We are continuing our study of the novelย Walk Two Moonsย in class. We have now read through to chapter 30 and students are working with partners to create graphic novels or play scripts from a section of the text that they selected. We will continue to work on this assignment tomorrow. Students will not be required to complete this assignment over the Thanksgiving break, but they are expected to read independently for at least 20-30 minutes each day.

I would like to wish all my students and their families a very happy and restful holiday. See you all on Monday the 27th.

Mr. Smith ๐Ÿ™‚


Students should complete the book review assignment for homework tonight. This three to five paragraph letter will be shared and turned in tomorrow.


There is no new homework tonight other than the daily expectation of 20 -30 minutes independent reading time. All completed assignments should have been turned in for grading by this point. Progress reports will be going home next Thursday, so any late work that you have not turned in must be turned in by Monday if you want the grade to be reflected on your progress report.

Tomorrow we will be completing a partner activity on diction and character voice in the novel “Walk Two Moons.” Students will also have some time for independent reading, so bring a book that you are currently reading or be prepared to select a book from the classroom library.

Mr. Smith ๐Ÿ™‚


For homework tonight, all students should write at least three paragraphs in response to Writing Exploration # 9. They should respond to AT LEAST one of the following writing prompts: “My Greatest Achievement,” ย “My Greatest Role Model” and/or ” The Best Day of my Life.” This assignment will be turned in on Wednesday along with Writing Explorations # 7 and 8. All writing should be completed BEFORE students come to class on Wednesday.

Enjoy your day at home tomorrow, but be sure to spend some time reading, and DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

Mr. Smith ๐Ÿ™‚


Students should now have completed Writing Exploration # 8. Students should have written a story to illustrate the theme of “Be careful what you wish for” or an essay to give advice on how to achieve goals in life. These responses are based on a drama and an article that we read in Scope magazine.

On Monday we will begin to work on # 9 and all three ( 7,8,and 9 ) will be turned in on Wednesday, November 8th.

We will also continue our reading of the novel “Walk Two Moons.” PLEASE try to get your own copy if you possibly can and bring it to each class period for the next few weeks.

Don’t forget to read for fun every day.

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Smith ๐Ÿ™‚


Students should work on Writing Exploration #8 tonight. They are writing either an essay on how to reach goals in life or writing a fictional narrative to illustrate the theme of “Be careful what you wish for.” We will share responses tomorrow and continue to read “Walk Two Moons.” ย If you have your own copy, please be sure to write your name both inside it and along the bottom of the book.


There is no new homework tonight. Just be sure to read independently for 20-30 minutes. Also, don’t forget about getting a copy of “Walk Two Moons” if you can. It will be very helpful if you have your own copy to use for the next few weeks.


So long as you have no overdue or incomplete work, there is no homework this weekend other than the daily expectation that you are reading for at least 20-30 minutes each day.

Also, please try to purchase or borrow a copy of “Walk Two Moons” that you can bring to class daily for the next couple of weeks or so. This is not required, but it will certainly be very helpful to you.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Smith. ๐Ÿ™‚


Today we were previewing the novel “Walk Two Moons” by Sharon Creech which will form the basis of much of what we do in class for the next 3-4 weeks. I have one ( not quite ) class set of 25 copies of this novel. It would be VERY HELPFUL if as many students as possible could purchase their own copies. The brand new paperback edition is available for around $8.00 on Amazon.com. Used copies of older editions can be found for half that price. I expect Barnes and Noble will have a few copies too. Students who bring their own copy will earn extra Cool Cats points, be able to take their books home,not have to share, write in the books, and earn my gratitude!

Writing Exploration # 7 ( the one about dogs based on the SCOPE magazine articles ) should be completed tonight for homework if that has not already been done.

Be sure to read for fun!

Have a great evening! Mr. Smith. ๐Ÿ™‚