night

1/30 = STEM Night

2/12 = 5th grade field trip to Symphony (dress to impress)

2/17 – 2/21 = Winter Break


Reading = We will start reading our novels this week.  Students will read in-class and independently.  Each chapter has a short response, with the week’s responses due as we finish the chapters. We are identifying figurative language and practicing with paired texts in small groups.  Students were assigned a reading project last week in the media center.  They each picked a picture book, and are asked to practice reading the book aloud.  They will be recording their picture book with Mrs. Allen in the media center in the coming week(s). Each student has a rubric and should time their read aloud to achieve a time of less than 10 minutes (five minutes is ideal).  If you need to change your book, tomorrow is the LAST day!

Language Arts = We will review vocabulary we’ve learned so far this year.  We will also introduce vocabulary from our novels.

Social Studies = we will look at how the war affect America on the Homefront.  We will analyze political cartoons from the era.  Students will be given a Propaganda project which will be due next Tuesday, 1/21.  We have a test on WWI, this Friday 1/17.  We will review in-class, but students should bring their SS notebook home each day to review and study for the test.

December 29

January 6th


Welcome back and Happy New Year!  2020 will be an exciting year with one extra day added in February!  We have several exciting events, trips, and lots of learning ahead in 2020!

Thank you all so much for the sweet and thoughtful gifts.  It has been a busy holiday break, but restful too!  I hope everyone has enjoyed their time sharpening the saw with family and friends.


This week at the Mill:

Monday 1/6 = Back to School

Tuesday 1/7 = After-school clubs begin

Wednesday 1/8 = After-school science fair help session

Wednesday 1/8 = Smencil sales before school in Lobby

Friday 1/10 = Report Cards – available online only – see front office for ParentVue access

Friday 1/10 = After-school House Party for 5th graders – CLICK HERE 5th grade house party rsvp single

Coming Soon:

1/14 = Moe’s & Menchie’s Night

1/17 = Science Fair

1/28 = Sparkle’s Night

1/30 = STEM Night

2/12 = Performing Arts Field Trip (Symphony) – dress to impress


Reading = We will try to begin novel studies on January 13th. During this nine weeks, we will complete two novel studies of historical fiction.  One based on WWI, and the other based on WWII.  I apologize for not getting a letter out to you before the holiday break….time just got away from me!

Mrs. Misinco’s homeroom students will read War Horse by Michael Morpurgo.  I have several books to loan to students while reading this novel, but you may find it helpful to order your own copy to have and read at home.  It is a wonderful story, told through the perspective of a horse during World War I.

Mrs. Mill’s homeroom will read Private Peaceful by Michael Morpurgo.  I have ordered several copies to loan to students while reading this novel, but you may want your own copy to mark-up or read at home.  This story is also about WWI, but told through the perspective of a young soldier.

Either class is welcome to read both books.  They are short novels with powerful messages.  We will likely watch the movies based on these books after completing the novel studies.

Our second novel study of this term will be based on WWII.  During this study, Misinco’s Homeroom will read Number the Stars by Lois Lowry.  Mrs. Mill’s homeroom will read  The Nazi Hunters  by Neil Bascomb.  I only mention this now, in the case that you’d like to order both books at once.  Again, I will have several copies of both books available for students to use in the classroom, but it is often helpful to have your own copy.

This week, we will read a passage about the Zimmerman Telegram -and discover the biggest reason that the US entered WWI.  We are focusing on using text evidence to support our responses to questions and citing that evidence in an appropriate way.

Language Arts = We will continue our focus on commas at the first of the week, and practice those skills in No Red Ink.  We will review coordinate conjunctions and their function as well as learn about using subordinate conjunctions to create complex sentences.  We will write each day in our Bell Ringer and work on an EOD (Essay on Demand) about children with cell phones.  Students will also continue to develop their narrative “Super Hero” writing pieces that will turn into ebooks in a few weeks.  Homework this week will focus on character development of a protagonist and antagonist.  We will also create a plot diagram for those Hero creative writing pieces.

Social Studies = We will review what we’ve learned about WWI and complete an in-class WWI simulation.

