The “Imaginary Voyage” project now needs to be completed for homework. Bring your completed work to class on Thursday. Your group will then have a few minutes to put it all together and practice, and then you will make a short presentation to the class to show what you have created.

Also, don’t forget the ongoing expectation that you are reading for at least 20-30 minutes each evening. Tonight would be a very good time to get back into the habit!

Mr. Smith πŸ™‚


Students have been working on a movie review today. They are writing a review of the movie “Coraline.” This should be at least three paragraphs in length. The review should discuss the plot, characters, themes, music, animation, and voice acting in the movie along with any other thoughts or ideas you wish to include. The finished review will be turned in tomorrow ( Friday ) for a summative assessment grade, so be sure to complete it tonight for homework.

Also, tomorrow we will continue to work on the “Imaginary Voyage” group project.

Don’t forget to read for pleasure every day also.

School-wide testing is now completed, so schedules and classes will be back to normal next week as we begin to look at Unit 4 in Springboard.

Mr. Smith πŸ™‚


We are now working in groups on a creative project entitled “An Imaginary Voyage.” We will continue working on this throughout the week with presentations due on Monday,23rd.

Students are also taking notes in preparation for writing a movie review. Both of these assignments will be summative assessment grades.


Testing begins tomorrow. Sixth grade students will test for four days. Tuesday and Wednesday will be Reading and Language Arts, and Thursday and Friday will be Math. Students should bring pencils for the test and books to read when testing is completed.

I would strongly recommend that all my students should practice on Study Island tonight and tomorrow evening. Remember that your log in is [email protected], followed by your lunch number as your password. When you have logged in, go to the “GA Programs” link on the left of the page and you will find lots of practice materials. It’s all useful, so have fun. I will award PBIS and extra credit points to everyone who spends at least an hour on the program over the next two nights.

Good luck in your testing everyone. Get a good night’s sleep. Eat breakfast. Come to school in the morning ready to do your absolute best. Be confident. You can do very well!

Mr. Smith πŸ™‚


Today I have been showing the students a web site that they will find very useful for review purposes at home next week. The Milestones test begins on Tuesday, April 10th, so we will have very little opportunity for review in class when we return.

To access the review material, do the following on-line:

  1. Go toΒ  Β  Study Island.com
  2. Log in on the “school” side on the right
  3. Your Username isΒ  [email protected]Β  Β ( all lowercase with no spaces works well )
  4. Your password is your lunch number
  5. Click on “GA Programs” on the left of the “Welcome” page
  6. Scroll through the available activities.
  7. Look for any topics that you feel less comfortable with and practice as much as you can.
  8. It’s all useful preparation for the Milestones test. Have fun!
  9. I will give extra credit in class for those who actively participate.

Best wishes to all my students and their families for a happy and safe week. Study, read,practice, and have some fun too!

Mr. Smith


Today students have been working in a computer lab practicing with the Milestones on-line testing format. There is no written homework tonight, but please don’t forget to read daily. We will have some independent reading time in class tomorrow also, so bring a book if you are currently reading one.


All written work should now have been turned in for grading. Anyone who has still not turned in the argument letter needs to know that it can still be turned in, but the penalty for turning it in late now stands at 25 points.

Be sure to read every day at home for at least 20-30 minutes.

Be sure to return signed report card envelopes and pre-registration forms too. These are also past due now.

Have a great weekend.

Mr. Smith πŸ™‚


All argument letters should have been turned in by now. Also, please return the envelopes signed tomorrow as proof that report cards have been received. Finally, we also sent home pre-registration forms for next year with the report cards. Please return these as quickly as possible. If the details are still all correct, very little is required other than signatures.

Remember to read consistently for pleasure. Remember that whenever and whatever you are reading, you are also learning.

Mr. Smith πŸ™‚


All argument letters should now have been turned in. There are still a few students, however, who have not taken care of this. Please do so urgently now as you are losing five points each day from a summative assessment ( test ) grade. If this is taken care of, I hope you are all still diligently reading each evening. Remember that the next word you learn through your independent reading might be the very word you need to know to exceed on the rapidly approaching Milestones test! πŸ™‚


Be sure to work on your argument letter tonight. Bring your research notes and first draft ( with at least 3 paragraphs completed, hopefully ) to class tomorrow for peer editing and to let me take a look. The final copy is due on Monday of next week ( March 19th).Β  Also, if you are in my 1st or 3rd period and did not complete the written response to the story “All Summer in a Day,” that will be due tomorrow also.