April 8

April 8th

I hope everyone had a wonderful break!

52 players have played the Epic Quizziz review Challenge!  Way to go!  You have until 8:00 AM tomorrow to finish.  Remember, your goal is 90% or better!  Play it as many times as you like…

We have 6 1/2 more weeks of school.  Let’s make them count!

This week at The Mill:

Milestones Testing: 3/10 – 3/12 – ELA sections.  See Notes below.

3/10 = Spirit Night @ Mama Frongs

3/10 – 3/12 = Adjusted Specials schedule due to testing.  Specials at 12:15 during Testing days.

3/12 = Spring Fling @ Pickett’s Mill!

Coming Soon:

4/15 – 4/19 = No Milestones Testing this week.

4/22 – 4/23 = Milestones Testing – Math Sections.

4/26 = TN Field Trip – please return permission slips if you haven’t already.  I’ll send extra copies as we get closer as well as an itinerary.

Testing snack sign-up.  If you can help us out with snacks during testing, the kiddos and I would be very grateful!  Click the link to sign up for bananas or after-testing snacks.  We do not have any allergies in our class.  Thanks so much for your help!

We will be testing each morning from 8:00 until we finish (usually 9:30 – 10:00).  We will begin each morning as soon as announcements are over.  It is very important that students are in their seats at 7:50.

Language Arts:  Since we will be testing this week, there will be no assigned ELA homework.  If you’d like to review (we will do a lot in-class on Monday & Tuesday), you can use IXL and No Red Ink.  You’ve worked really hard on mastering these language skills like grammar, verb agreement, and figurative language.  Show what you know – I am very proud of you!  Oh!  We will also learn about interjections this this week.

Science : We will take a look at mixtures and solutions this week.  Students will have notes in their IAN and exit tickets.  We will create a few mixtures of our own as well.  On Tuesday, we have a special SKYPE session with a world-renowned scientist!

Social Studies:  We have been learning about WWII and learned about Pearl Harbor just before break.  We will continue to look at the effects and the U.S. involvement in the war.

We’re going to have a great week!  We will get our first 3 days of testing complete AND Spring Fling is on Friday!

~Mrs. M

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