7th Grade: Week of December 10-December 14, 2018

Today, students took their Warm up Quiz over week 10 at the beginning of class.  They then reviewed an article from Springboard, responded to questions, and began working on a new reading strategy to analyze text called Soapstone.  They will continue with this strategy tomorrow as they analyze the article:  America, the Not-So-Beautiful and find text to support their analysis.  We will also read and listen to an audio of a text so we can hear rhetorical appeals and analyze their effectiveness.  Finally, we will work on vocabulary as we learn about pathos, logos, ethos, etc.

On Wednesday, we will visit the lab to take the Georgia Student Health Survey 2.0.  Students in periods 3, 6, & 7 received letters at the beginning of last week, so they could share with parents what this survey entails.  It is an anonymous, statewide survey instrument that identifies school climate issues that impact student achievement.  If you have questions, please go to the Lovinggood website as it gives information about the survey as well or call Mrs. Cox, Assistant Principal, at 678-331-3015.  

Later in the week, we will be writing a class argument together based on the “gaming” articles as an example and students will read articles on recycling.  They will begin writing their essay from the recycling articles that will be distributed in class on Thursday. Students will write the draft of their argumentative essay on Thursday and Friday, and when they finish the Unit 2 summative on Monday.


Students will have a few homework assignments this week. Today after the quiz, they began to work on a 2 article homework packet —-“Failure to Ban Violent Video Games” pages 154/155 from the text —with responses 1-4. They have a copy of the article and are using the paper copy to complete at home. They are also reading for tonight’s homework: the 2nd article,
It’s Perverse, but It’s Also Pretend from the text pages 156-157 with responses 5 and 6. Both articles together is only about a full page and 1/2 of reading. They will have to respond to the questions from the reading. (It is all marked on the packet. Make sure students annotate the text by doing what I have underlined and put a * beside for each of the two articles.)

They will also receive a Unit 2 Summative Study Guide for homework this week to help them prepare for a summative multiple choice assessment on Monday, December 17th.   


Week 10 Warm Up Quiz today  (formative)

homework check on Wednesday, Dec. 12th from the gaming articles sent home on Monday

Unit 2 Summative:  Monday, December 17th

Argumentative Writing Summative:  Collected on Thursday/Friday—December 20th and 21st.



8th Grade: Monday-Friday, December 10th through December 14th

Students will spend most of this week in the media center working on research.  On Tuesday, they will continue with the Touchstone started on this past Friday and will go through the chart of evaluating online sources.  On Wednesday and Thursday, students will gather evidence from a multitude of online sources on an argumentative topic (of their choice) and will interpret the evidence they find in their research.  Students will use a graphic organizer to collect information.

The work each student collects will be used to draft the final summative assessment on Friday and next Monday.  They will type up the argumentative essay on Tuesday and Wednesday, December 18 and December 19.  On next Thursday, December 19th,  my 8th grade students will take the Lovinggood Student Survey.

Assessments:  Students will have two assessments this week and if they choose to re-do/work more on The Giver Performance Task, the completed work is due on Friday, December 14th.

Touchstone (county-mandated test of 2nd quarter skills)—summative/finish on Tuesday, December 11th

Subject-verb agreement on Friday, December 14th (formative)

The Giver (re-done/completed), due on Friday, December 14th (summative)


verb-subjagree (1)-12mrdx5

power point to review on subject-verb agreement with practice

subject-verb-agreement-games-to-practice-2lwdb5i (4)-s9grgm

games and opportunities to test yourself over this skill.


How to write a 5 paragraph argumentative essay?


Grade 7: December 3-December 7, 2018

This week, students will unpack EA 2 for Unit 2.  We will continue to work on daily warm ups.  We took week 9 quiz today since students were in the lab typing up the summative on Friday.  They will begin week 10 practice work tomorrow and that quiz is planned for next Monday, December 10th.