December 20

Friday, 12.19.19

We will have several events tomorrow, Friday 12.20.19

1st – Early Release @ 12:30

2nd – We will watch Wonder, tomorrow morning starting immediately after specials
If your child would like a special snack during the movie, feel free to bring one. Since there’s no way to know for sure how many will be at school tomorrow, please don’t feel you need to send in a snack for the whole class.

3rd – We will have House Parties tomorrow for all houses that earned 2000 points during this nine weeks! As of today, it looked like all houses will get to participate! Popcorn station will be set up tomorrow afternoon to celebrate our 5th grade leaders! Thank you parents for helping this happen!

4th – I have written so many “thank you” notes today! You are so sweet to include and think of me during your busy holiday season. Gifts are never expected by your child’s teachers, but we do appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity. I hope I didn’t exclude anyone from my notes (many coming home tomorrow), but know that I truly cherish each and every one of your sweet kids.

Have a wonderful break!
~Mrs. Misinco

December 12

Holiday Party

Please read the following message from one of our 5th grade room moms regarding our Winter Celebration

Hi parents,

The 5th Grade Holiday Celebration will be Dec. 19.  This year, we will be offering the kids a variety of desserts!  Below is a link to our sign-up genius where you can sign up to send in food items and/or sign up to help out during the celebration.  Please have your items dropped off with your child’s teacher no later than 8am on the 19th.



December 9

December 9th


This week at the Mill gives us lots of opportunities to show our Pirate Pride!  Reindeer Dash sales begin on Tuesday.  Each vote is $0.25.  Vote for Mrs. Misinco! I want to keep my place in the herd of reindeer!

We will also lead with Chic-fil-A Night on Tuesday.

In an attempt to lead, we want to make parents and students informed again about our work habits policy.

There has been an excess of students not turning in work in both my class and Mrs. Mills’ class. Completing homework and turning in assignments on time counts towards the students’ study/work habits grade. The students receive an S (satisfactory), N (needs improvement), and U (unsatisfactory) in this category on the report card. Please know that if a student receives an N or U in study/work habits, they are no longer eligible for A or A/B Honor Roll.  I have met with students and we have discussed grade-level expectations again.  As you check your child’s grades in ParentVue, zeros often mean that a student has not turned in or has not completed the assignment.  I will work with any students who have missing work to ensure that they can remove the zero before end of term.


This week at the Mill:

Monday 12/9 = After-school science fair help session (sign up on Mrs. Smith’s blog)

Tuesday 12/10 = Chic fil A night

Coming Soon:

12/18 = School spelling bee

12/19 = Holiday Party 10:30 – 11:30 & EARLY RELEASE @ 12:30

12/20 – EARLY RELEASE @ 12:30

12/23 – 1/3 = Winter Break

1/17 = Science Fair


Reading:  This week we will read about the assassination that started WWI.  We have an independent reading assignment due Friday based on this reading.  Students will also be reading about the Christmas Truce of 1914 during small groups using primary and secondary sources.

Language Arts:  We will review unit 3 vocabulary and look at unit 4.   We will test vocabulary unit 3 & 4 on Friday of this week.

Those participating in the Word Nerd Challenge will learn words 5-10.  Vocabulary quiz on Word Nerd Words 1-10 on Friday of this week.  Students are finishing essays and AC students are completing RBQs.

Social Studies:  We began learning about WWI on Friday.  We will be reading about the start of the war this week, completing a map of Europe to aid our understanding of geography, and taking notes in our SS IAN.  Students will work on an in-class “Domino Effect” project related to the start of the war.

December 2

December 2nd


This week, we will lead by supporting our school during BINGO Night!  This is a fun night for Pickett’s Mill families.  Some awesome students will also LEAD by submitting their science fair forms!  Science fair projects are worth 100 house points!  Some houses are getting super close to their goal of 2000 points!


This week at the Mill:

Monday 12/2 = Science Fair forms due

Thursday 12/5 = BINGO Night

Coming Soon:

12/9 = After-school science fair help session (sign up on STEM Blog)

12/18 = School Spelling Bee – Congrats to Audrey and Simon for being Misinco’s Homeroom representatives!

