Back to School!

The 2018/ 2019 year is off to a fabulous start and the lightning rod class is off and running with their Unit on Energy.  We have been using experiments to make and test hypotheses about how objects will move given certain variables.  The ball rolling experiment was a wild success and we discovered that weight has a significant effect on how fast a ball is rolled across a table or other hard flat surface.  In the coming weeks we will continue discussing and experimenting with types of energy including kinetic and wind energy.

In language arts we are reading and listening to the book Hatchet (we have read and discussed chapters 1 and 2) and completing comprehension activities.  I encourage families to read together at home and to talk about the events in the book so our students will be able to share their school day with their families and understand that reading is a good way to gain insight into how other people think and feelb

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