We will review complex sentences and compound-complex sentences this week as students prepare for a quiz on Friday over all 4 sentence structures.

They will work through articles and essays in the textbook this week and next as they get to know the text and elements of an argument.

Make up work:  If you were absent during writing or typing last week—please come in on this Thursday, December 6th to type and to complete your essay.

If you have another missing assignment or two, please come in on Thursday and Friday of this week to make up these assignments.  After this Friday, December 7th, missing work from October and early November will no longer be accepted and the grade of zero (0) will remain in the grade book.

Standards: W.7.10  Write routinely over
extended time frames and
shorter time frames.
SL.7.1a:  Come to discussions prepared, having read or researched material under study; explicitly draw on that preparation by referring to evidence on the topic, text, or issue to probe and reflect on ideas under discussion.

RI.7.8:  Trace and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text, assessing whether the reasoning is sound and the evidence is relevant and sufficient to support the claims.

Assessments:  Warm up #9 (today) from daily warm up practice (formative)

Sentence Structure quiz on Friday (formative)

Working from the text (formative)

Resources:  sentence structure notes and practice/in the 7th resources at the top of the blog.

Here are some links you can use to practice Sentence Structures with also.  Try different ones to really review and to help you get ready for Friday’s quiz.

PART 1:  You must do the “MUST TRY —both; and Putting it together





http://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/sensort/index_pre.html   MUST TRY


https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/grammar/syntax-sentences-and-clauses/types-of-sentences/e/rearranging-simple-and-compound-sentences  MUST TRY


https://www.khanacademy.org/humanities/grammar/syntax-sentences-and-clauses/types-of-sentences/e/complex-and-compound-complex-sentences   PUTTING IT TOGETHER



8th Grade: December 3, 2018-December 7, 2018

Students have reviewed persuasive appeals:  ethos, logos, and pathos today.  They have been working from the text over the past week, unpacking embedded assessment #2 in Unit 2 and practicing forming claims and opposing claims.  They will continue working from the text this week and will write to sources after reading text articles on cell phone use while driving.  Tomorrow, they will review TLQC and will begin to respond to prompt writing using this strategy for embedding a quotation into their writing.  For warm ups this week, we will continue to review subject-verb agreements and will have practice homework over this concept a number of days.

Announcement:  Student grades will be in for the performance task on tomorrow, December 4th for The Giver.  Notebooks and rubrics will be returned.  Students will have a 2nd opportunity to improve this grade if they would like.  I have a range of grades on this summative assessment and could really tell the students who used the month of October through November 16th to consistently work on the various tasks inside the notebook for the novel.

If students choose to resubmit this assignment, they will need to do the work as assigned in the vocabulary section, Characters Section spread pages:  Jonas, Father, Mother, Lily, The Giver, Fiona, and Asher.  They will also have to complete the 2 (2 page spread pages ) on The Community and Modern-Day Society.

For some students, grades can drastically improve, but with resubmission, a grade can only go up to a 90 (as I have several students who made an “A” on this assignment when it was submitted on the initial due date.)

Finally, to resubmit, look at the rubric and keep the rubric with your work that I have graded.  I will need this rubric a 2nd time.

The 2nd chance opportunity on the Performance Task of The Giver will be due on Friday, December 14th.

Announcement #2–Students who are missing work in 8th ELA, please come in this Thursday, 12/6.  This is your make-up day.  If you are missing a quiz or something from this unit, your make-up day is Thursday at 8:20 a.m.



Curriculum Standards:

RI.8.8:  Delineate and evaluate the argument and specific claims in a text, assessing whether the reasoning is sound and the evidence is relevant and sufficient; recognize when irrelevant evidence is introduced.
W.8.1b:  Support claims with logical reasoning and relevant evidence, using accurate, credible sources and demonstrating an understanding of the topic or text. 

W.8.1a:  Introduce claims, acknowledge
and distinguish the claim(s) from
alternate or opposing claims, and organize the reasons and evidence logically.

