So here we are at last. The final day of 6th grade for you and the final day of my teaching career for me. It’s been a good year to end on too. I have really enjoyed all my classes this year, and I want to wish all my students and all your families a very happy summer.

Don’t forget to read! read! read!   If you enjoy reading, you will never have to be bored again!

Best wishes to all,

Mr. Smith 🙂


Please be sure to turn in all due and past due work as soon as possible. Anyone who has still not turned in Writing Explorations #17 and 18 needs to understand that it is about to have a very serious consequence for your overall grade. If you are not sure, please ask me.

Also, invitations to the awards ceremony taking place on Friday at 9:45 in the school theater were sent home today with students. We hope as many parents who receive an invitation as possible will be able to attend.

Mr. Smith 🙂


Remember that our homeroom ( my first period ) color is light ( sky ) blue, or as close as you can get, for Field Day on Monday. Please don’t wear jeans or other heavy clothing as it’s going to be very hot over at Rhyne Park. School appropriate ( not too short! ) shorts will be fine. Also, be aware that you will not be able to go if you have not returned your permission slip by today ( Friday ). Monday will be a regular school day and assignments will be provided for those not eligible for Field Day. If you will be participating, a bottle of water , a hat, and sunscreen are all recommended accessories! Let’s have a great day!

Mr. Smith 🙂


Writing Explorations # 17 ( narrative written in the second person )and 18 ( Explanation of the Flint, Michigan water crisis and what is being done to solve it, based on articles in SCOPE magazine ) are now due to be turned in. If you have not already done so please turn these in tomorrow to minimize your loss of points on a summative assessment.

Also due now is your comic strip scene or advertisement based on a book of your choice. This is due tomorrow.

If you have any other assignments that should have been turned in already but were not, tomorrow would be a GREAT day to turn those in also!

We are not finished yet, and every point counts! Lets finish the year strongly!

Keep reading for pleasure every day!

HOMEROOM: Our shirt color for field day is sky blue. Just get as close to that as you can on Monday, and it’s o.k. to wear shorts. It will almost certainly be hot, so dress accordingly!

Mr. Smith 🙂



There is no new homework tonight, but remember to bring your current reading book to class tomorrow for independent reading time.

First period students only: please bring your PRIDE WARS books to school tomorrow as we will be meeting the author. Also, be sure to write at least two questions down that you would like to ask him. Let’s be careful to avoid spoilers for those who have not finished the book.

Mr. Smith 🙂


Today students took a mini-touchstones reading test as a formative assessment grade. Tomorrow students will be taking the final SRI test for the year which will ( hopefully ) show progress and improvement in each student’s reading level since the test was first administered last August.

In class we are continuing to learn about the world and writing of William Shakespeare as we prepare to read and perform selected scenes from the play “The Taming of the Shrew.”

Also, first period students should be reading their “Pride Wars” book and writing down questions about the text as we prepare to welcome author Matt Laney to Griffin on Friday.


All “word wall” posters and “Imaginary Voyage” projects must be turned in by Monday at the latest to avoid loss of points.

Please remember to turn in your  pink 2018-19 connections choice forms and your report card envelopes on Monday.

Be sure to read every day also. Our final SRI test for the year will be coming up on Wednesday of next week.

Have a great weekend,

Mr. Smith 🙂


The “Imaginary Voyage” project now needs to be completed for homework. Bring your completed work to class on Thursday. Your group will then have a few minutes to put it all together and practice, and then you will make a short presentation to the class to show what you have created.

Also, don’t forget the ongoing expectation that you are reading for at least 20-30 minutes each evening. Tonight would be a very good time to get back into the habit!

Mr. Smith 🙂


Students have been working on a movie review today. They are writing a review of the movie “Coraline.” This should be at least three paragraphs in length. The review should discuss the plot, characters, themes, music, animation, and voice acting in the movie along with any other thoughts or ideas you wish to include. The finished review will be turned in tomorrow ( Friday ) for a summative assessment grade, so be sure to complete it tonight for homework.

Also, tomorrow we will continue to work on the “Imaginary Voyage” group project.

Don’t forget to read for pleasure every day also.

School-wide testing is now completed, so schedules and classes will be back to normal next week as we begin to look at Unit 4 in Springboard.

Mr. Smith 🙂


We are now working in groups on a creative project entitled “An Imaginary Voyage.” We will continue working on this throughout the week with presentations due on Monday,23rd.

Students are also taking notes in preparation for writing a movie review. Both of these assignments will be summative assessment grades.