October 15-19

With the first quarter of the year over, it’s time for report cards and student-led parent-teacher conferences.  We will be on an early release schedule this week, with dismissal at 1:30 each day.  Parent-teacher conferences occur before and after school each day, during which students will lead the conference and go over their progress and receive report cards.  Each student should have a conference scheduled by now.  If a conference is not scheduled, parents should contact either their child’s homeroom teacher or the student’s Special Education case manager.


October 8-12

Wednesday marks the end of the first grading period for this year and Thursday begins the second one.  Grades will not be finalized until later this week, so it is time to get those missing assignments completed and turned in, including updating your IAN.

While most students have been successful over the initial quarter of the school year, others have not.  Either way, by now, expectations are clear about your responsibility and engagement in class each day.  Teachers cannot make you do the work, but if you try just a little, we can see where it is you may need additional help and enrichment or where it is you excel and need to be pushed to another level.  Never be afraid to be right about what you are doing in school.  You cannot be wrong, but you may just need a little help in learning new things (or old) in another way so that you can get to being right more consistently.

End of the First Quarter

October 1-5

Next week marks the end of the first quarter of this school year, with report card distribution during conference week beginning October 15th.  Too often, the difference between passing and failing is the completion of missed assignments.  While some time will be dedicated during class to recover some of these assignments, it is each student’s responsibility to determine what work is missing and needs to be made up in time to change failing grades.  Passing the first quarter typically builds momentum and leads to success throughout the school year.  Conversely, failing the first quarter can lead to year-long struggles and panic about passing sixth grade.  If you are on the right track, keep going.  If not, take action now and get it together before it’s too late.

Panther Paw Bonus: Two Panther Paws to any student who sings the POV song to me that is found on the ELA page of this blog.


September 10-14

Change is in the air.  As we anticipate the change of seasons, the focus in ELA classes is on how change affects our lives as students begin to reflect on an incident that impacted their lives and taught them a valuable life-lesson.

There will also be a schedule change for 6th graders later this week and in the beginning of next week as 7th graders take the IOWA and CogAT standardized tests.  Because these tests will take up most of the morning each day, Connections classes for 6th graders will be adjusted so that they are not scheduled for the end of the day.  Daily schedule changes will be announced and posted in homerooms later this week.

September Already–It Gets Late Early

September 4-7

Take a quick look at the calendar.  September is here and half of the first quarter of the year is behind us.  Progress reports went home last week and are an indicator of whether or not you are on the right track.  If your grades are not where they should be, now is the time to work harder to catch up so that you don’t look up and see that it’s late fall and things have gotten worse.  Along with progress reports, notifications for enrichment and tutoring also were sent home.  This is a good opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity to push yourself to a higher level regardless of what your current grades are.

This week’s Panther Paw word is Football.  It is worth a Panther Paw if you can tell me you saw it on my blog and also tell me what is on the ELA page of my blog this week.


August 27-31

Progress Reports

Four-and-a-half week progress reports will go home this coming Wednesday.  While we are still in the first few weeks of the school year and there may not be a large number of grades entered yet, these progress reports provide a good snapshot of how students are doing so far this year.  If you are passing each class and turning work in on time, then continue to do the right thing.   If you are struggling on any level, however, use this as a wake up call to turn things in the right direction.

Panther Store

The PBIS Panther Store will be open for business this Friday.  Students, it’s time to decide how you want to spend the Panther Paws you earned by being responsible, respectful and safe.



August 20-24

Monday night is Curriculum Night at Floyd.  This is a chance for parents and guardians to visit their child’s classrooms and learn what is happening in each subject.  The event begins with a PTSA meeting in the cafeteria and then proceeds with an opportunity to walk through students’ daily class schedules in ten-minute intervals, where teachers will review classroom procedures and instructional expectations.  This is a great opportunity to show students that their success is a combined effort between, themselves, their teachers, and their families.  We look forward to seeing you there.


August 13-17

As we begin the second full week of school, it is important to engage in your education and take responsibility for yourself.  A middle school student’s main responsibility is doing whatever is necessary to be successful in school.  This means being on time and prepared for school each day, checking teachers’ blogs several times a week to keep up with what’s happening in class, prioritizing homework over playing video games and other activities and being ready for tests by keeping up with all classwork and homework assignments.  While it is equally important to have activities outside of school in order to have a balanced life, you should consider middle school your first real job and passing grades as the first of many rewards.

This week’s Panther Paw Pop is worth two Panther Paws to any student who gives me a written goal and plan of how they plan to be successful in middle school.  Keep is short and focused.

Have a great week.

First Full Week

August 6-10

With the preliminaries of last week behind us, we move onto our first full week of school.  While this may not make every student happy, think of it this way: One week down and, well, a whole lot more to go.

Sixth graders will assemble at the beginning of the week to review Cobb County J-Code policy.  This is important information for students as it helps to put into focus the expectations of middle school and any consequences of J-Code violations.

Most importantly, Connections schedules will be sorted out this week and students will, hopefully, begin attending the Connections class of their preference.

Welcome to Floyd Middle School 6th Graders

August 1-3

Welcome to Floyd Middle School and the 2018-2019 school year.  This is an exciting and anxious time for your child as they transition from elementary school to new experiences in middle school.  Success in middle school, especially in 6th grade, is key to building confidence and increasing academic and social skills that translate into success in high school and beyond.  My goal is to work together with you to ensure your child grows over the school year and actively engages throughout the Floyd community, not just in the classroom.

Each week this space will feature an updated message for the week and the tab above for English Language Arts (ELA) will cover what is happening in my ELA classrooms with Ms. Thurman and Ms. Cavanaugh, as well as helpful resources to help students with whatever unit we are working on.  It is extremely important for students to check this blog at the beginning of each week and when directed to do so during the week.

Anybody can want something.  Those who get what they want choose to do whatever it takes to achieve it.  Choose success.