Pan-Africanism, Quiz, & Apartheid, 2/4 – 2/8

Monday:  What are we going to learn?  The motivations behind the Pan-African movement (both continental and diasporic)  What are we going to do?  Analyze a song by Bob Marley and discuss its connection to the Pan-African movement Pan-Africa Lyric Analysis  How will I be assessed?  Tomorrow’s Nationalism and Pan-Africanism Quiz + Upcoming test (February 13th)

Tuesday:  What are we going to learn?  The connections between nationalism and the Pan-African movement  What are we going to do?  Take the Nationalism and Pan-Africanism Quiz  How will I be assessed? Today’s Quiz is a formative assessment grade

Wednesday: What am I going to learn?  How people lived in South Africa during Apartheid  What am I going to do?  Work in our Apartheid booklets to create Thinking Maps using Apartheid Images-1c7oh5m  How will I be assessed? Upcoming test (February 13th)

Thursday – Friday: What am I going to learn?  About some key people and events in the fight to end Apartheid  What am I going to do? Apartheid Stations  How will I be assessed?  Stations are a classwork grade and Upcoming test (February 13th)