12/19 = 5th grade Holiday Party 10:30 – 11:30 – EARLY RELEASE DAY


12/23 – 1/3 = Winter Break


Reading:  We will take the Reading Inventory again this week.  Students have worked hard to improve in reading by reading independent novels, reading high-level reading texts in class, and constructing responses in their CRAFT journals!  I can’t wait to see their growth!  We will be reading some fun texts about the Titanic this week as well.  Misinco’s Homeroom has CRAFT journals due this week.  No other CRAFT journals until January!!!

Language Arts:  Language Review Homework will be handed out on Monday and due on Friday.  We have a quiz in No Red Ink this week, covering the 3 sets of commonly confused words.  Students can review these in No red Ink (too/two/to, a/an, their/they’re/there).  We will also review with classwork this week.  Students will focus heavily on their research and opinion essays until break.

Social studies:  We will have our unit test over the Turn of the Century on Thursday of this week.  We will review in-class.  I have loaded the powerpoint we used in-class, to your OneNote student notebooks and a quizizz is available for you as well.  Students should bring their Social studies noteboosk home each afternoon this week to study.    We will begin our study of World War I this Friday.


November 19

November 18th


We will lead this week with our annual Thanksgiving Luncheon on Wednesday for 4th, 3rd, and 2nd graders, and on Thursday for 5th, K, and 1st grade.  I made an error on last week’s post.  Adult lunch for the Thanksgiving luncheon is $4…still a bargain!  I apologize for my error.  Prepay your child’s account – it helps checkout move more quickly!

We will also lead on Friday with Charity PJ day and our 2nd school-wide STEM day of the year.

PENNY WARS!  Send in those Pennies! Penny Wars flyer


11/20 = Thanksgiving Luncheon 4th, 3rd, 2nd grade

11/21 = Thanksgiving Luncheon 5th, K, 1st grade.

11/22 = STEM Day / PJ day.  Bring $1 for PJs.  Who loves Pajama Day?  Friday, November 22nd is Pajama Day at Pickett’s Mill.  For $1 your child can wear his/her pajamas to school! All proceeds go to The Center for Children and Young Adults as they recognize National Homeless Awareness Month in November. With your donation we will be helping homeless youth right here in our Cobb County Schools.

11/25 – 11/29 = No school

12/2 = Back to school (for a few weeks 🙂 )


Reading = Students are currently reading books in the mystery genre, and they are enjoying the start of our class mystery: The VanGogh Deception.  We will read this week about the Panama Canal, and continue to practice citing text evidence to support answers.  Mills’ homeroom has CRAFT journals due this week.  Misinco’s Homeroom has CRAFT journals due December 2nd.

Language Arts = Students will finish research (if necessary) and begin drafting their opinion essays about their National Park.   AC students will begin the next phase of their RBQ research.  All AC students should have a completed proposal by Wednesday.  If you need help picking a research question, please see Mrs. Misinco!  We will learn a the first half of Vocabulary Unit 2 words this week.  I will post those in OneNote for students to continually reference.  No ELA homework this week.

Social Studies = We will learn more about Theodore Roosevelt and the Panama Canal this week.  We will participate in a problem based learning activity on Tuesday, and finish our study of the Turn of the Century by Friday.  Students will review after break, then our test on Turn of the Century will be Thursday, December 5th.


Have a great week, and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

November 15

Spelling Bee Information

Our class spelling be will be Wednesday 11/20.  This applies to both Misinco and Mills’ Homerooms.

TARGET students will stay for a few minutes to participate in the class bee, then leave for their normal Wednesday classes.

All students will participate in the classroom spelling bee, but the top 2 spellers will participate in the Pickett’s Mill Spelling Bee in December.

Below is a list of words to study if you’re interested in winning the classroom spelling bee.

2020_Study Words 2

The pressure is on for a trifecta people…the last 2 winners of the school bee have been from Team Misinco…SPELL, SPELL, SPELL!!!

On another note, thank you for the candy!  We’re stocked up!