Important Notes for the Week of Sep. 17th

  • Students may return library books and check out new ones whenever they are ready. Please make sure your child is returning them as they finish reading them.
  • You can help your child with their math fluency by helping them memorize facts 0-10. This includes addition and subtraction.
  • Continue reading and completing the weekly reading log. I am seeing good progress in students’ reading fluency.
  • This week students will study the Earth and its’ continents in social studies.
  • Enjoy the week off next week!

News For the Week of Sep. 10th

  • T shirt orders are due…Please send in form and 6$ so that your child will have a class shirt.
  • Students may begin returning library books when they have finished reading them. I will make sure they have time to return them during the day. Please make sure they bring books back to school when complete.
  • Send in Box Tops for September to help earn cash for the school.
  • In social studies we are beginning a unit about our place in the world. Students will need to know there street address so please help them memorize this.

News for The Week of Sep. 4th

I hope everyone had a restful long weekend!

  • This week we will be taking the Cogat test each morning Wednesday-Friday. Please make sure your child is on time for school.
  • We begin addition strategies this week. To help your child with math fluency you can practice facts  to 12 at home. Make sure your student knows all the ways to make 10. ex: 3+7, 9+1, etc.
  • In writing we are beginning fall narratives. It is finally time to say goodbye to Summer.

News and Notes for the Week of Aug. 26th

What’s Happening in Room 210??

  • In math we will continue to work on our understanding of place value with a strong focus on the number 0-10.
  • We have been investigating magnets and will finish up our unit this week.
  • Continue to read each night at home. This is crucial for student growth in reading. Thanks to all who have been keeping up with the weekly reading logs. Prizes for completed logs in August will be awarded on Friday.
  • Room 210’s store will open this Friday!! Students can use their earned gold coins to shop. The store is open the last Friday of every month.
  • Please remember that Wednesday, Aug. 29th is an early release day. Dismissal is at 12:30.

Important Information for the Week of Aug. 20th

  • Picture day is Tuesday. Remember to send in your forms or go online to pay if you would like to purchase pictures.
  • We are continuing to work on our stamina in reading. Please make sure your child is reading and filling out the reading log for the week. This will help your child’s reading stamina grow.
  • We will be focusing on place value for the next 2 weeks in math. Students should understand the value of numbers in the ones and tens place.
  • Our weather unit is complete in science. (Although we will continue to discuss throughout the year.) A study of magnets will begin this week.
  • Don’t forget to turn in your Box Tops to help raise money for our school.

This Week in Room 210-Aug 13th

*Homework officially begins this week. Please make sure you check your child’s folder each week and they return it to school each day.

*Make sure you help your student log their home reading for the week. Returned completed logs will earn a prize at the conclusion of each month.

*The math focus for the week continues to focus on numbers 1-120. To help your student, practice counting backwards and forwards from any given number.

*We have begun a weather unit in science. Students will be learning about kinds of weather, tools used to measure weather and how weather can change.

****Please help your child memorize their student number. This will help them to log into the computers independently at school.

Off To A Great Start!!

It was such a pleasure to meet all of my wonderful students last week. We spent those three days getting to know each other, reviewing class rules and getting acclimated to the routine of school after the summer break. Here are a few things to expect and remember this week:

*Homework, will “officially” start next week. However this week I will send the homework calendar and include the 10 minute daily reading assignments. It is extremely important for students to read both at home and at school. There is a direct correlation in reading ability and time spent reading.

*Students will work on an “All About Me” project at home to bring in and  share on Friday.

*Open House is Thursday from 6-7:30. I hope to see everyone there.

*Happy birthday to Jordan Taylor this week!!!