Welcome to Room 210!!!

I am so excited for the new year!!! 

We will learn so much this year. First grade will be a challenge but it will also be lots of fun! Check out my blog each week.I will post the standards we are focusing on as well as any other important information parents need to know. I can’t wait to see everyone in the morning! It will be the first day of an amazing year.

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

        B.B. King


News for March 4-8th

Things to Remember This Week

  • The book fair is back and students will be allowed to shop for books this week.
  • We are beginning a new unit studying animals and their habitats this week in science.
  • Please continue to practice solving word problems in math. Students may show work using number lines, words, number sentences as well as number bonds and pictures.
  • Congratulations to AJ for winning the writing fair for our grade!!!!!! 
  • Also check out our winning door for Black History Month!!! We worked very hard on it!

Oct. 29th News

We had a great week last week! Thanks to all who participated in the poster contest for Red Ribbon Week! The kids had a good time and learned how to be confident as well as drug and bully free!! Congrats to AJ for winning the poster contest for 1st. grade. Also Wyatt turned 7 this week!! 

Information for Oct. 15th

Things to Remember This Week:

  • It is conference week. There will be early dismissal all week. Students will be dismissed at 12:30.
  • It is Red Ribbon week. There will be activities to combat bullying and drugs all week.

*Monday-Wear Red!

*Tuesday-Bring in canned goods.

*Wednesday-Wear your favorite team shirt.

*Thursday-Wear your favorite hat.

*Friday-Wear Pitner gear.

  • Continue to send in Box Tops. We are in the lead so far this month.
  • Friday was our kick-off for the new behavior challenge at school. We are on the blue team. There is one class from every grade on our team. The goal is to earn chips from bus drivers, lunch monitors, and administrators for showing great behavior at school. The winning team will earn a dance party and team trophy at the end of the school year. Encourage your child to be a good citizen each day at school. Let’s go Blue!!!! We want to beat every other team.

Notes for Oct 8th

  • Please remember to return your conference forms. I have most of them now.
  • Continue to turn in Box Tops.We are in a tight race with other first grade classes.
  • Conference week is all next week. I look forward to meeting with everyone.
  • Below are the spelling words for the week.

Important Notes for the Week of Sep. 17th

  • Students may return library books and check out new ones whenever they are ready. Please make sure your child is returning them as they finish reading them.
  • You can help your child with their math fluency by helping them memorize facts 0-10. This includes addition and subtraction.
  • Continue reading and completing the weekly reading log. I am seeing good progress in students’ reading fluency.
  • This week students will study the Earth and its’ continents in social studies.
  • Enjoy the week off next week!

News For the Week of Sep. 10th

  • T shirt orders are due…Please send in form and 6$ so that your child will have a class shirt.
  • Students may begin returning library books when they have finished reading them. I will make sure they have time to return them during the day. Please make sure they bring books back to school when complete.
  • Send in Box Tops for September to help earn cash for the school.
  • In social studies we are beginning a unit about our place in the world. Students will need to know there street address so please help them memorize this.

News for The Week of Sep. 4th

I hope everyone had a restful long weekend!

  • This week we will be taking the Cogat test each morning Wednesday-Friday. Please make sure your child is on time for school.
  • We begin addition strategies this week. To help your child with math fluency you can practice facts  to 12 at home. Make sure your student knows all the ways to make 10. ex: 3+7, 9+1, etc.
  • In writing we are beginning fall narratives. It is finally time to say goodbye to Summer.