SE Asian Physical Geography, 3/11 – 3/15

Monday, 3/11:  Multiple-choice packet given out in class, 25% grade due Tuesday

Tuesday, 3/12: What am I going to learn? Where political and physical features are located in SE Asia   What am I going to do? Fill in blank political and physical maps from which to study + Practice with a series of online map games @ and Kahoot:  How will I be assessed? Physical Geography Quiz this Friday Maps, etc: SE Asia Physical Map KEY (Gobi Desert, Taklimakan Desert, Korean Peninsula, Himalayan Mountains, Indus River, Ganges River, Huang He (Yellow) River, Yangtze River, Mekong River, South China Sea, Sea of Japan, Yellow Sea, Bay of Bengal, and Indian Ocean) + Political features (China, India, North Korea, South Korea, Japan,  Pakistan, Vietnam, Indonesia)


Wednesday, 3/13: What am I going to learn? Learn about air pollution in SE Asia   What am I going to do? Complete notes on the Air Pollution Organizer from , read SE Asia Air Pollution Reading, create a multi-flow map about the causes and effects of air pollution  How will I be assessed? Classwork grade

Thursday, 3/14- Friday, 3/15: Take notes from Flooding in SE Asia + Rivers & Pollution in SE Asia + Worksheets in class