Review, Test, & Soapbox Speeches, 2/11 – 2/15

Monday & Tuesday:  Review for African History Test

Answers to Card Sort = African History Review Card Sort w Answers-22crx7p

Study: African History Study Guide  + African History ppt-13k2gr6 +  Vocabulary Kahoot – + Everything Kahoot –

Study Guide = African-History-Study-Guide-saqv4s

Thursday and Thursday night:  Record your speech (approximately 2 minutes) using Flipgrid (code = soapboxspeech); you must log in with your school account and PW (Office365).  Choose your class period and video using your phone or webcam.  You can redo as many times as you’d like, but your final is due the Monday we get back from break.

Friday:  Critique speech videos; certain students will share in front of the class in preparation for the countywide Soapbox Competition