W.8.1:  Write arguments to support
claims with clear reasons and relevant


Writing prompts on Tuesday and Thursday based on the articles we are reading in class. (Writing to Sources:  Argument)—both formative grades

Textbook classwork (formative) from the daily work we are completing to help us understand the tasks/working from the text

Touchstone on Friday, December 7th (summative)

Subject-Verb agreement quiz (next week)

Resources:  Subject/verb agreement practice and notes in the notebook/folder of students

Subject-Verb agreement practice homework/Due the following day after it is given for review and correction (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday of this week)

Article handout distributed:  Reading the article and marking the text:  How the Brain Reacts and completing questions 10, 11, 12—Due in class on Wednesday



If you want to re-read parts of the articles or view The Myth of Choice by Anna Lappe, see information below

I have put the log in information for students in the 7th grade resources so they can access their textbook at home.  If you want to view and review the articles that we are using in class to write, the titles can be found on the following page(s)—

“211 Billion and So Much to Buy” pages 88 and 89

“Facts About Marketing to Children” pages 92-93

“Statement of Commissioner Michael J. Copps” page 108

“Marketing to Kids Get More Savvy with New Technology” pages 116-120

Film:  The Myth of Choice:  How Junk-Food Marketers Target Our Kids (Anna Lappe’)


(copy and paste into a new browser)

REMEMBER, YOU CAN NOT WRITE AT HOME, BUT IT IS OKAY TO REVIEW AND SEE SOME OF THE INFORMATION THAT YOU WILL NEED IN YOUR WRITING.  (Written assignments done at home will not be graded.  Writing is considered a summative grade and assignments will be written and typed/published in class for submission.)

7th Grade Mid-Week Update: Writing and Typing the Explanatory Essay

We visited the lab today to type up the introduction and the first body paragraph of our explanatory essay.  Tomorrow, we will work on the warm ups, and will continue to draft the essay and conclusion, and revise our writing.  On Friday, students will type up the last three paragraphs.

The expository essay is a summative.  Students have had many class periods to read the textbook articles from the unit, to annotate each article, and to respond to text questions to ensure a deep understanding of the issue of advertising to youth.

If students need additional time on writing or typing, I will be in early tomorrow morning (Thursday), 11/29, and on Friday morning, 11/30 for them to have more time.  The essays are due by the end of class on Friday.  If students have been absent, I suggest using one or both of these mornings to get caught up with the writing task.

Some students may need to complete other missing assignments.  If they come in early on one or both of these mornings, students can work on whatever they need to complete assignments.  By next Friday, December 7th, old work from this quarter (that was due before the break) will no longer be accepted.  The zero will stand in the grade book.

What are the upcoming assignments for the next week?

Explanatory Essay-due on Friday, November 30th

Week 9 Quiz will be given on Monday, December 3rd.

Sentence Structure quiz will be given on Thursday, December 6th.

Students will have homework next week from an essay in the text and they will have homework on sentence structures.

They should also practice sentence structure notes from practice sheets in the folder and notes that are in the INB.  I also have some power points in the 7th resources section that will help students to review.  I will put some games and other review material on the blog for students to have  practice over the weekend with sentence structures.

Have a good night!

7th Graders: Week of November 26-30, 2018

Students who were absent on Friday, November 16, see the blog below this one for specific directions and the video.  Complete the graphic organizer I gave to you today so you can be ready to add more specific information to your draft tomorrow.


I am hoping my 7th graders had a restful and relaxing Thanksgiving break.  We are now ready to end the quarter in a strong way.  This week we are writing and typing the draft to our essay which is based on the articles we read in unit 2 and the film we watched on Friday, November 16th.  We have completed an outline in class to help us generate our ideas on the topics covered in the articles and film.  We are also using a detailed graphic organizer so we can  include the elements that will make our writing smoother and more organized as we explain our topic.

