Your “keeper” is a composition notebook where you will put all of the notes you take for this course.


Tips for keeping an amazing Keeper…

  • Don’t complete homework problems, write personal notes, or take notes for another class in your keeper.
  • Designate the first 2 pages of your keeper for the table of contents. This table of contents acts just like it does in any textbook and should allow you to navigate quickly through your keeper so that you don’t spend time flipping through every page. You should update your Table of Contents each time we take a keeper with the appropriate unit, keeper title, and keeper number.
  • Begin each keeper with the title and keeper number. The keeper # should appear in the upper right hand corner of every page the keeper is written on.
  • Only write one keeper on each page.
  • Only write on the fronts of each page.
  • If you are absent, ask a friend to copy their keeper and update yours appropriately or copy the keeper from the blog.

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