We move towards the Thanksgiving break and finish this week with the PBIS Golden Goal Soccer Tournament.  Four teams of students and teachers will compete on Friday afternoon in a single elimination tournament to crown this year’s champion.  Each player on the winning team will receive a brand new Adidas soccer ball.  Games begin at 2:30 on Friday and end at 4:00 prior to dismissal.  Staff, students and families are all invited and encouraged to attend.

Halfway Through Quarter Two and It’s Time for Progress Reports

We reach the halfway point of the second quarter of the school year this week.  Progress reports go home on Wednesday.  The remaining four-and-a-half weeks of the quarter will go by quickly, with Thanksgiving break coming up and winter break not too far after that.  Now is the time to ask for help if you are struggling in any class.  Check with your teachers about tutoring and set a goal to pass each class.  All it takes is ownership in your education and a little hard work.  Success will follow.


Halloween is about having fun with scary things, such as ghosts, goblins, jack-o-lanterns and checking progress on grades in middle school.  That last part is only for those students who do not keep up in class and with homework.  If that’s you, it is not too late to get on track for this quarter.  We are still early enough in the quarter for you to catch up and scare your teachers with completed work and improved grades.  Give it a try and see how success feels.  It can be a little scary at first, but over time, it becomes easier to achieve if you work for it.

This week’s Panther Paw word is “Spooky.”  It’s worth two Panther Paws.



As we move from the middle towards the end of October and the beginning of baseball’s World Series, I am reminded of the drive and determination it takes to make a champion.  Among these are the self-control needed to overcome obstacles in the way of your goals, the determination to stay focused regardless of the many distractions around us and the ability to finish what you start.

As we resume a regular schedule this week, students have the opportunity to refocus their energies towards improvement in all classes.  It’s only four weeks until Thanksgiving break.  Although that sounds like it’s still a long ways away, it will be here before you know it and we will be near the end of the second quarter at that time.  What will you do?  Practice self-control on the way to success or lose it and miss reaching your goals?


This week is parent-teacher conference week.  Conferences are led by students who present their grades and work samples to parents and set goals for the remainder of the school year.

Scheduling for conferecnes has been arranged through Sign-Up Genius.  If you have not yet set a time for your conference, please contact the school or your child’s homeroom teacher.

This week’s Panther Paw word is “Soccer”.  Mention that you saw this word on my blog and you will get two Panther Paws.


This week begins a new quarter and a new beginning for all students.  Whether you passed or failed the first quarter, it’s time to start anew and work towards success going forward.  It is never too late to get tutoring help and it is never too late to take the steps necessary to engage in your learning and ensure your success.

This week’s magic word is Octoberfest.  If you repeat this word to me, you will get two Panther Paws.


As we return from our break, we are into autumn and the end of the first quarter of the school year at the end of this week.  Student-led parent-teacher conferences are just two weeks away, scheduled for the week of October 16th.  Before we know it we will be deep into fall and looking behind at half of a school year gone.  As a student, where will you be: looking ahead to continued success or looking back at a wasted opportunity?  Now is the time to act.  Reset goals you have met and rewrite those that have been too much of a challenge so that your expectation for success is realistic.  Seek help through tutoring with your teachers or study groups with friends.  Don’t think of it as teachers and parents always telling you what to do, consider engaging fully in your education an investment in yourself.

Okay, now that I am done preaching, this week’s secret word (which if you are reading this and think about it, is not so secret at all) is autumn.  It’s worth two Panther Paws if you mention it to me.


Iowa Tests

Due to the missed school days last week because of Hurricane Irma, 7th graders will finish taking the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills on Monday and Tuesday.  Class schedules will be adjusted until testing is completed.  We will be back on a regular schedule on Wednesday.

Fall Break is Here

It’s hard to believe how quickly time has passed since the first day of school back at the end of July.  As we complete our eighth week of the school year, we come upon our fall break during the final week of September.  As Yogi Berra said, “It gets late early,” so students should take this opportunity to review their performance so far this school year and assess what areas they need to improve on.


From Monday thru Thursday this week, 7th grade will take the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills.  These norm-referenced tests measure 7th graders ability in each academic subject with their peers across the country.  Tests begin in the morning each day and run until lunch time.  Students will be on an alternating class scheduling the remainder of the day after testing, with even classes one day and odd the next.


With the Labor Day weekend already upon us, we will most certainly look up at the end of next week and see that we are into the middle of September and close to the end of the first nine weeks of school.  It is incredible how quickly time has gone by.   Some students may not have gotten off to the best start fort the school year, but there is still tome to recover.  Tutoring help is available.  Ask your teachers.

CogAT and Iowa Test for 7th Grade

Beginning this Friday, and running thru next Wednesday, 7th grades will take the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) and Iowa Test of Basic Skills to measure their performance against their peers acrsoo the country.  CogAT measures cognitive abilities and reasoning, while Iowa assess students on their content knowledge in each subject area and is used as a factor in determining placement in gifted classes.

Special Event for Families of Children with Disabilities

Parents and families of children with disabilities face many challenges.  Among them is the constant concern for the safety of these children.  On Saturday, September 9, the Cobb County School District and the Cobb County Safety Village will team up to hold a Safety First Celebration from 9:00 A.M. to noon at the Cobb County Safety Village at 1220 Al Bishop Drive in Marietta.  below are informational flyers in English and Spanish.

SafetyFirst Spanish BW-12ncci7