We are working on week 9 warm ups this week and will review information on sentence structures to prepare for a quiz early next week.  The week 9 quiz will be on this Friday.   Students will need to use a variety of sentence structures in their essay writing, so a review of this material would be beneficial.

Priority Standards:

W.7.2b:  Develop the topic
with relevant facts, definitions,
concrete details, quotations, or
other information and examples.

W.7.2c:  Use appropriate transitions
to create cohesion and clarify
the relationships among ideas
and concepts.

W.7.2f:  Provide a concluding statement or
section that follows from and supports the information or explanation presented.

Assessments:  week 9 warm ups on this Friday (formative)

Outline prewriting/draft with parts of the writing process for the explanatory essay (formative)

Final explanatory essay (summative)—due on Friday, November 30th.

Resources:  week 9 warm up can be found in the student folders

A review of sentence structures can be found in the INB and ppts. can be found in the 7th grade resources at the top of this blog.

Other news:  Students have an opportunity to enter an essay contest.  Please see the flyer below.  Prizes will be given to the top 3 winners.  The essay must be typed.

If this is difficult to read it states:  In 200 words or less, tell us what you are most thankful for—



7th Graders/Absent on Friday, November 16, 2018

Food Mythbusters


The above address is for students who missed Anna Lappe’s film on “The Myth of Choice:  How Junk Food Marketers Target Our Kids” on 11/16.

This film was reviewed and quoted notes were taken on the workbook page on Friday, November 16th.  Students will be using the notes from this film, along with the articles in the first part of this unit, to organize and write their essay this week.

Absent students were provided a note sheet today so they can catch up tonight by viewing the video and taking detailed notes on the graphic given to them.

How to get to the video for notes:

Copy the address into a new browser.

Scroll down to the 2nd video on the page that you opened (with Anna Lappe’ in the kitchen).  This is the video I need you to watch and record information from.

Bring in this note-sheet completed tomorrow so you can use this to help with your draft writing.

8th Grade: Week of November 26-November 30, 2018

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break.  We have four more weeks in this 2nd quarter and then this group, will be closer to being high school students.  My, my, my.  . .time sure does fly.

I am hoping the students will finish this quarter in a strong way.  We will be reading argumentative texts and writing an argument in this 1/2 of the unit.  Students will research, cite sources, and will create an argument essay using the research to support the argument.

This week, students will unpack EA 2 for Unit 2 and will read 3 articles and one essay in class.  They will identify and apply the 6 elements of argumentation, will review persuasive appeals, and will brainstorm valid reasons for both sides of an issue.  They will end the week by having a group debate in which they will listen, share, and record notes onto a graphic organizer.

Students will have a quiz on active/passive voice on Tuesday and will begin to  practice subject-verb agreement mid week.  Students will have homework on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week covering subject-verb agreement practice.  On Monday night (tomorrow night), they will need to practice and review active-passive voice notes and ppts. to prepare for the quiz on Tuesday, November 27.

Priority Standards:  8W1: Write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.

a. Introduce claim(s), acknowledge and distinguish the claim(s) from alternate or opposing claims, and organize the reasons and evidence logically.
b. Support claim(s) with logical reasoning and relevant evidence, using accurate, credible sources and demonstrating an understanding of the topic or text.

Assessments:  active-passive voice quiz on Tuesday; argument writing prompt on Friday (both formatives)

Resources: Active/Passive Voice notes in 8th resources

Yearbook (Attention 8th Grade Families): The deadline to buy an ad in your child’s 8th grade yearbook is quickly approaching.  Congratulate your 8th grade student and express your pride and love with an ad in the 2019 yearbook!  The deadline is this Friday, November 30, 2018.

Please ask your child for a form so you can pay online for a dedication ad and for directions of how to submit online.  Your student received this form weeks ago and I made more copies for them to take home.

Write and Win a Prize:  Your have the opportunity to enter an essay contest.  Your entry must be typed.  Please read the information from the flyer below.