AP Calculus AB

BC Calculus Winter Packet

AP Calculus BC Summer Packet

Final Exam Review Keys

Final Exam Review

Final Exam Review 4

Final Exam Review 3

Final Exam Review 2

Unit 8 – Integration Applications


Volumes of Revolution

Volumes of Solids with Known Cross Sections

Differential Equations

Average Function Value and Mean Value Theorem

Area Between Two Curves

Exponential Growth and Decay


Applications of Integration Homework Packet Answer Key

Unit 7 – Integration Rules


Long Division and Partial Fractions

Integration by Parts

Trigonometric Integrals

Integration – Inverse Trigonometry

The Substitution Rule


Unit 6 – Integration Rules Homework Packet Answers

Unit 6 – The Meaning of Integration


Riemann Sums

Riemann Sum to an Integral

Indefinite Integration

Slope Fields

The Fundamental Theorem of Calculus


Meaning of Integration Answer Key

Midterm Review – Midterm Review – Answer Key

Unit 5 – Derivative Applications


Keeper 24 – Linear Approximation

Related Rates Day 1

Related Rates Day 2

Related Rates Day 3

Maximums and Minimums


Interpreting Graphs

Mean Value Theorem


Unit 5 – Derivative Applications Homework Answers

Unit 4 – Derivative Rules


Keeper 15 – Power and Constant Rule

Keeper 16 – Product and Quotient Rules

Logarithmic Differentiation

Derivatives of Logs and Exponentials

The Chain Rule

Derivatives of Trig Functions

Derivatives of Inverses

Implicit Differentiation


Unit 4 – Derivative Rules

Hoya Block Derivatives Practice Worksheet


Unit 3 – The Meaning of the Derivative


Keeper 11 – Tangents, Velocities and Other Rates of Change

Keeper 12 – The Derivative as a Function

Keeper 13 – Curve Sketching



Unit 3 – The Meaning of Derivatives Homework Answers

Unit 2 – Limits

Unit 2 – Unit Plan


Keeper 12 – Finding Limit from Graphs

Keeper 13 – Graphs from Limits

Keeper 14 – One-Sided Limits

Keeper 15 – Algebraic Limits

Keeper 16 – Continuous Functions

Keeper 17 – Intermediate Value Theorem

Keeper 18 – Asymptotes and End Behavior

Keeper 19 – Infinite Limits


Unit 2 Homework Answer Keys

Unit 1 – Pre-Calculus

Unit 1 – Pre-Calculus Unit Plan


Lesson 1 – Equations of Lines, Piecewise and Transformations

Lesson 2 – Domain Rules and e ln Transformations

Lesson 3 – Trig, Inverse, Solving Trig Equations

Lesson 4 – Exponentials and Logarithms

Lesson 5 – Solving Inequalities


Unit 1 – Pre-Calculus Homework Answer Key



Welcome to AP Calculus!

AP Calculus AB Syllabus

There are some websites that do a great job with extra practice and/or if you need added reinforcement of concepts.  Paul’s Online Notes, Kahn Academy and AP Central all offer tutorials for many concepts.

Helpful Pre-Calculus websites:








Great [and Useful] Calculus Websites
Mr. Robb has a great website with videos, practice tests with solutions, and notes.  Go to:  http://www.wowmath.org/Calculus/CalculusHome.html

Bill Gates loves The Khan Academy Go to:  http://www.khanacademy.org

Mr. Balzarini’s Youtube Math has tons of Pre-Calculus and Calculus lectures.  Go to:  http://www.youtube.com/user/ebalzarini#p/c/986560CD1E2A2981

Lin McMullin’s video tutorials for how to do the most common AP-type free response questions Go to:  http://apcalculusnmsi.wikispaces.com/Calculus+Type+Problems

Here is an AP Calculus wiki which is run by students.  [So be carefuly about content]  It is called AP Chatulus.  Go to:  http://hkiscalc.wetpaint.com/

Looking for the applications of Calculus?  go to:  http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=BB0A643D5DF008FE

More free video tutorials from Mr. Robb in California- go to:  http://www2.visalia.k12.ca.us/eldiamante/teachers/brobb/Calculus/CalculusNotes.html

Here is a website with FREE video tutorials.  Go to:  http://www.mathtv.com

Another website with FREE video tutorials.  Go to:  http://hippocampus.org/Calculus

Here is a link to video lectures from a Princeton Calculus class.  The prof has a cute accent!  Go to:  http://press.princeton.edu/video/banner/

An interactive Calculus page with great notes and examples at:  http://www.intmath.com/

Cursor down and click on #4 “Calculus Cheat Sheet”  at:  http://math-blog.com/2008/09/20/13-useful-math-cheat-sheets/

I’ll be darned if there aren’t free Calculus Cliff Notes at:  http://www.cliffsnotes.com/WileyCDA/CliffsReviewTopic/Calculus.topicArticleId-39909.html
For some cool flashcards of Calculus Facts and Common Calculus Mistakes go to:  http://mathmistakes.info/

I found a great website with video clips of most of the important stuff in Calc AB!  Go to:  http://www.math.dartmouth.edu/~calcsite/video1.html

Rocket scientists on call!   Go to:  http://www.midnighttutor.com/

For some great animated tutorials see Michael’s Kelley’s website:  http://www.calculus-help.com/

Free Video tutorials at:  http://www.brightstorm.com/math/calculus
More free video tutorials at:  http://patrickjmt.com/